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Guild Ball™

Guild Ball has been retired, but the resources are still available

Welcome to the pitch, coach

Two coaches. Two teams. Twelve points to victory. Slide into a tactical skirmish game where football and fist fights go hand-in-hand. When it's for the good of your Guild, anything goes.

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In the Empire of the Free Cities...

Once, mob football was a casual game played between neighbouring towns. A pleasant pasttime to celebrate feast days.

And then the Guilds stepped in.

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The Guilds invested vast sums of money. Suddenly, there were professional teams and structured leagues. Guild Ball became a spectacle that drew huge crowds. And the more popular it grew, the more money it made, the more political the clashes between the powerful Guilds became.

Now, behind the scenes, fortunes are won or lost with the kick of a ball.

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It's your Guild...

A game of Guild Ball is played to 12 victory points. But remember: this isn't regular football. It's mob football, and anything goes.

...versus theirs

There are two ways to get points: by scoring goals, or by sending your opponents to the infirmary. You choose your path to glory. Anyone can fight. Anyone can win.

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Earn victory by playing the beautiful game, or by sending your opponent home in a wooden box

Play to your strengths

Is your team great at scoring goals? Can they use buffs to boost teammates? Or maybe their talents lie in knocking out enemy players? The best game plan plays to the strengths of your Guild.

Gain Momentum

Smash in a goal. Make a crucial pass. Take down a threatening enemy. Gain Momentum Points by performing actions that excite the crowd!

Make tactical choices

Once you've gained Momentum, use it to make special and game-defining actions like taking shots on goal, healing damage, or launching counter-attacks. The spectators will love it!

Earn victory points

Earn 4 points for scoring a goal, 2 points for taking out a Captain or Squaddie, and 1 point for taking out a Mascot. Remember: just 12 points stand between you and victory.

It's all about your tactics...

With just six player slots to fill, think carefully about the skills you need in your team. It's up to you whether you balance ball control with attack and defence, or weight your team one way or the other.

Guild Ball's playbook system also lets you be strategic with attacks. When you make a successful attack, you can choose the result from the options available to your player. Choose to damage, tackle, dodge, push, or take your victim down.

Some powerful character plays can change the course of the game.


...and your management

Each team starts with a pool of Influence. Players use that Influence to kick the ball, make an attack, or peform character plays. As coach, it's your job to allocate Influence to players at the start of the turn. During the game, perform actions that excite the crowd to build Momentum. Then use that Momentum to perform even more momentous actions.

Be clever in your use of these two resources, and you might just win!

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Bring mob football to your tabletop in this fast-paced medieval skirmish game, where powerful Guilds compete to win by any means necessary. Earn victory by scoring 12 victory points—or by sending your opponent home in a wooden box.

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