History of the
Engineer's Guild

We are strange bedfellows. Untrusting of each other, dismissive and always looking to gain political capital to use against our opposite numbers. Yet for all that, our alliance is a necessary one that I imagine neither party could really function without. Until the time when the farce of union is played out, we shall have to keep our secrets close, as they do jealously guard their own from us.

In the years following the unification, they have concerned themselves with public developments, creating marvels of the new age in the cities across the Empire, uneasily nestled in with the cathedrals and castles. Whilst the elder members of their guild rest on their laurels at these magnificent accomplishments, the revolutionaries only see this as the beginning.

 Further to this, the keenest amongst them have lent their hand to construction of clockwork instruments and devices of far more interest to our enlightened minds. I am especially fascinated with the automaton that they call Velocity. In that I see the path to immortality, carefully laid before us.

Just think of the power that we should wield if we were able to wrest the ability to construct towering behemoths like the mechanical walker from them, or craft our own firefly constructs! 

None could stand before us.

- Midas, Alchemist’s Guild Team Captain


The Engineers play style is one of accuracy and controlling space. They utilise all manner of gadgets, devices and traps to influence the flow and direction of the game. From a distance, the Engineers players move as one giant machine, perfectly in sync with each other...

Resilient in combat, accurate with the ball, the Engineers have a solid play style. Whilst not as mobile as some teams, they are able to move the ball great distances and accurately too. They excel in the mid-game, once all the pieces are in place they can control the pitch while pinging the ball around their opponent.