After last week's interview with Australian National Champion Trent Denison, I got in touch with Tim Wischniowski, the German National Champion. Who led his Morticians to victory at RatCon 2016. So, another Mortician player who will be in the World Championships...

How was your experience playing at the National Championship?

Playing against people outside your own small meta is always fun, the nationals were my personal Guildball tournament highlight this year, so far, despite the fact that I was lucky to win.

Which Guild did you choose, and why? What was your line up?

I brought Morticians to the nationals for different reasons: they were my only fully painted team at this moment. I wanted to play engineers first, but got hit by a motorbike and was unable to get my stuff painted or tested - so I had to take Morts. 
Don't get me wrong, I like playing Morticians, they were my first guild, but after playing 250+ games with Morts other guilds appear to be more interesting. 

I played Obulus, Scalpel, Dirge, Mist, Rage, Ghast, Silence, A&G and Bonesaw. I added Scalpel and Bonesaw to my usual Roster just for the option to play "Bonefish" and because I really wanted to play Scalpel - she has a pretty bad reputation and I guess a lot of people underestimate her. I find her pretty useful against fast football teams.

Which Captain did you play most?

I played Obulus 4 times (against Esters, Filet and 2x Tapper) and Scalpel once against Shark.

How did your games go?

There was everything from a one side matches to a very close game against Filet:
         1. Against Brewer 12:0
         2. Against Brewer 12:4
         3. Against Fishermen 12:8
         4. Against Filet 12:10
         5. Against Brewer 12:2

Which was your favourite game? Any stand out moments?

I guess Scalpel scoring a goal in my first activation, after I kicked with her against the Fish or Filet killing my 8 Influence Obulus after I lost an Initiative roll with a +3 modifier, those are the ones worth mentioning.

What are you most looking forward to at SteamCon?

I look forward to playing against other guys which may have another point of view of the game. I really liked to play against players from other nations in Warmachine because they had another approach to the game, there was plenty to learn -  same with Guildball. In addition there are players at the steamcon finals which behave pretty cocky (no offense!)  and have some controversial opinions - I am eager to see them play.

Do you have a Guild and lineup in mind going into the World Championship?

I probably will come with Morticians again, .... painting issues. 

Which Country is going to win the World Championship?

I haven’t played the other guys before, so hard to tell. 

Here is your chance to trash-talk your opponents – anything you want to say to your competition?

No trash-talk from me, I’m going to drink heavily and play heavily at SteamCon as ever and enjoy my first short stay in England as much as I can. Still hoping for a friendly and relaxed atmosphere even after hearing lots of trash talk and cocky statements.