Last week I caught up with American National Champion Jordan Nach. This week I was able to speak to Trent Denison, the Australian National Champion, who will be joining us at SteamCon. He recently led his Union Guild to victory at the Big Blue.


How was your experience playing at the National Championship?
I had a great time at the Big Blue.  Unfortunately, we didn't have as big a turnout as we had hoped for, due in part to the event falling on the same weekend as some other major events, but everyone that attended really had a blast and we all left really excited to play some more Guild Ball!

Which Guild did you choose, and why? What was your line up?
I played Union. I own a number of painted Guilds but the one I have been using more recently is Union. I played them in our recent Big League campaign and had a really good experience with Blackheart so I decided to stick with them. My lineup was Blackheart, Coin, Avarisse and Greede, Gutter, Decimate, Mist, Snakeskin, Hemlocke and Rage.

Which Captain did you play most?
I obviously only played Blackheart, as he was the only captain I brought.

How did your games go?
My draw was very fortunate in that I avoided some of my problem matchups.  My first round was against Masons led by Honour.  My opponent David has been chipping away and is getting closer to a win vs me but it was not this game.  He did slot a goal with Flint, and took out Gutter so the game ended 12-6 to me.  My next game was against Dion, a fellow Union player who was using Vet Rage.  Unfortunately for him I got to live the dream with Gutter and tag four three models with Scything Blow and killed all three.  
After scoring a goal the game ended 12-4.  My third game was vs Peter from New Zealand who was also running Honour and despite kicking off I was able to get into a better board position and score a quick counter goal. From there Blackheart managed to take out Brick and Honour and then Decimate scored a goal to end it 12-6.  The 4th and what would end up being final game was vs Squinty, a regular opponent of mine using Butchers. He tried Fillet.  It didn't work for him.  12-4, and victory!

Which was your favourite game? Any stand out moments?
My third game vs Peter was my favourite game. It was a very tactical game early on, both of us jockeying for position and in the end he recognised I was in a better position than he was, took the goal he had on offer but then couldn't hold off my counter attack.  This game was recorded.  The key moment was me managing to take out Honour who was sitting on 6 INF before she had activated.

What are you most looking forward to at SteamCon?
Catching up with my friends. Entering the painting competition.  Finding out about what is happening in S3.  Hopefully getting lots of awesome swagola.  And playing in the inaugural World Champs/

Do you have a Guild and lineup in mind going into the World Championship?
I am considering my options for the World Championship. I would like to give myself a chance to win the best painted award, and I think I have a Guild that might be a chance in that category, but I do not know if that is a strong choice for me from a game perspective.  I think the Guild I play best is Butchers, followed by Union, so I am probably leaning towards them.

Which Country is going to win the World Championship?
We have a couple of very good Australian players attending Steamcon, and my prediction is one of those people will qualify in one of the last chance events, and go on to win the whole event!  Go Aussie!

Here is your chance to trash-talk your opponents - anything you want to say to your competition?
This is not a good question to ask me. :)