Question: Can I purchase multiple bundles for friends/family?

Answer: Yes, just bring the confirmation email(s) with you upon purchase.


Question: Will this bundle be available online?

Answer: No, unfortunately it is a show only deal.  All items however will be available individually to order via our Webstore on the weekend of Salute 2016 (and some will be up for pre order before this!)


Question: When are Seenah and Chaska legal for tournament play?

Answer: When on general sale (May release).

Question: How do I collect at Salute?

Answer: Bring proof of your purchase via your confirmation email or your webstore account email address for checking. There will be a special "pre pay and collect" queue specifically to handle the bundle for fast collection. You will not be able to purchase other items from this queue.


Question: Does this guarantee I will have the bundle to collect at Salute 2016?

Answer: Yes! Anyone who pre pays and collect will have their product allocated separately from general sales on the weekend.