The guys behind Element Games Ltd and Guild Ball Ltd join forces to form an exciting new strategic partnership.

About Steamforged Games Ltd

Under the banner of "Steamforged Games Ltd.", we are proud to announce a comprehensive partnership encompassing all aspects of the Guild Ball franchise and much more.

Element Games will continue to deliver superb service to their retail customers and Guild Ball Ltd. will continue to develop and expand the Guild Ball IP (as well as a number of other unannounced projects). Steamforged Games Ltd. will manage the end-to-end production and supply chain for Guild Ball miniatures and supplements to retailers across the EU and the rest of the world.

Additionally, Steamforged Games Ltd. plans on supporting other smaller, indie developers with their projects by providing consultancy, pipeline support, order fulfilment and retail distribution.

"Guild Ball is most definitely a project focussed on delivering excellence in every aspect of the product, it was a simple decision to join forces and partner with Element Games to fulfil our Kickstarter and build strong relationships with retailers across Europe and the Rest of the world. We all share the same passionate belief in outstanding customer service and gamers playing games in their local stores," said Mat Hart, Co-founder Guild Ball Ltd. "Beyond this, every project developed teaches us new and exciting ways to make great games and miniatures. Steamforged Games Ltd. will really enable other indie developers to learn from us and each other as well as providing a rock-solid logistics platform for them to launch their games which will allow them to focus on the core of their game experience."

Contact Us

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