SteamCon 2016 Recap & Season 3 Player Cards!

SteamCon 2016 Recap & Season 3 Player Cards!

We had an absolutely stonking time gaming, chatting, and just generally hanging out with such a huge number of genuinely awesome people this weekend at SteamCon. This event was an absolute blast that proved just how lucky we are to have such a passionate and amazing community. We are truly, truly grateful to everyone who could be there and everyone who tuned in online! Here’s a quick recap of the event’s biggest news.

Guild Ball Update: Black Friday & SteamCon Sale


We have big news about Guild Ball products and accessories! As we’ve explained in earlier posts, Season 3 will debut at SteamCon with the release of Kick Off! and an early release of Season 3 Player Cards.

As we get ready to hit the Pitch for the new season, we have some Season 1 & 2 products that will no longer be available for purchase after SteamCon weekend.

These products include:

  • Season 2 Rulebook
  • Icy Sponge Tokens
  • Guild Token Sets
    • Alchemist Token Set
    • Brewer Token Set
    • Butcher Token Set
    • Engineer Token Set
    • Fisherman Token Set
    • Hunter Token Set
    • Mason Token Set
    • Mortician Token Set
    • Union Token Set
  • Resin Base Toppers
    • 30mm
    • 40mm
    • 50mm
  • Standard Resin Model

Now, we know many hobbyists and coaches have been big fans of our Resin Model Line or have already invested in the Guild Token Sets and will be sad to see them go. Retiring a product isn’t something we take lightly. Based on several factors, such as community feedback, upcoming releases, and the overall direction of the Guild Ball experience, we felt now was the best time to retire these products.

Our decisions all come back to upholding the core value that first inspired Guild Ball: Creating the best possible play experience for you, our community. Our vision for Guild Ball and the future of Steamforged Games will be discussed in greater detail during SteamCon’s Saturday keynote, which will be available online.


More exciting news! Each new season brings the promise of fresh and exciting games and challenges, which is exactly what’s happening with Guild Ball token sets. We are thrilled to announce our licensing agreements with Muse on Minis and Frozen Forge, who will now be producing the token sets for Guild Ball. These will debut at SteamCon, so be sure to look for them at SteamCon in the store! 

Please Note: Both companies will continue the same style and look of our existing range of tokens - so there will be no need for customers to 're-purchase' existing tokens sets, etc.


We’re holding a big SteamCon Sale during the weekend of the event, which just so happens to kick off on Black Friday. This sale will bring several of our SteamCon exclusives to our online store so everyone can take part, even those who can’t be there in person.

WHEN: Friday, November 25 8:00 GMT — Sunday, November 27 23:59 GMT


WHAT: The following sales & promotions will be active in our online webstore all weekend long:

  • 40% Off Standard Resin Models. Resin models will be on sale for 40% off their listed price. This discount will be applied automatically at checkout. (Note: This discount does not apply to the limited-edition resin models.)



  • Limited Edition Models. The following limited edition models will be available all weekend long (while supplies last)! These will go quickly, so be sure to snag the ones you want early. Limited edition resin models include:

    • Ltd. Edition Resin Midas

    • Ltd. Edition Resin Blackheart

    • Ltd. Edition Resin Ox

    • Ltd. Edition Resin Tapper

    • Ltd. Edition Resin Obulus

    • Ltd. Edition Resin Shark

    • Ltd. Edition Resin Honour

    • Ltd. Edition Tater

    • Ltd. Edition Mist

    • Ltd. Edition Rage (Can be used as Rage or Veteran Rage)

    • Ltd. Edition SteamCon Avarisse & Greede


  • Starter Team Bundles for £65*. Each Team Bundle includes the Guild Starter Set and listed models, a free token set, and a free copy of the Season 2 Rulebook. (Note: Hunter’s Team bundle is £75.*)

    • Fisherman Team: Starter Set + Kraken, Salt, Greyscales, Jac, Gutter

    • Butchers Team: Starter Set + Shank, Princess, Boar, Meathook, Decimate

    • Brewers Team: Starter Set + Spigot, Stave, Scum, Stoker, Hemlocke

    • Morticians Team: Starter Set + Ghast, Dirge, Silence, Casket, Mist

    • Masons Team: Starter Set + Marbles, Flint, Brick, Tower, Snakeskin

    • Engineers Team: Starter Set + Ratchet, Mainspring, Colossus, Harry the Hat, Hoist

    • Alchemists Team: Starter Set + Flask, Katalyst, Vitriol, Venin, Decimate

    • Union Team: Starter Set + Fangtooth, Rage, Mist, Hemlocke, Minx

    • *Hunters Team: Starter Set + Chaska, Seenah (£75)


  • Exclusive SteamCon Specials. These items will only be available during the weekend of SteamCon to celebrate Black Friday and the start of Season 3!

    • Ltd. Edition SteamCon Avarisse & Greede

    • Kick Off! Limited Edition Neoprene Pitch

    • Pre-Release of Farmers Guild Patch


  • New Products Added to Webstore. These items have been so well received by the community, we decided to permanently add them to the webstore. Starting Black Friday, the following Guild Ball swag will be in the webstore all year long (or until we sell out)!

    • Guild Mugs

    • Guild Patches

    • Chibi Pins

    • Guild Ball Pin

    • All Chibi Pins Bundle

Whew. That’s a lot of information to digest, but that covers all the exciting deals you can look forward to during SteamCon weekend. We’ll be back in a few hours with another Season 3 model update. While you wait, please drop by our forums to discuss this news here. Let us know which SteamCon Exclusive you’re dying to grab, what pins or patches you want to see next, or which limited edition resin model you’re most excited to get!




Organised Play: Doubling Down

Welcome back Guild Ballers! Today we’re going to explore another of our new organised play formats, Guild Ball Doubles!

This is a thrilling new format that we’ve wanted to do for a while! It’s a really cool, fun take on Guild Ball. Instead of constructing a team normally, you and a friend each bring 3 non-[Captain] models and combine them to play a game of Guild Ball. The two mini-teams can be from different Guilds, allowing for some awesome combinations!

Guild Ball is a great experience to share with a mate already, and this lets you double the fun and play with three friends instead of one! ! Guild Ball Doubles is a format with multiple ways to win, with a focus on cooperation and fun, each pair of coaches can win a number of different prizes, like Best Dressed Team, Best Team Theme, and Best Painted. Cool prizes like this are a great way of encouraging everyone to play!

The focus is very much on co-operation, teamwork, and camaraderie, working together with your mates to come up with the most fun combos you possibly can! More than this, is gives veteran Coaches a chance to team up with newer coaches and show them the ropes as the game progresses, letting them experience more Guilds in the same number of matches.

How it works is that while each Player’s models generate their own Influence and work independently, they can apply buffs to all friendly models, including those under the control of the other Player on your team! This opens up some really great combos! Imagine Kraken Dragging in an enemy model in for Boar to go and smash! Or Jaecar snaring an enemy model, and putting Gut and String on them, before Stave pulls them in with Lob Barrel and Hooper just deletes them from the Pitch since they’re at [-3] DEF and knocked down!?

Or how about Boiler giving Velocity [+1] DEF so after Nimble she can be effectively DEF [7+] with Close Control? Good luck stopping her getting into perfect goal scoring position!

There are a huge number of options available for coaches keen to team up and take on the world! Chat about it on our social media and our forums, and let us know if you can think of a particularly awesome combo!

If you think this format sounds fun, and you want to give it a try, then the first place you’ll be able to try it out is at our very own convention, SteamCon! Remember that SteamCon tickets are only on sale until this Sunday (13th November) so if you’re still on the fence, you only have a couple of days to get your ticket to the FIRST ever SteamCon! Tickets are available here.

If, unfortunately, you can’t make it to SteamCon because of all the nasty oceans in the way, you can try out this format for the first time at Adepticon in Schaumberg, Illinois on the 23rd of March next year!

Have a good weekend, folks!  

Season 3: Fillet and Minx

Season 3: Fillet and Minx

Conditions are an important part of Guild Ball. They can have a massive impact on the game, and more than that, they’re part of our integral core design for several of our Guilds. The Butchers will bleed you, the Hunters want to snare you in their dangerous traps, and the Alchemists… oh boy, the Alchemists. They’ll poison your poor players, set them alight and burn them, and even bleed you if you’re not careful.

A Guild Divided: Butcher’s Civil War

A Guild Divided: Butcher’s Civil War

The world of Guild Ball is a cutthroat and deadly place. Victory on the pitch grants more than wealth and power—it often determines who lives and dies. With so much on the line, it is quite common for internal disputes to break out on the pitch. But at their worst, these disputes can become conflicts that spread between Guild houses and officials across the Empire of the Free Cities, and ignite the embers of war.