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Quick-Start Guide to Kickstarter! | Adventures & Academia

First time on Kickstarter? Not sure what to do? Don’t worry. We’ve got you!

Just follow the four steps below and you’ll be ready for adventure in no time...

First, a Quick Overview: What is Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is a platform where you can support creative projects to help bring them to life. Every Kickstarter campaign offers different pledge levels that include different rewards.

Adventures & Academia: First Class is created by Painting Polygons, part of Steamforged Games. To keep things simple, this campaign has one pledge level: the First Class Pledge!

First Class Pledge contents

The First Class Pledge includes all the miniatures, deluxe character folios, and digital downloadables for the campaign.

What Are ‘Add-ons’?

Add-ons are optional rewards you can choose to add to your pledge. Adventures & Academia: First Class only has one add-on — a bespoke set of First Class roleplaying dice!

First Class Dice

Once you’ve chosen your pledge level (covered in ‘How to Pledge’ below), you can choose to add the First Class Dice to your pledge in the ‘Configure Reward’ screen.

Exclusive Content!

Any content marked with a green ‘KSE’ badge is exclusive to Kickstarter backers, which means backing the Kickstarter campaign is the best way to get that content. 

To see what’s Kickstarter exclusive for Adventures & Academia: First Class, check out the campaign page.

How to Pledge

  1. Choose your pledge level from the right-hand side of the page.

Every pledge level includes a list of items you’ll get if you pledge at that level. You can find a full explanation of all the pledge levels on the campaign page, too. To keep things simple, Adventures & Academia: First Class only has one pledge level: First Class!

  1. Confirm your chosen pledge level.
  2. Customise your pledge with any optional add-ons you’d like to buy.

Adventures & Academia: First Class only has two optional add-ons: the exclusive First Class Dice, and an extra First Class Pledge (just in case you’d like an extra copy or two!).

If you see any add-ons you want, click ‘Add’ to add them to your pledge. This will update your pledge total.

  1. Click ‘Continue’, check the amount, and click ‘Pledge’.

Congratulations! You’re ready for grand adventures in academia. 

What Happens Next?

Around 4-6 weeks after the campaign ends, you’ll get an email inviting you to the pledge manager, where you can — you guessed it — manage your pledge! 

Once you’ve accepted the invitation, you can confirm or upgrade your pledge level, confirm or add any add-ons, pay for shipping, and confirm your delivery address.

Shipping is charged after the campaign, based on your location.

For the regions listed as ‘friendly shipping’, we cover any VAT duties or sales tax charges, so those are accounted for in the pledge price and shipping estimations. Backers in other regions will be liable for any VAT or sales taxes which might be applied in their own countries. 

Either way, there will be no extra costs for VAT charged by us in the pledge manager.

If you have any questions, you can find us in the comments section of the campaign.

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