Resident Evil™ 2: The Board Game Q&A

Wednesday 11th October 2017


You recently announced the 3D doors that come as a pack of 20, but I wanted to know as to how many door tokens are in the base game and the B files. I'd like to replace all door tokens with the 3D doors. Do you think that 20 3D doors is enough to not need to use any door tokens, or should I consider another set of 20? Is a single backer allowed to purchase more than 1 set of 20 3D doors?
None of the official scenarios in the game (or any add-ons) will need more than 20 doors. That number was chosen intentionally to ensure you had enough that all doors would be 3d if you were using 3d doors. Obviously, we can't account for custom scenarios you might choose to create, but all official scenarios will be completed in 20 doors or fewer. Lastly, you can buy as many sets of doors as you like!

As part of the process in developing the game has CAPCOM allowed you access to the forthcoming remake and has that affected the product you're creating?
Our game is based on the existing RE2 materials. While I'd love to see upcoming products, we don't have video game development tools and software to share in that excitement.

A few people have mentioned a desire to see alt figures such as injured Leon, vestless Claire etc are these a possibility?
Additional hero models and/or an additional hero pack are possibilities, but due to costs of sculpting, molding, etc., we can't realistically do every single model that someone might want.

If for any reason we don’t unlock all the SG. Will they appear as Add-ons?
That's possible, but it would have to be for things that will have sufficient demand. Certain things are a bit more niche than others. For example, some folks in the comments have noted they don't care about Tofu while others want him desperately. He's the type of model I suspect we'll have to unlock rather than have him just show up after the fact.

When will we see more videos of playing the game being played?
The one from Beasts of War should be up some time this week. Other video content is still TBD at this point.

Others were asking earlier also if there will be any blank template style player cards to make custom stuff, would that be possibility as a PDF on your web site?
That's not the sort of thing we're likely to include as part of the game itself, but you're more than welcome to make up house rule characters with their own abilities.

If we get more 3d tokens a canister mini for Alligator, and corpse minis would be awesome too see!
As noted in previous FAQs, we know that there is interest in 3d tokens. However, the game spaces are designed to hold a specific number of character and enemy models. Putting 3d tokens onto the tiles would disrupt that elegant, new-player-friendly element of playing Resident Evil 2 The Board Game. So while I'm not ruling it out as a potential add-on further down the stretch goal list, I can't imagine that we would put it into the core pledge.

What game modes are we looking at? Scenario, Campaign, Hard mode? Are any other modes coming, survival gauntlet perhaps?
The core way to play the game will be scenarios which can be played consecutively over multiple game sessions to form the campaign. Hard mode will modify the existing campaign but will still be scenarios you can play as an ongoing campaign. Other modes are possible but are likely to be Kickstarter Updates, Blogs, etc. For example, we'll likely give some thoughts on how to play a horde mode or survival mode, but the game itself is focused on the RE2 campaign, characters, and story arcs, and that's where we'll be focusing most of our development efforts as well.

Any chance for a female crawling Zombie?
Our zombie models are based on the zombie models within RE2, so there will not be new types of zombies despite the calls for more gender equality in the infected.

When Hunk appears...will he be alone or well accompanied?
I'm afraid we're not authorized to answer that one yet. Additional information on Hunk will be made available later in the campaign.

Gatling gun and Rocket launcher are already included in the core game, right?
They've been unlocked as stretch goals, so backers will get them with their base pledge. In terms of if/where they show up within a retail product, that has not yet been determined.

We have mentioned alt "injured" character models, regardless if that's a possibility, is there game play mechanics for different health conditions? i.e. When You hit caution or danger would it slow down your movement or action?
We tested that and weren't too happy with how it was working, so it's possible that such a mechanic could come back in the future but is unlikely.

Considering different guns & damage output, will we have more "dice sets" to represent stronger or different firing patters? i.e. A grenade launcher has 3 types of ammo are there any differences? A flame thrower, spark gun, bow gun & mini gun all shoot vastly different than the standard Handgun, shotgun or magnum. How do you plan to make these feel different than always having the same type of "attack roll"?
We have 2 different weapon die types with different probabilities on them. In terms of what the weapons *do* with those dice, that's based on the weapon cards. Those cards let you know how to resolve what you roll on the dice rather than needing custom dice for every weapon.

I know people have asked before, but roughly what are your plans regarding the ink ribbons and safe rooms?
Some scenarios have rooms where enemies never spawn, others areas don't require you to flip tension cards, etc. Scenarios will have Safe Rooms (or safe-ish rooms) where it makes sense, but we also don't want to create common situations that allow the game to stall out.

Is there a knife weapon in the game?

Is there the possibility that we see Rebecca Chambers?
Unfortunately we won't be seeing Rebecca Chambers as a playable character in Resident Evil™ 2 - The Board Game.

Are we likely to see ‘Hero Pack’ Addons so we can buy additional Player Character models?
I've noticed a few of you guys mention an extra Hero Models Add-On. Although I cant give you an answer to that right now, I'll certainly ask some of the guys in Production and let you know!

Are we going to see Brian Irons, Lab Coat Zombies, or the Giant Moth?
We already have Lab Coat Zombies in the B-Files Expansion, and I think there's certainly a good chance we'll see Brian Irons and the Giant Moth before the end of the campaign...

Is a hunter a possibility due to it appearing in the N64 version of the game?
Unfortunately, the Hunter will not be making an appearance in Resident Evil™ 2 - The Board Game as an enemy model. Although it canonically fits into the Labs during RE Outbreak, this game focuses specifically upon the RE2 game, and the (living) Hunter was not encountered as part of the game.

How do you resolve the poison condition? With a purple dice?
Poison effects are linked to and currently resolved by the Tension Deck - no need for any additional dice!

Are we going to get ‘Extreme Battle Mode’?
Extreme Battle Mode has certainly been discussed, yes!

With the upgraded weapons. Are there "weapon parts" you must find first to upgrade, or are the guns already assembled when you find them?
Weapon Parts will come as a separate card, and need to be combined with the appropriate weapon to upgrade, yes.

Would a character like Brian Irons play as a mini boss, or player character?
RPD Chief Brian Irons will be a Player Character... but not how you might think at first!

What are your plans on scaling from 2-4 players? Will there be an increase/decrease of items, monsters, objectives? And what is the optimum number of players you are designing the scenarios for?
There isn't really an optimum number of players as such - during some Boss Fights having more characters is obviously advantageous, but not essential. The Tension Deck scales as the number of players increases, without having to make too many changes to the game in terms of number of items or enemies.

Will alt character sculpts have their own unique abilities?
Presently Alt Sculpts do not have unique abilities to the standard versions of a model.

Will there be any backtracking to previous board layouts, i.e. police station to kennels/cell blocks then back to police station or will that be one layout?
There will certainly be backtracking during scenarios, and even some shared areas of maps across scenarios for backtracking

How does the Grenade Launcher work with multiple ammo types?
The current version of the game certainly does include different ammunition types for the Grenade Launcher, determined by different Ammunition types which can be found. These will be represented by changes to the Attack Dice and effects.

Can you discard items from your inventory freely, or even drop items on a tile to pick up later, or are you sticking to the restriction of the video game that you cannot discard at all? Will inventory boxes be on maps to manage inventory if so?
We've tested both sticking to the original RE2 system of not being able to drop items, and being able to discard - presently, characters are able to discard items, however this may change for the final version.

When you discard are they gone for good or would it drop on the board like re0 style to be picked up again?
Presently when a card is discarded it is gone from the game, so you'll have to think carefully about item management!

Is there an inventory mechanic in the game such as a card with squares on it and small tokens of items to fit in the squared to demonstrate the in-game inventory screen?
A players Inventory will not be represented by a card sheet presently, as different characters will have different carrying capacities, and this could lead to confusion. Item cards are purposefully designed to be smaller than a standard card so that they fit in next to a characters condition chart.

With current mechanics of the game. Is it possible to play the game as a bad guy (zombie, licker, Tyrant etc) with the objective of stopping Leon and Claire? Or is this an idea to complex to switch roles.
Presently, there isn't a way to play as the bad guys... yet.

Hopefully we can find a Cord, that we use to Close the Window shutter. Is this possible?
Yes - I can confirm, the Wire Cord is an item you can find in game.

Will boss health scale based on number of characters?
Presently the Boss Health does not scale based on the number of characters in the game. Other factors such as weapon availability and the behaviour deck handle scaling instead.

Is there always one weapon Card in the Game, or can more than one Player have, for example, a shotgun?
There will be multiple weapon cards for some weapons in the game, and a character certainly could carry multiples if they so wished, yes.

After all this is said and done if you guys get to do another Resident Evil™ game in the future which one would you personally want next?
That's a great question! There are lots of others involved in the design process obviously, but if it were just me? I'd want to make Resident Evil Gaiden. I loved that game. Just kidding, Resident Evil™ 1 all the way.