What is the Media Network Programme?

The Media Network Programme is aimed at keeping individuals and organisations up to date with the latest news, developments, releases and spoilers for all Steamforged Products. Signing up to the programme costs nothing and has no contractual obligations or requirement.


What are the requirements for joining the programme?

Any individual or organisation that produces media relevant to the products released by Steamforged Games is welcome to sign up. From the lone blogger to a global gaming website; all shall be welcomed with open arms!


What do you get by signing up?

  • A monthly newsletter which outlines; upcoming releases, major announcements, information sheets for upcoming products and an insider knowledge not yet known to the general public.
  • Access to our design team for interviews and general discussion regarding upcoming releases.
  • Access to spoilers, teasers and unreleased information which will disseminate via direct contact and discussion across the network.
  • Exposure via our social media network should you be releasing spoiler/teaser information.


How do you sign up?

Simply complete the form below to receive our next newsletter and register with the programme. We look forward to working with you. 

If you have further questions about the programme, please contact


Paul North
Social Experience Manager
Steamforged Games Ltd