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Magical School Minis! Adventures & Academia Comes to Kickstarter on November 30

Most of us begin roleplaying campaigns at the start of an adventure. Whether you’re heading off to fight a monster or seeking a precious item, your character’s got the basic skills and equipment and they’re ready to head out into the world and make a mess!

But wait. Surely they learned those basic skills somewhere, right? That’s right. Even would-be adventurers have gotta go to school.

And that’s why Painting Polygons have crafted these magical new minis, representing college-aged characters for all your favourite adventuring classes!

Now, your character can go to class to learn their class — and no doubt get in some serious mischief along the way.

Adventures & Academia: First Class is coming to Kickstarter from November 30, 2021. 

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What’s Included?

Adventures & Academia: First Class will include 13 highly detailed, 5e-compatible minis, each with their own biography and character art. 

Enough words! Let’s take a sneak peek at what’s to come...

As you might’ve guessed, these minis represent students of the druid and monk classes. 

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And that’s not all. If you’re an Animal Adventures fan, this Easter Egg is for you...

The teacher is a magical basset hound!

So, Are You Ready to Go Back to School?

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And keep an eye on Painting & Polygon’s socials as more about the School Houses (and the students themselves) will be revealed very soon...