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Pledge Manager Now Open! | Adventures & Academia

Greetings, students! We’ve got some exciting news for you…

The pledge manager for Adventures & Academia: First Class is now officially OPEN.

Visit the Pledge Manager 

Board the last carriage to the Grand Academy

Late pledge now to get all the Kickstarter content, including 13 5e-compatible student minis, deluxe character folios, downloadable battle maps, and more. Create your own stories at the Grand Academy, or use any 5e-compatible campaign setting you like — the choice is yours!

This is your last chance to enrol for initiative at the Grand Academy and stock up on the Kickstarter exclusive school supplies. Backers will get their paws on the exclusive Professor dog miniature, as well as pre-made character sheets in the form of deluxe fold-out folios, so you can dive straight into adventures at magic school!

Complete your pledge and enrol for initiative

If you’ve already pledged, you’ll have an email in your inbox explaining everything you need to do to complete your pledge.

We’re using Gamefound as the pledge manager for this game. If you haven’t used Gamefound before (or need a revision session), the email invite includes a lesson on how to create an account and add items to your pledge.

If you have any questions, just get in touch with the learned acolytes at Steamforged Support.

Now, go ahead and hop in the carriage to the pledge manager. Don’t miss your chance to enrol for initiative at the magical Grand Academy!

Visit the Pledge Manager