Upcoming Launch Kits - Farmers and Escalation League

What is the Farmer’s Launch Pack?

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The Farmer’s Guild Launch Pack is designed to be used for a single, 1 day 16-man Farmer’s launch party. You don’t have to use the Farmer’s Guild but it is a great chance to crack out the models and play straight away. Players are required to bring [1] Captain, [1] Mascot and [4] Players (this may include up to [1] Union Player eligible for that Guild.

To help bring in players for the event there is some limited-edition swag to be given out. This includes:

  • 1 Limited Edition Tater (Metal) – Award for Favourite Opponent
  • 1 Limited Edition Cauliflower Ball – Award for Best Painted Team
  • 16 Limited Edition Alt Art Grange Cards
  • 16 Limited Edition Turnip Harvest Marker
  • 16 Limited Edition Cabbage Harvet Marker

There are also promotional assets including in the pack to help grow interest amongst the community these include:

  • 2 double sided posters with sign-up sheet
  • 40 Flyers
  • 40 Invitation Cards

What is the Escalation League Pack?

Download the Event Organiser Pack 

This pack is available to order via the Pundit Store

The purpose of the Guild Ball Kick About Escalation League Pack is to help create, and maintain a community in your store or club. From brand-new coaches to veteran players there are challenges to be overcome.

The League is designed for 8 Coaches, and will run over 6 weeks. The main purpose is to teach aspects of the game to new players, as such the early weeks only require 3 models in week 1, then 4, then 5, then 6 for the remaining weeks.

For joining the league and turning up to Week 1 every player will receive:

  • 1 Random Chibi Mascot Card
  • 1 Kick About Pin Badge

For completing the League each Coach will receive:

  • 1 Lucky Model
  • 1 Lucky Player Card

There are also certificates available for:

  • Best Painted Team
  • Most Sporting
  • Best Goal/Terrain
  • Overall Winner
  • Hidden Agenda Winner