Resident Evil™ 2: The Board Game Q&A

Friday 6th October 2017


Would you be able to clarify which areas in the game will be represented in the game tiles (across all add-ons and expansions) Thanks!
The areas which the game takes place in are the City Streets, RPD Building, RPD Basement, Sewers, Marshalling Yard, and the Underground Laboratory.

Seeing that you have Ivy and Spiders, is there any kind of blue herbs and/or poison in the game?
Yes, you can expect to see both Blue Herbs and the Poison Condition in this game!

Thanks! on that same note, any mechanics on combining herbs, 2 green and a red, green and blue, 2 greens and a blue, etc for extra effects?
The game certainly does have a mechanic for combining herbs to gain additional effects, yes - otherwise, Red Herbs might not have much use at all!

I know the graphics are being finalized still but is the handgun card going to come as just the one make? Or will we get the aesthetic luxury of having Claire's Browning HP as well? Will the character profile cards come with classic art or just the picture of the minifig as seen in the demo? Will the Retro Add-On change either of those?
During playtesting, we playtested Claire and Ada's handguns with different ammunition levels to Leon's VP70, but the game played much smoother if we simplified the handgun to one model. Note this doesn't include special variants, like the Colt SAA, which are included as entirely different weapons! I'm afraid the artwork is under consideration for both the core game and Retropack.

Will there be any original content (miniatures or scenarios)?
For this game our main focus presently is to reproduce the original Resident Evil 2 game as faithfully as is possible.

If we don't unlock a Hunk/Tofu what are the chances of another Kickstarter or something with them, because I’ll pay lots of money for that. I plan on increasing my pledge next pay check once I know how much I have to play with!
Thanks for support - we're hopeful that we're going to unlock them in this campaign, don't worry!

Could you give more information about Sherry's playstyle? Like her mechanics or her special ability.
Stay tuned for more details on Sherry Birkin's abilities, but I can confirm that her playstyle will certainly be based on sneaking around enemies and dodging them instead of fighting - Sherry will not be able to make attacks using firearms.

Will there be alternate sculpts for the Spider and Ivy?
Keep an eye on the upcoming stretch goals...

Will we possibly see a Mercenaries Mode and/or special scenarios that cover the stories of characters other than Leon and Claire?
I'm afraid that there will not be a Mercenaries Mode for this release, as that was a game mode introduced in Resident Evil™ 3. We currently discussing the development of special scenarios.

Is your license for Resident Evil™ 2 for a particular version of the game, or does it cover all versions that have been released? Specifically, would something released in a later version like the Extreme Battle mode be fair game for you to cover, or is that outside of the license you have?
Our license covers everything which falls into the realm of Resident Evil™ 2, including later releases of the game.

Will we be able to change characters during the campaign? Will the scenario rules declare which characters I have to use?
Scenarios won't require you to use certain characters for them, although some will likely prove to be more suitable during campaign mode than others. You will be permitted to change characters between games if you'd like, although for full immersion we'd obviously recommend not doing so!

What is really in the retro pack. Will it just be full replacement parts for everything, or will it have new components not seen in the base game. If everything is replaced I'd really like to see a new pledge level with getting the retropack parts with the miniatures and ignoring all the "modern" stuff. Also, can we get a look at some of the retro art before the campaign ends.
The Retropack will include full replacements for item cards, character and enemy reference cards, and behavioural cards, including any Stretch Goals unlocked during the campaign, and cards from Add-Ons.

Are you planning further playthrough videos with a later scenario, new enemies, and 4 players? It'll be interesting to see how 4 players mixes things up.
Stay tuned with regards to more playthrough videos - we're filming with Beasts of War this weekend, and should hopefully have some more content coming out also.

Will there be ways to mitigate the unlucky dice rolls?
One of our main focuses with this game is to carefully balance threat to the player and the tension generated by enemies, but at the same time not make the game too heavily reliant upon luck. Unlucky dice will always happen, but should be balanced out by the gameplay itself.

Can you elaborate at all about objectives? What kind of variation will we see in that regards outside the iconic key collecting? Helicopter Detonation? Red Gems? Chess Plugs? Formulating a vaccine? Will any of these iconic objectives be making an appearance?
We're certainly going to include plenty of the objectives you've mentioned - it wouldn't Resident Evil without them. Each scenario will have a different condition required to succeed, and during campaign play, objectives can also cross over scenarios.

Why Resident Evil™ 2 and not one of the other games?
Resident Evil™ 2 is for many the most iconic game in the series, certainly amongst the RE veterans out there (and many of our staff at SFG!). For this release, we really wanted to recreate this cult fan favourite above all others in the series.

Can you explain the campaign mechanic? How are we going to keep track of the progress?
The Campaign Mode will comprise of playing linked scenarios in a specific order, and will encompass if you add in Add-Ons (such as the Giant Alligator). For tracking information it will be similar to other games including a Campaign Mode.

Are you planning on bringing the current demo to any of the UK shows (apart from Steamcon obviously)? Not that there are too many left this year.
We will certainly have Resident Evil™ 2 available for demonstration at any show which we attend - for example Spiel, later this month.

Will there be any rearranging of the layout of the tiles in different scenarios
Each scenario will have an entirely different layout, as it will represent a different area or location in the game, based on which areas the players can access at the time.

Are the zombie crows planned? Same for the cockroaches of the sewers, giant moth and its larvae’s of the lab? What about foreign languages (Italian, German, Spanish & French)? Did you plan something during or after the campaign with foreign editors maybe? Will you consider in the rules that a character injured loses action points? What is the diameter of the bases of the Giant Alligator and the final G virus miniatures (important question to suit with 3D floor tiles we may use here in the club). I saw the blue & red dice, did you plan to introduce another coloured dice for powerful weapons like the flamethrower, rocket & grenade launcher?
Don't worry Zombie crows, Larvae and Cockroaches haven't been forgotten, but sometimes smaller enemies are better represented by cards rather than models, given what the gameplay experience is. At present, we are only producing this game in English. There may be additional rules to cover an injured player during the game, yes ;) Now the exact base sizes of models are still pending production. At present, we only have rules to support Blue and Red Attack dice.

Will there be scenarios where the flaming zombies or crawling zombies act differently like causing more damage, or environmental hazards like vines smoke or fire.
Some scenarios will certainly feature rules which change the gameplay for enemies like Zombies. A great example is listed in our latest update, concerning the Modified Zombies.

Will the demo scenario we saw in the gameplay video be a part of the game or is that just for demonstration purposes?
The Demo is obviously designed as purely that, but elements of it will certainly be in the main game - after all, the setting and layout especially will probably be very familiar to you...

What kind of role has CAPCOM itself had in the developmental process? Also, have they had a chance to preview the game yet?
Licensing is an interesting thing, and different license-holders handle things in different ways. We provided an initial game pitch to CAPCOM as part of working out the licensing agreement, and they're also involved in approving any new visual assets so they can ensure such things match the Intellectual Property correctly.

Have you playtested the handgun using red dice instead of the blues? I’m not finding the 1-3 ammo choice really works with the low hit chances on blue dice, the choice instead becomes shoot 3 or not at all since missing triggers a reaction from the target as well as everything else in earshot. The red dice don’t increase kill chance at all but the increased chance of a useful pushing hit makes 2 ammo more the sweet spot with 3 if you need to be sure and the 50/50 on 1 dice still worth a gamble if you’re running low on ammo.
In the survival horror genre, there's a delicate balance between weapons feeling too effective versus not effective enough. We're still in the process of finalizing the exact probabilities on some of the weapons, but we'll be doing so with an eye towards maintaining doubt and fear as is fitting the genre.

Will there be any 3D scenic elements made for the game e.g Doors, Collectibles or furniture?
3D terrain is something that we're considering. You'll have to stay tuned to the campaign updates to see if that's something that we're able to add or not.

So, we know you aren't done with developing all of the scenarios, but how many do you think you plan on creating for each separate part of the game: the base game, b files, alligator, and finally the boss forms. I'd like to know the number for each one separately if you can.
The following numbers are *subject to change*, but the current plan is for 8 in the core game, 7 in the B files, 2 in the Alligator, and scenario modification rules in the Malformations pack. We may find a couple scenarios here and there that work better when combined or when split apart or might find that full scenarios work better in Malformations than mod rules. So final numbers are still TBD, but those are the current estimates.

Evading multiple enemies at once means you roll fewer evade dice, but what happens if you fail the roll? Do all the enemies bite you or just one?
At different stages in the process, the answer to that question has been different. ;-) We certainly want more zombies to be more threatening, but we also don't want it to feel completely hopeless when you're facing 2+ zombies in a single space. The final answer might be "1" or "2" or maybe even "it depends on the scenario you're playing."

I think a big question is ‘ink ribbons’, have you got plans for these? The boards have suggested a counters similar to bullets with:
1) Re-rolls
2) Save room/typewriter token to respawn when you die

Those are both great possibilities. We have plans to include ink ribbons, and we're enjoying the community speculation and input. Their final implementation is not something we can announce at this time, though, and may not even be the same throughout different scenarios.

Is there any chance of smaller monster sets for just the dogs or the lickers? I only ask as I can see wanting many dogs, but lickers do not need as large numbers, or maybe 1 set with just double the number of dogs?
It's something that we're open to considering, but we also want to avoid overwhelming or confusing people with too many different add-on options. So maybe we'll do some split monster boxes, but we may also just stick to the current division of models.

Gameplay in the demo seemed quite hard. Is there an easy mode too?
In co-op games in particular, it's always nice to have multiple options for the game's difficulty. It opens up the game to a broader audience, because different people are looking for different things out of the experience. So, yes, we are looking at having ways to alter the difficulty setting of the scenarios you play.

Will there a be a canister model with the Giant Gator?
Since the canister is more of a weapon than a character, we're currently planning to implement it as a card (or possibly a token) like other weapons rather than as a model.

Can you be more transparent with the tiles and components of the game. So far all we are seeing are the sculpts, which are amazing but we don't really know what we are getting into.
You can see images of various cards and tiles in the video and in the body of the campaign.

I know this has been brought up a few times in the comments here but are there any puzzle elements to the game?
So, each scenario of the campaign will, in some ways, be a puzzle of its own. Some will mirror the RE2 puzzles very closely while others will be a bit more abstract. Like finding and combining things works quite well in a board game while pushing book cases around a 3D environment doesn't work as well. ;-)

What have been some of the challenges you have faced along the way with designing this product and maintaining a faithfulness to the videogame?
One of the top challenges whenever creating a game based on an existing Intellectual Property is finding the proper balance between elements that you SIMULATE and those you ABSTRACT. The key is tuning in to what makes the experience memorable and unique rather than trying to faithfully reproduce every minute detail of the experience.

What are the perceived plans for the rest of the stretch goals. As in what should we look forward too, not asking for spoilers per say, but what should we be looking forward too, more paid add-ons (extra scenarios) or just more SG's / alt. scup's of monsters & characters
That's an excellent question, but I'm afraid we're going to leave some mystery there. More stretch goals will be shown as previous ones get unlocked, and we want to maintain some surprises along the way.

Once this is all good and done, will all Add Ons, SG’s and everything you have pledged for be sent altogether in one package or will it be shipped in parts? And if so, will the postage cover all packages sent..? Relatedly, will you be accepting PayPal since the Dark Souls board game didn’t?
current plan is for everything to be sent together. Ideally, that's in a single box, but I honestly don't deal with shipping logistics. It might have to be a couple smaller boxes for some reason, I suppose. I don't *think* you'll be able to use PayPal due to reasons that have something to do with Kickstarter or an international campaign or something. Again, sorry, not really a game development question so we're not the right guys to answer.

Will there be any kind of all-in pledge?
The logistics of an All-In pledge are very difficult due to the changing nature of "all." ;-) It works a lot more smoothly to work out that sort of stuff in the Pledge Manager after the campaign.

After the campaign is ended and the items sent out, how soon and in what ranges will go to retail?
So, retail packaging is something that we'll have to figure out after we know the full scope of stretch goals and so forth. And I'm afraid retail timing is also something that we'll have to work out with our manufacturer after the fact. We will be going to retail eventually, but the exact timing isn't set in stone yet.

How many tiles can we expect in the base set happy with a rough number
As noted on the campaign page, there will be 20+ in the core game and 10+ in the B Files. Exact quantities are still TBD.

I thought I read on the update that the B files would have double the number of scenarios from the core game. I know you do not have it finalised but from the numbers you just put wouldn't that mean B-files would have about 14-16? (Maybe that's a lot though)
The B Files will (roughly) double the scenario count, meaning that it will have about the same number of scenarios as the core game.

Are there any other expansions planned on top of malformation of G and Giant Alligator? Are we going to see an expansion with Hunk and Tofu mini game?
We’ll have to see if more are unlocked in the stretch goals. ;-)

Is there likely to be a SG or add on for an extreme battle mode? Since there seems to be a bit of a pre-planned timeline for stretch goals, how far ahead are you currently looking? If after this is successful you were to get the licensing for Nemesis, would it get its own game or be a larger expansion?
We haven't forgotten about Extreme Battle Mode, but we don't have anything we can announce about it at this time.

Are you still tweaking difficulty? It's my biggest fear with this project, seeing your guys having to cheat just to get through the tutorial scenario seems like overkill.
Yes, the fine-tuning of game balance is still in development. A lot of the foundation work is already in place, but there is also still plenty of work yet to be done.

In the recent update we learned that vines remain that continue to attack players after an Ivy is defeated. Is there a sculpt to indicate this state or an indicator of sorts? Any word on extra ivies and spiders?
That particular aspect of gameplay is not yet finalized. It will be represented in some way but whether that is a card, some tokens, or something else is not something we can answer at this time. Things that are not characters or enemies are unlikely to be models, though, due to how each square on the tiles are sized for a certain number of characters and enemies.