I recently caught up with Jordan Nach who stormed his way to victory at the American National Championships, hosted at GenCon 2016. I thought it would be an ideal time to talk about SteamCon and the World Championship, and what we can expect to see from Jordan there.

[Jamie G] How was your experience playing at the National Championship?
[Jordan Nach] I had a great experience playing at Nationals.

Which Guild did you choose, and why? What was your line up? 
 I chose Morticians because of the strength of Obulus, my lineup was: Obulus, Dirge, Ghast, Casket, Rage, Mist, Silence, Avarisse and Greede, and Cosset.

How did your games go?
My games up until the final weren't very stressful, but the final was very close and an excellent game.


Which was your favourite game? Any stand out moments? 
My favourite game was against my friend Alex Botts in qualifying.  He won an even initiative roll to be able to kill my captain, and I had to bring the game back around from there.  Putting his captain in the casket was definitely a highlight. 

What are you most looking forward to at SteamCon? 
I'm looking forward to seeing how the rest of the world plays.  The meta for this game isn't global yet, as countries are somewhat isolated, so it will be interesting to see different perspectives.

Do you have a Guild and lineup in mind going into the World Championship?
Yes, I am pretty sure I know what I'm going to play at worlds.

Keeping your cards close to your chest then! Which Country is going to win the World Championship? 
Balance of probability says the UK, but I'll do my level best to bring it across the Atlantic.


Here is your chance to trash-talk your opponents – anything you want to say to your competition? 
I'll save it for on the pitch.