Animal Adventures: The Faraway Sea

Animal Adventures: The Faraway Sea

Chart a course to adventure

  1. 2+ Players
  2. Ages 10+
  3. Infinte Hours!

Discover an ever-changing chain of islands

Unfurl that dusty map and take to the waves, for an incredible RPG adventure awaits you in the Faraway Sea! New to the Animal Adventures universe, The Faraway Sea is a 5E campaign setting sure to intrigue and delight. For in that sea lies an endless chain of mysterious islands, each with its own invaluable treasure.

Beyond Gullet Cove, past the Isle of Dogs

A 5E-compatible campaign book, Animal Adventures: The Faraway Sea gives you all the tools you need to create island-hopping adventures. Join other would-be adventurers in the floating shanty town of Flotsam, where you'll await the appearance of the next mysterious island...

New to Animal Adventures?

Animal Adventures is a 5E-compatible range made for roleplaying campaigns that gives adorable familiars the adventuring spotlight.

A rich location complete with character creation rules (and adorable minis). Animal Adventures: The Faraway Sea is the perfect place to begin!