Steamforged Games (SFG) is excited to announce applications for the 2017 North American Regional Qualifiers are now open! We are looking for local stores to host the following Qualifiers for 2017:

  • Region 1: Las Vegas Open Regional Championship. Qualifiers will be held at the event, not at the store level. 

  • Region 2: Qualifiers for AdeptiCon Regional Championship. Applications due by January 20; events to run between February 1 and March 18.  

  • Region 3: Qualifier for Southern Ontario Open Regional Championship. Applications due by January 27; events to run between February 4 and May 6. 

  • Region 4: Qualifiers for MOM Con Regional Championship. Applications due by January 27; events to run between February 4 and May 13. 

  • Region 5: Qualifiers for Texas Games Con Regional Championship (tentative). Applications due by January 27; events to run between March 4 and May 27. 

  • Region 6: Qualifiers for The NOVA Open Regional Championship. Applications due by January 27; events to run between June 3 and August 19. 


What Are Regional Qualifiers? 

Regional Qualifiers are tournaments for competitors who are eager to make their way toward a Regional Championship or even the North American Championships. These prestigious events are designed to bring players from vast geographic areas together for an unforgettable experience.  

Regional Qualifiers give players the thrilling chance to test their skills against the best players in their region. The promise of competition, prizes, and prestige await!  

This is your chance to welcome a diverse group of passionate players to your store and forge a community that reaches beyond your city, to the entire region. As the first year of Regional Qualifiers, for Guild Ball, these events will be historic, inspiring players to travel great distances to answer the competitive call. Each Regional Qualifier in the Steamforged Games Organized Play tournament calendar is an exclusive opportunity for your store to host the game's most passionate players from throughout the region and grow your community to greater heights. 

To make the most of your Regional Qualifier, we encourage stores to add side events, additional product prizes, or other creative ideas to make a player’s Regional Qualifier experience something to remember.  

  • Regional Qualifiers mark a step up in the scope and competition from a Store Championship, building toward the North American Championships and World Championship that follow. 

  • Regional Championships in the United States take place between February 1 and August 19.


How Many Regional Qualifiers Will Be Held? 

A small number of Regional Qualifiers are scheduled for each Regional Championship, creating tournaments with more attendees and more prestige. Each of these events should be an amazing experience for our community members, and this is a top consideration when we evaluate potential hosts. We want the best experience for our players, both local and those who will travel from the surrounding communities to answer the call of the match. Thus, we will select locations best able to serve player communities while providing geographical reach to as many players as possible. 

In North America, we will choose up to 8 hosts to run a Regional Qualifier for each Regional Championships. These numbers may be adjusted based on the retailer applications we receive, player community growth, product sales concentrations, and travel possibilities. 

The locations for our Regional Championships within North America are chosen according to three key criteria: 

  • The concentration and size of the local player communities. 

  • The need for coverage across the United States and Canada. 

  • The outstanding quality of retailer applications. 


What Comes in a Regional Qualifier Kit? 

Each Regional Kit provides you with materials to help you run the best event possible, including a range of exclusive prizes, a promotional poster, and an information sheet with instructions for running your event according to Regional Qualifier standards. Of course, the main allure of the Regional Championship Kit is its highly-coveted, exclusive prizes. The contents of these kits vary from event to event, and more information will be made available as we get closer to the events. 


How Can I Improve My Store's Application? 

We are expecting plenty of amazing applications, and we won’t be able to award an event to every deserving store. We will do our best to get to know all the applying retailers, but sometimes, your application is all we have to go by. 

Below, you can find a few ways to help improve the chances for your store's successful application: 

  • Demonstrating your passion for Guild Ball is arguably the best way to set your store apart. When the organizer’s passion for Guild Ball comes through in an application, we take notice. 

  • Regional Qualifiers are exclusive events, and we hope to find retailers that value our game and its incredible player community as much as we do. Do you run weekly game nights, have you previously participated in major SFG events, or have you created your own, unique SFG-related events in the past? Tell us about it! 

  • Let us know what you have planned. How are you going to make your Regional Qualifier truly special? Side events, promotions, cosplay, giveaways, live streaming, and other ideas can go a long way toward making your store a host for a Regional Qualifier. 

  • How many large events has your store run for SFG products? Other games? Retailers that have demonstrated operational excellence with substantial events are often great candidates to host a Regional Qualifier. 

  • What makes your store distinct? Is there anything else you can include in your application that will help someone who has never been to your store to understand how awesome it really is? Be sure that your application doesn't overlook any of these defining details and includes photographs of your store and past events. 


Apply Today to Host a Regional Qualifier! 

Applications for the AdeptiCon Qualifiers are open through January 20, 2017. The rest are open through January 27, 2017.

Over the coming weeks, applications we receive will be evaluated and stores and dates will be chosen. 

The following emails will be sent: 

  • If you were not chosen for an event, you will be notified with a thank you email. 
  • If you were selected for an event, you will receive a confirmation request email. It will include the approved date of your event. You must reply with your acceptance within seven days, or your selection will be rescinded. Our support team will contact you to arrange the shipping of your Regional Qualifier Kit. 

It is your responsibility to keep your schedule open on dates you apply to host a Regional Qualifier. We cannot guarantee the ability to adjust the date of a Regional Qualifier that we offer to your store, which may result in our inability to offer you that Regional Qualifier. 

Regional Qualifiers must be run according to the Event Outline included in the Regional Qualifier Kit. After your Regional Qualifier, results must be reported to SFG as detailed in the Event Outline. Failure to report the results of your Regional Qualifier will impact your chances of hosting future Regional Qualifiers. 

Please fill out the application below as thoroughly as possible.