GenCon 50 - Sign Up


As you all may well know, GenCon is drawing near.  What you may not know is that we have already sold a ridiculous amount of ticketed demos.  So much so that GenCon asked us to add more slots and we had to turn them down.  This is great news! It means people like us and are interested in our products. Now we have to fill the slots we have scheduled!!

This is where you guys come in.  We need a lot of slots filled. First let me break the set up so that everyone understands. At any given time we will have 9 tables giving demos:

  • 2 Guildball 30 minute
  • 2 Guildball 2 hour
  • 2 Dark Souls 30 minute
  • 2 Dark Souls 2 hour
  • 1 Shadow Games

Each shift will be 4 hours, with 3 shifts Thursday -Saturday and 2 on Sunday. Times will be:

  • 9AM-1PM,
  • 1PM-5PM,
  • 5PM-9PM.  

Because the shifts are 4 hours long you do not legally need to take a break.  Signing up for 2 or more shifts in a row does not then entitle you to a break.  You will not be working an 8 or 12 hour shift. You will be working 2-3 4 hour shifts in a row.  I want to make this clear from the get go for your sake. We will however do our utmost to give you a break, but we cannot guarantee this.

In a perfect world, I would also have 2 additional workers per shift.

  • 1 Host/Hostess to manage tickets and seatings.
  • 1 Floater because it helps to have resilience.

But we need to fill all the main slots first.

The Good News

Remember how you used to do this for free? Well now you will get paid!!  The rate will be $10/hr as a contracted worker.  What this means is that you will receive a contract detailing how many hours you work and what you will make.  After you work all your hours (or by Aug 21) you will submit an invoice and be paid out the next SF pay day which I believe is Aug 25. 

I will do my best to help make all this as easy and painless as possible. Take note that as a contractor you will not have any deductions taken from this pay and it is up to you to report it. PLEASE CHECK TO SEE HOW THIS IMPACTS YOU AS AN INDIVIDUAL!

Additionally, anyone working Thursday will have purchases put aside for them at the store so they do not have to worry about it. I cannot make that promise to everyone else at this time, but if the opportunity presents itself down the line I would like to.

The Not-so-good News

GenCon is THE most demanding of every show out there. It's the big boy. You will be busy, there will be queues for demos. We will provide food and drink on the stand for you to stay hydrated and well energized.

Due to the nature of contract work we need to make you aware that if you do not perform your tasks to the standard we expect then it is possible to be 'fired' this is a last resort and not something we would ever expect we'd have to do. You're all here because of your love for Guild Ball and Steamforged Games, but we have to make it clear none-the-less.

How to Sign up

Email me at with subject “Gencon Pundit (Your Name)”

Include the following information first so I can easily reference it. Copy and paste format if you can.



THURS:                      BREAK: Y/N
FRI:                             BREAK: Y/N
SAT:                            BREAK: Y/N



  • For each day, fill out the total number of shifts you are willing to work
  • If you put Yes for Break, that means you do not wish to work more than one shift in a row, so i could either schedule you 1st and 3rd shift OR one of any, so do not assume you will get second shift off you doing this.
  • If you put No for Break, I will freely schedule you up to however many shifts you asked for, not necessarily together.
  • If you do not say anything about Breaks or it is unclear, I will default to NO, so please be clear it you want a Break
  • For TOTAL, put the total number of shift you want to work.  This may be different from just adding all your days.  You may be available for 8 shifts throughout the week but only want to work 5.  So your TOTAL should be 5.
  • You may include any comments or requests after the info.  I cannot make any promises of specific shifts per day, but I will try my best.  
  • Priority will be based on the needs of those who work more shifts.
  • Can/Prefered Demo 
    • Can Demo is what you are able to do.  Dark Souls is big right now and may overtake other tables based on demand, so please brush up if you have access to a set.
    • Prefered Demo lets you play to your strengths by telling us what you prefer doing.  Most demos will be fairly streamlined and scripted.  We hope to make a few videos in advance demonstrating how to do things.


  • 30min GB- This will be a Kick Off Demo-  You will play through the scripted first turn from the box then allow the to play around after that if time is left.
  • 2hr GB- This is a full play experience where players can choose their team and learn to play them.  You need to have a pretty full understanding of models and rules to do this.  
  • 30min DS- Quick playthrough TBD.  Probably pregeared models and a few select encounters.
  • 2hr DS- More of a full playthrough TBD. Deck and encounters will be stacked to keep things running fast and smooth.
  • Shadow Games- TBD

All demo supplies will be provided


We will have a set of badges to get people in for demos. Unfortunately they are just for that. Given the opportunity, I would like to say that I could give people without regular badges the opportunity to roam the hall a bit, but I cannot make that promise.

For those without regular badges, I will send an email sometime that week before the con starts after I get there designating a when and where to meet.

Thank you, for all your efforts here and elsewhere.  Steamforged games would not be where it is without you guys.  Hopefully once we get everyone in line to work the convention, we can start talking about the potential of a Pundit Party at the convention.