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Sonic™: The Card Game


Watch it played

See Sonic: The Card Game in action


Take your sneakers to the tabletop in the Sonic Card Game

Sonic's the name, and speed is the game — the card game, that is! Race family and friends through random levels, collecting rings and power-ups and dodging enemies to win.


Choose your favourite Sonic the Hedgehog character

Play as Sonic, Amy, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, or Blaze


Build levels as you race

Whether they're rings, power-ups, or enemies, every level brings surprises! Draw random cards to build levels as you race.


Gotta push your luck

Before the next level card is revealed, decide in secret whether to keep racing or retire. Retire, and you'll collect your share of all the rings and bonus cards on the table so far. Keep racing, and you might get even BETTER rewards — or you might run into enemies and lose a life!


Hit the brakes!

Enemies can trip you up at any moment. Retire from the race before an enemy appears twice, or you'll lose a life AND your chance to collect rings!


Get up to speed with the Sonic Card Game


Gotta go fast

Stay in the race to collect rings and bonus cards that are worth points. Earn the most points to win!


Gotta power-up

Use bonus cards to power-up with extra lives, speedy shoes, invincibility, and more! Or, save your bonus cards for extra points instead.


Gotta watch out

Enemies can appear at any moment to trip you up. If you're still racing when an enemy appears twice, you'll lose a life AND your chance to collect rings and power-ups!


Gotta push your luck!

Every round, you'll need to choose whether to keep racing or retire before the next level card is revealed. It could be a reward, or it could be an enemy! Will you push your luck and stay in the race?

Will you hit the brakes or blast through with Sonic speed?

Have fun bluffing and guessing what your friends will do next!


Fast and simple, with random levels, Sonic: The Card Game is push-your-luck fun you'll race through again and again! Includes rules in English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish.