Salvo, The Marksman



For the young Salvatore, a street urchin from the streets of Annamura, nothing was of more interest than the great public works of the Engineer’s Guild. Hand in hand with his older sister, he would rush around the city and visit each of the mechanical marvels in turn, the pair of them staring in rapt fascination. It was of no surprise to their parents when both apprenticed at the Engineer’s Guild, first Quistis and then Salvatore a year later.

Quistis thrived and jealous of his sister’s stories from the year he spent in sulky frustration, Salvatore threw himself into learning as much as he could, soon demonstrating an remarkable aptitude to his teachers and attracting the eye of the gruff Lord Artificer. Soon to considerable jealousy amongst his peers, he joined his sister as a second apprentice to Ballista, a much vaunted role within the guild and marked for greatness.

No man could have been more proud when Ballista first took on the mantle of Guild Ball captaincy than Salvatore and then again short time after, when his master adopted Quistis into the team. Watching each match from the sidelines, Salvatore at last found a rival for his attention to engineering in the game which fascinated him.

After his first game, he retired to the workshop and began to develop his own weaponry to take to the field himself, based upon the huge crossbow that Ballista favoured. Too heavy for the sleight young man to wield, instead he developed two much smaller handheld variants, miniaturised versions of a standard crossbow.

He would get his place in the side unexpectedly and in the worst way possible.

In the aftermath of Quistis’ death, Ballista sat and quietly talked to Salvatore. His master had long since become more a father figure to him than his biological father and in the kindly, soft words there was the promise of vengeance that Salvatore wanted. He accepted, becoming both first apprentice and Guild Ball player in one.

Since then, Salvatore has taken to the pitch as Salvo the Marksman, each game viewed through bitter eyes that perceive the sport entirely differently to how he had previously. For Salvo, the machines of the Engineer’s Guild only now have one goal. Domination.

Salvo is available to order now as part of The Instruments of War.


Colossus, Engine of Destruction

Not every Guild Ball team in the Empire of the Free Cities can boast that they possess a monster amongst their number such as Boar, Ghast or Katalyst. Such a disadvantage can often be the undoing of a lesser side, as they are simply muscled off of the pitch by a more aggressive play style. This was something which Ballista was acutely aware of when he adopted the mantle of captain and refused to let become a disadvantage for the Engineer’s Guild.

After a short period of deliberation on the issue, Ballista decided that he would bend his considerable skill to crafting a new type of war machine to answer this deficiency. It was to be as devastating as the enormous siege engines that he had once delivered to the Sovereign States during the Century Wars; on a considerably smaller scale to allow for mobilisation during the game. The resulting triumph astounded supporters and critics alike, and forced the other guilds to take notice of the Engineer side at once.

The Colossus is an unstoppable juggernaut on the pitch, slamming the opposition aside with its sheer bulk and power. Eschewing the brute force approach of other teams, Ballista has insisted that his finest creation be able to use his strength for the benefit of the team as a whole. Through gruelling months of practice Colossus has become a ball playing marvel, utilising great reach and height to protect and deliver the ball wherever it is required.

The current driver of the Colossus is a man named Axle, an enthusiastic Raed Engineer that worked on the project with Ballista from its beginnings. For some, the inherent danger of operating a machine such the Colossus would likely cause them to reconsider volunteering to do so; especially given the fate of the first driver, torn to pieces when a part of the drive train detached during a match. But Axle is only fearless as he faces down the opposition each game, dismissive of the potential danger.

And resolute Axle must be, for all of which the device houses immense destructive power, it also attracts the attention of the most dangerous figures in the world of Guild Ball, each of which would sincerely like to be the one to topple the Colossus.

Colossus is available to pre-order now as part of The Instruments of War

Ratchet, The Maverick



Not for the first time that day, Ratchet cursed Ballista’s lack of inventiveness. Everything was always so rigidly limited by old regulations and practices, most of which as far as Ratchet was concerned were long out of date or obsolete. It took an age to achieve anything under Ballista’s leadership. The man was so ponderously slow in everything, his mind dull witted and unable to grasp even the basic principles of the new discoveries that were being made daily in the larger city guild houses.

This was not why he had left his homeland of Indossa, travelled halfway around the world and learnt a new language. He had come to escape the torment of being overshadowed by backwards thinking in a wretched and forgotten place, filled with minds concerned only with the words of their prophets and gods; only to find that here, despite being so very close to enlightenment, individuals like Ballista barred his way still.

At least he had managed to make some impression and advancement. His first creation, a tiny automaton in the shape of a man which moved on tracked wheels had been greeted with mixed reception and was quickly forgotten. But Ratchet had learned from that failure.

The Mainspring device was his finest creation yet and had met with much greater success. The simple introduction of outlawed explosives and a handful of design changes had created a powerful new weapon. He didn’t care for the protests of the old guild members whom remembered the horrors of when such materials were implemented during the Century Wars. They were short sighted, stuck in the past. Ratchet grasped at the future.

With significant backing and new power, he had manoeuvred into a position on the Guild Ball team, better so that he would be able to administer the dangerously volatile creatures first hand, rather than risk passing his knowledge on to another. Ratchet jealously guarded his secrets and didn’t trust anyone other than himself.

He would use the Mainspring to propel himself further up the ladder of advancement within the Engineer’s Guild. There would come a day when the old devices and instruments would be seen for what they were, outdated relics of a time past, along with those that hid behind them. The time was to look forward, the path of mankind at last to be wrested from secular isolationism through violent invention.

Ratchet is available to order now as part of The Instruments of War.


Guild Ball WTC – Live Streaming

Sports Fans across the world we have exciting news regarding the independently run Guild Ball World Team Championship!

Not only will Steamforged Games be in attendance with three teams (Team Paint, Team Fun and Team Fun Sponge – click the links to see the teams) but we will also be taking over Team Stream, though they won't be playing in the event instead they'll be commentating on various games throughout the weekend! 

We had such fun commentating at Vengeance 2017 that we just had to take our gear on the road and cover this fantastic event! If you haven’t had a chance to watch the Vengeance 2017 Stream then go visit our YouTube Channel to see the high quality uploads.

The Guild Ball WTC is sure to show off some of the highest-level Guild Ball play around, and we can’t wait to bring it to you on

For more information on the Guild Ball WTC in Belgium visit the organisers webpage!

Mainspring, Anti-Personnel Mine


“They call them Mainsprings. The construction of them is one of the Cogs most closely guarded secrets, along with how they get them to move about under their own power and without needing too much guidance. I know a whole host of people that would love to get their filthy hands on the design of it and use them to their own ends.

Trouble is, same reason that the little bastards are good on the field stops them from falling into the wrong hands too. Anyone that has managed to pick one up and make off with it rarely lives to have regrets once they start dissecting the thing. I heard one Cog call them tamperproof. Reckon the stories I hear confirm that and then some. I wonder if even some of the Engineer’s don’t get nervous around them.” - Flint, Mason’s Guild Vice Captain

Mainspring is available to pre-order now as part of The Instruments of War

Ballista, Lord Artificer


“Ballista? Like most of the rest of them, he’d happily spend all of his days in the workshop if he could, just tinkering away with whatever latest mechanical marvel he’s come up with. But he’s got a strange sense of tradition for an Engineer. Everything has to be done to the right measurement, carefully adjusted and precise. I know that the rest of them can get a bit that way, but he’s on another level.

It’s probably because he’s old school, used to giving the orders for long years past. He made his fortune for himself and the guild back during the Century Wars, creating weaponry and siege engines. Some of them were a marvel to behold if you weren’t on the receiving side. Massive trebuchets, bigger than you’ve ever seen before, bolt throwers that fired four or five darts at once, immense towers with steel plating for armour so they couldn’t be set alight.

But the worst were the fire breathers. Each one had great big tanks full of this thick, black oil, with a furnace under them to heat it up and a huge bellows at one end. The other was a long funnel with a blackened mouth. I shudder to remember when it fired, belching flames forward out of its maw and incinerating the soldiers unlucky enough to get in the way. One moment, a regiment standing proud; the next, all of them just ashes floating in the wind.

Thing is, he tried to bring something like that to Guild Ball once upon a time. It was much smaller, looked like a crossbow, but with a long barrel instead of arms. First couple of games it fair decimated everyone. He’d just sit in the back field with that girl apprentice of his as a reloader and pick his shots.

Then they played the Alchemist’s Guild. Always been close those two, in on it together. They supplied Ballista the powder that the weapon needed. I don’t know rightly how, but all I can tell you is that right there in front of the stands, first time he tried to fire it, the thing exploded. Threw him backwards, put him out of the game for a while from the burns. The apprentice wasn’t so lucky, took a huge lump of shrapnel right through the eye and out the back of her skull. Killed her dead where she stood.

That was the last time anyone in the Empire of the Free Cities saw anything like it. Ever since then, Ballista took to the field with a huge crossbow instead. Less effective, but good, old fashioned and reliable.

The saddest part in all of it is that I know he’s a sentimental soul really. He’s not the vicious type you see in some teams. Has a strict code of honour and pride, a rigid idea of right and wrong. For all that over the years he’s brought misery with his inventions, all he ever considers them is tools. It’s the people around him that he cares about, trying to keep them all safe and remembering the past ones with due respect.

They might not win as much with him at the helm as they could, but he’s a good captain, and the game could do with more like that by my estimation.” - Honour, Mason’s Guild Team Captain

Ballista is available to pre-order as part of The Instruments of War


The Engineer’s Guild: The Instruments of War

“They have the most devastating potential of all teams at their fingertips.”

— Midas, Alchemist’s Guild

Former dog of war. Ambitious tinkerer. Volatile genius. Ballista’s brilliance is as intimidating as his past. No longer squandering his talents on the waste of war, his newest gadgets and gizmos seek to quash the natural talents of man. Why train to be the best when you can simply build something better? 

His team’s playstyle is one of accuracy and control. Their gadgets and devices excel where humans fall short, allowing the team to push around players and the ball from a distance. Resilient in combat, this team excels in the mid-game. Geared to command the pitch with calculated precision, these Engineers are perfect for coaches who like creative scheming and calculated plans. 

Masters of mechanical manipulation, this set includes a ball, 6 player cards, bases, and 6 players: Ballista, Mainspring, Salvo, Velocity, Ratchet, Colossus.

The Engineer’s Guild: The Instruments of War are available to buy now from your Local Gaming Store.


Angel, The Seas Beauty


“She’s a real sweet lass that one. Pretty little thing, all doe eyed and nervous grins. Hasn’t been around very long and gets on with everyone already. I reckon half the team has a soft spot for her, as well as the people that come to see us every week. Yessir, she fits right in like a fish in the sea. You’d think a kid like that is too innocent for a violent, brutal and downright vicious game like this one eh? P’haps.

I’ve seen enough players to know when someone special comes along though, and Angel? You mark my words lad, she’s going to be the biggest star in the history of the game one day. You can forget your Shanks and Boars, all those Meatheads that are only muscle; won’t even remember the real creative ones like Honour or Spigot either. Hells, people will even think her name before they mention ol’ Greyscales. Never going to be able to say Fisherman’s Guild without her name in there somewhere.

Yeah, I know, big talk for a rook still wet behind the ears. But I gots me a feelin’ about this one. A real good feelin’. Helps she’s already this season’s top scorer, don’t it? You watch boy, that won’t change for a long time; no matter how much Harmony pouts, or the Butchers beat up so many people, or ol’ Brisket gets another hat trick. Yep, this girl comes in and in less than a season already puts her mark on the map. I hear from the ol’ crow’s nest that other guilds have put out a bounty on her head already. But don’t you worry none boy, we ain’t about to let her get wasted any time soon. If you’re going to learn one thing about this guild, it’s that we look after each other around here, not like those Spooks or Meatheads.

Oh, so you want to know more about her now eh? He, I can see that look in your eye young blood, I can tell what you want to know. Word to the wise there, she won’t be interested in you. She’s got her eye on a much bigger, more impressive catch, a predator himself. I don’t think he cares for it, but if she does net him one day then that’s a haul you won’t want to throw down with.

So, you’d be advised just leave her to get on with what she does best, and that’s winning us games.” - Greyscales, Fisherman’s Guild Vice Captain

Angel is available to pre-order now as part of The Changing Tide

The Siren, Allure of the Sea


Distant and aloof, the Siren is a mystery to all. Rumours abound as to where she came from, how she came to join the Fisherman’s Guild and why she plays Guild Ball. The most commonly held understanding is that one day the pair of Siren and Kraken simply walked into the Fisherman’s guild house in Boujonte and demanded to join the roster. Another is that Greyscales and Corsair found her out at sea, in a ghostly abandoned shipwreck. There are many more, ranging from the fantastic to the utterly mundane, commonplace to the surreal. Even her team-mates know little about the Allure of the Sea, leading some to mistrust her concealed nature.

Still, the Fisherman side have come to rely upon her ability to lure the opposition players out of position rather than to beating them into submission like a common thug. Once her crew have taken advantage, Siren almost fades away, only to appear back in the game once again some distance from danger. It is an old magic trick in a new age which refuses to become obsolete.

One day perhaps more will be known about the enigmatic pair and their intentions, but until then, all eyes are upon those which stare out dispassionately from within her hood.

Siren is available to pre-order now as part of The Changing Tide

Kraken, Deep Power


Kraken jogged alongside Angel, his long loping strides that propelled him forward as fast as her legs carried her at full sprint. He barely ever spoke. Always instead with that kindly, gentle smile and look, completely at odds with his size, dwarfing everyone around him. Angel was always struck by a sense of gentleness about him for some reason she could never quite reconcile. That and how much physical power emanated from the man. It was almost impossible to see past that. When the other teams tried to bring him down, he always seemed an immovable object, like a cliff facing down the waves crashing against it. Then, like a mighty creature of myth, he would smite them aside with one giant swipe of a heavily tattooed arm.

Her breath was torn out of her as he barrelled into her sideways, sending her sprawling. Winded, gasping, she rolled over, trying to desperately draw air into burning lungs. Through blurry eyes she could see Kraken wrestling with another figure. Angel tried to stand, to get to her feet, but fell to one knee. She waited for the blade from a second assailant to end this as she helplessly tried to use her hands to push herself up.

It was a hand attached to strong forearm that grasped her wrist and pulled her to her unsteady feet. She found herself looking into the eyes of Siren, impossibly blue, piercing her from underneath that hood, with no clue of anything that their owner might be feeling. Angel hacked up a cough and just about recovered in time to see Siren turn and nod to Kraken, standing stoically a few paces away, an unconscious assailant now at his feet.

A sensation, which Angel never could shake whilst around the pair, was that of being impossibly and uncomfortably awkward. Neither ever seemed to speak to the other, yet you quickly felt like you were out of place, an intruder to something primal, some ethereal connection. Whatever it was, the feeling was a complete mystery.

Now was not the time to waste on considering that though. They were already in front and there was a game to win. Quickly, Angel turned and ran up the pitch, looking for the pass to Greyscales...

Kraken is available to pre-order as part of The Changing Tide

Blacksmith Guild: Sledge

Last week we revealed most of the blocked out section of the Master Blacksmith Anvil’s player card, if you missed that article you can find it HERE. Today, we’ll be taking a look at the other side of that coin, Anvil’s Apprentice Sledge. There’s plenty of juicy stuff to talk about with Sledge, especially since there’s already so much going on with him! A [2”] melee zone with Push results and Knockback, a free Character Play each turn from Tutelage, and a semi-ridiculous Momentous [7] damage result! What else could there possibly be to make this guy even sweeter!? Kick back and let me tell you…

Set ‘Em Up And Knock ‘Em Down

We’ve explained in each of our previous articles on the Blacksmiths that they’re at their best when the Masters set up a target, or take possession of the ball, and the Apprentices annihilate the target, or score a goal. While Sledge has quite good KICK attributes at [3/6”], he specialises in dealing enormous amounts of damage with his brutal melee attacks. We have seen how Anvil can help Sledge to unlock his terrifying potential, through knocking down a target and using the Singled Out Character Play on them. But just how good is Sledge with that hammer of his?


Sledge isn’t bad at using his hammer at all, it turns out. Over the last few weeks we’ve been watching the forum and social media reactions to the Blacksmiths, and a number of you guessed that Sledge’s TAC would be [4] or even lower. We’re glad to ‘disappoint’ you in this regard! Indeed, when attacking an enemy player that is knocked down and Singled Out, Sledge will be rolling a total of [7] dice when making an Attack and the enemy player will have [-1] DEF due to being knocked down. Sledge will be rolling [8] dice if Anvil is still engaging the enemy player thanks to the Ganging Up bonus. Now, this is pretty good but we’re probably still only looking at hitting that Momentous [4] damage with each attack, assuming average results on the dice roll against an enemy player with reasonable defensive attributes.

Sledge has an INF attribute of [1/3], this means that he is capable of making [3] Attacks or a Charge and [1] extra Attack during his activation. In our above example this means that Sledge would inflict around [12] damage during his activation. However…

Can You Smell What Sledge is Cookin’?

I can hear you all going ‘Aaaaaahhhhhh! NOW it makes sense!’ Indeed, Piledriver is the Character Play that really makes Sledge sing as a damage dealer. When developing Sledge, we wanted the player to really feel like he needs to take time to wind up his swing and properly take aim in order to unleash maximum damage. This imagery is the final piece of the concept we had when making the Blacksmiths; the link between Master and Apprentice. Piledriver allows Sledge to add [+3] net hits to his next attack, remember that net hits are the amount of successes that you have when rolling an Attack AFTER subtracting the enemy player’s ARM. Let’s look at some examples:
Sledge rolls his base TAC of [5] against a DEF [4+], ARM [1] player and rolls [3] successes, after subtracting the enemy player’s ARM this would leave Sledge with [2] net hits. If Sledge makes the same Attack again but under the effect of Piledriver, Sledge would have [5] net hits instead, opening a lot of Sledge’s playbook to choose a result from. 
This time, against a DEF [4+] and ARM [1] enemy, but with Anvil engaging the enemy player, and the enemy player is suffering the knocked-down condition (so is DEF [3+] and Singled Out. This time Sledge rolls [8] TAC dice, getting about [5] successes, reduced to [4] because of the enemy player’s ARM. With Piledriver, Sledge has [7] net hits and achieves his Momentous [7] damage result!

In combination with Piledriver, Tutelage is now an incredibly important part of Sledge’s activation. Sledge needs to activate within [6”] of Anvil to trigger Tutelage so that he can use Piledriver without spending Influence. Our earlier calculation for Sledge to deal around [12] damage in a single activation is increased to [15] once we factor in the impact of Piledriver.

Another really cool part of Piledriver is that in addition to a COST in influence, it also has a Playbook trigger on Sledge’s second column. So, if you happen to engineer a situation where Sledge gets so many net hits that he wraps his playbook, Sledge could choose the Momentous [7] damage AND the Playbook trigger for Piledriver. In this case, Sledge would be effected by Piledriver again for his next Attack too! Quite literally, the more you set up Sledge‘s target, the more devastating his activation can be! From personal experience, in one of the final Blacksmith playtest games we saw Sledge use this method to take-down the Fishermen Captain Corsair from full health in one activation! Incredible!

WOW! Thank you Perkins for another insight into this brand new Guild. Let us know what you think of Sledge's destructive power over on our Facebook and Twitter Page.

Greyscales, Elder Fisherman



“Greyscales? He’s as old as the game itself, I swear. Can’t ever remember a time when we didn’t see him on the pitch. He’s been the driving force behind his team for years now. Probably the most popular player that the game has, even got some friends in other guilds I think. Tough to not respect a guy with that much history behind him.

The fans love him. You should hear them roar when he runs out there onto the pitch, louder even than it is for the show boaters that shake their arses like Brisket and Harmony. Ain’t never been no time it was ever different either. The Fisherman’s Guild might not always have been the best team out there, but you can always guarantee that thanks to him they get the biggest crowd.

That’s pretty important in this game. A big game means big money for someone and if anyone knows how to make sure they make money, it’s a guild. Word has it that even in the games they don’t win, he’s made the Fisherman’s Guild a pretty penny more than the winners thanks to admission fees alone.

You think that would make him a target, but you’ve gotta catch him first. Like an eel in the reeds that one, the wily bastard. You see a brute like Boar come up behind him, hands poised to grab him by the throat, blink and suddenly Greyscales is gone, leaves them all in the dust.

Never been Captain though, could never work that out. I guess he don’t score very often and he’s not big on wasting other players. P’haps he just loves the game so much he don’t care none if he makes the big time or not. He’s been the first mate for so long, it’s like he’s the unofficial captain anyways. I heard he’s been offered retirement a couple of times now and refused it. Can you imagine? A Guild Ball player gets to be around for long enough to retire, gets offered his due and a happy ever after and then decides he wants to keep putting his neck on the line time after time?

Gotta be something keeping him going. Yeah, I reckon he just wants to be a part of this game more than anything. And I guess if you’re Greyscales, what are you going to do if you haven’t got new bloods to look after, haven’t got someone waiting on you to teach them how to survive out there? Don’t suppose a quiet life would interest you much after all.

Still, I think he’s spent one too many nights out at sea for not taking the easy way out now he’s earned his dues. That’s gotta be a first in this crazy game.” - Brick, Mason’s Guild

Greyscales is availabe to pre-order now as part of The Changing Tide.

Salt, The Rascal


The Fisherman’s Guild doesn’t have a strong history of bringing animals to their games, summed up once by Greyscales as the creatures ‘having no sea legs’. But the current mascot proves the exception to that, treated with great affection by the rest of the team and fans alike.

Although usually found skulking around Angel, Salt has been known as a familiar shadow to all of the Fisherman’s Guild and is about the only player on the squad that Shark seems to tolerate for any duration. In private, some of the Fisherman’s Guild suspect that this is presumably because he doesn’t have to talk to it.

Unlike some of the other animals dragged into Guild Ball, Salt isn’t a savage or bloodthirsty creature with a taste for carnage like Princess, nor a constant annoyance like the birds employed by the Mortician’s Guild. Salt harasses the opposition as they approach and then bites at their heels once a player like Shark is on them, or skulks off once Angel has made her escape too.

Salt is available as part of The Changing Tide - available to pre-order now

Shark, Fang of the Sea


Hailing from Eisnor, far to the northern fringes of the Empire of the Free Cities, the man that they call the Fang of the Sea is an atypical Fisherman’s Guild player. A loner by nature, Shark is adept at patiently hunting his prey, a calm and deadly predator. In a team like the Fisherman side, with their emphasis on playmakers over the brutal stalkers found more commonly on the other more physical teams, he is the only one of his kind. This interests Shark little, in the same sense that he doesn’t acknowledge that people whisper that he might be one of the hottest talents in the game right now. Shark is not in the game to feed his ego.

Unusual maybe, but not when considering his relatively new promotion to the captaincy; one that is a product of internal politicking within the Fisherman’s Guild more than anything else.

Shark feels the heavy weight of responsibility of being captain upon him and is far more interested in the guild’s success than his own personal glory. His background is of being part of a tight knit crew and long experience has taught him that the extent of what a dedicated and focused team can achieve is far beyond that of the individual.

It is ironic then that he is far more suited to playing alone and away from the others than with them in a directly supportive capacity. A blunt man feeling acutely isolated from his team-mates, undoubtedly the most significant barrier to his sense of inclusion is his ethnicity and the inevitable language barrier between him and the rest of the squad. Being unable to communicate with his peers as easily or fluently as his position demands, his orders are curt, clipped, practised and to the other players’ ears, tired clichés which are occasionally entirely ignored.

It is fortuitous then that the presence of Greyscales goes some way to alleviating this situation, the Vice-Captain being able to offer his wealth of knowledge to the players when Shark’s less than inspiring oratory falls flat. A less composed man in the position of captaincy might feel threatened by this, but for the Fang of the Sea, the synergy is foremost a cause for relief.

Greyscales effectively makes up for the gaps in Shark’s own leadership and nods thoughtfully when Shark confides in the elder that the captains badge is one that he is unsure that he even wants at all. Despite this, the wily veteran sincerely hopes to build Shark, the brutal player that is often more like a Butcher than a Fisherman, into the captain that he knows his team needs.

Shark is available as part of  The Changing Tide - available to pre-order now

The Fisherman’s Guild: The Changing Tide

“Ain’t no other team that can catch ‘em. Until someone seriously gets their game on, the Fishermen’s Guild will keep on winning.”– Flint, Mason’s Guild

As a cunning predator, Shark is the kind of captain crowds love to watch and players hate to face because he’s aggressively fast. And he’s not shy about showing off. Circling the currents of the pitch, his plays aim to shame—he darts in, steals the ball, and sinks a shot in a flash of blue. Fading back into the murky shadows, he patiently waits to strike again. 

Fast, agile, and fragile, his team’s playstyle is about outsmarting opponents with clever plays and swfit goals. Led by one of the fastest captains, this team clinches the early game by sinking goals quickly. Coaches who want speed and a kick stronger than the surging tides will find this Fishermen team to be a perfect match. 

As unyielding as the seas, this set includes a ball, 6 player cards, bases, and 6 players: Shark, Salt, Angel, Siren, Greyscales, Kraken.

The Fisherman’s Guild: The Changing Tide is released on Friday 23rd June.

Pre-order yours from your Local Gaming Store now!

Brisket, Loveable Meat

Season One Story

One of the game’s few second-generation stars, Brisket was always going to be a Butcher, right from birth. Her mother was a low-ranking official at the guild, and her father a highly regarded Guild Ball player, a relationship not entirely approved by either the guild or the Guild Ball team itself. Whilst her parents might well have walked a fine line of condemnation and grudging acceptance, Brisket has always been a welcome member of both bodies. Even a man as bluntly unaffectionate as the Ox grudgingly regards her as a ‘good girl’ and one of his boys and she is a huge hit with the fans; most of whom would sell their own family for the chance to spend any time with her.

Touted as one of the most desirable players in Guild Ball history, for many, the juxtaposition of such a comely woman on such a savage team seems entirely at odds; until they spend any time with her. Stubborn, hard, cantankerous and spiteful, no one crosses Brisket and lives to tell the tale. Quite to the contrary of what one might expect, this low cunning and her vicious nature doesn’t seem to play as detrimental with anyone.

Harsh though she may be and as unconcerned with the rules as any other Butcher’s Guild player, Brisket has the unique place in the team that she represents the only individual that actually cares to play Guild Ball the traditional way, by scoring goals instead of simply brutally bludgeoning her path to victory. The guilds highest goal-scorer for decades now, she attracts more attention from the opposition with each match, the most foolish of whom likely see her as a soft touch compared to the other members of the squad.

This hasn’t gone unnoticed by her team-mates, but if some of them consider her as the weakest link in their line up, it doesn’t show in the way that they treat her, always one of the pack. Brisket is one of the gang, as much as the Boar or Shank. Fortunately for her, Brisket rarely lacks protection on or off the field; for a team with as indebted a fraternity to each other as the Butchers, to mess with one of them is to pick a fight with all of them.

And no one wants to bring that pain down on their heads.

Top Tip

Brisket has always been a goal scoring machine, and before the Butcher's Civil War kicked off, that was her sole purpose in the Butcher's Guild. With Unpredictable Movement and Charmed [Male] Brisket is able to keep the ball safe, with Super Shot and an impressive KICK stat of 3/8" she is able to threaten the goal from 18". A perfect way to round out a game of Guild Ball, coupled with 4 Take-Outs. 

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Boar, The Beast

Season One Story

“You can tell that the Boar is mad. It’s in the deranged bastard’s eyes and that grin. You hear everyone mouth off about how mean their big guy is, about how he’s unstoppable and how he’s going to waste anyone in front of him. The Butchers don’t do that. They don’t need to. Everyone is already scared of the monster that is Boar. I think half of the Butchers don’t care to draw his attention to them much neither. When his blood is up, I don’t think he much cares who you are, friend or foe.

I mean, how could you have such a player on the squad? Someone so self destructive? The Butchers don’t seem to mind. It’s because they know how to lead him into what he does best; just aim him at the opposition and watch him go. Who gives a shit about whether the man can string a sentence together without foaming at the mouth, when he’s busy crippling some poor bastard too stupid to know to just run away when he saw him coming?” - Flint, Mason’s Guild Vice Captain

Boar knows that they say these things. He knows that anyone he’s ever shared the pitch with avoids him and after games, how only the Ox wants anything to do with him. He respects the man for that, knows that the Master Butcher is a hard man in his own right, worthy of Boar’s loyalty; or as much as he has, anyway. But for the rest, Boar doesn’t care what they think.

Boar doesn’t even really care about Guild Ball. If Boar didn’t play Guild Ball, then he’d have been executed long since for murder, or killed fighting in some far off place, under a flag he couldn’t care less about. The crowds might roar his name, cheer when he does it in front of them, but few dare to entertain the real truth for it is too dark to consider. Guild Ball gives Boar a legitimate reason to do what he does best, what he lives for. The thrill of spilling blood, of when you feel your fists smash into someone’s face, the savage glee of wringing the life out of a man by his throat and the look on their face when they see their fate come upon them. Brutal and vicious violence drive the Boar and nothing else.

Yes, Boar knows that he is mad too. And he doesn’t care, as long he can carry on living his life one bloody victim after another.

Top Tip

Boar has an incredible damage output, and is very efficient at what he does. He is Furious so can Charge for free, he is Bezerk so makes a free Attack if he causes damage. With TAC 8 and DMG all along the playbook Boar will likely Take-Out his target. Just make sure you keep him safe and unleash him when the time is right.

Boiler, The Apprentice

Season One Story

Boiler looked down at his hands, covered in blood.

Someone else’s blood. He couldn’t for the life of him work out how he got this way. Last thing he knew, he was running for his mark like the Ox told him, breaking away from the pack. There had been a blurry flash, a horrific ripping noise and then that next sound; like a when you dropped a slab of meat onto a stone tile. A cold, dead, fleshy thud.

The Butcher suddenly realised he didn’t have his knife to hand any more. Panicking, he scrambled up off his back and onto his knees, wild eyes staring around him. He was new and didn’t know much about Guild Ball, but what he did know was that if he didn’t have his weapon, he was as good as dead. He found his knife, the hilt protruding from the corpse’s chest. That hadn’t killed him though, as much as he had driven it into where the dead man’s heart should be. What had killed the man was that Princess had torn out his throat. She’d run on now, looking for a fresh victim.

The apprentice quickly approached the body, still aware of his vulnerability to reprisal and braced his foot against it. With a sharp twist, he pulled the knife clear, an arterial spray arcing up with it and splattering across the grass next to him. It tumbled over onto its front and he heard the crowds roar. A huge shadow fell over him. He darted left, turning mid stride, knife poised to throw at this new target until he heard the deep, throaty laughter.

The Ox looked at him, his lips pursed in as much thought as the bigger man ever chose to entertain.

‘You’re dirty scum, Boiler. I saw the mutt bring him down and you had to finish the job yourself, didn’t you?’ His thick drawl made him sound curiously affectionate, which you could never think if you caught the hard look in his eyes. Boiler started to speak, stammered, and then gave up the job.

‘Actions speak louder than words eh? I can appreciate that about you kid. I’m glad you’re on my side, you’re cold as one of those Mortician Spooks. Now go find the animal and a new mark.’

Top Tip

Whenever possible make full use of Assist [Princess] this Character Trait gives Boiler +1 DMG and +1 Tac, coupled with the Ganging Up bonus from Princess this puts Boiler up to Tac 7, and with Anatomical Precision allowing him to ignore 1 ARM, nobody is safe from the young lad. Stay in range of The Owner and you'll be dishing out 4 Momentous Damage on 2 net hits, and to put the cherry on top, your opponent will suffer the Bleed condition through Crucial Artery, so if your Attacks don't do the job the Bleed DMG will likely do it for you.