Animal Adventures: The Faraway Sea

Animal Adventures: The Faraway Sea

Chart a course to adventure

  1. 2-8 Players
  2. Ages 14+
  3. Infinte Hours!

Discover an ever-changing chain of islands

Unfurl that dusty map and take to the waves, for an incredible RPG adventure awaits you in the Faraway Sea! New to the Animal Adventures universe, The Faraway Sea is a 5E campaign setting sure to intrigue and delight. For in that sea lies an endless chain of mysterious islands, each with its own invaluable treasure.

Beyond Gullet Cove, past the Isle of Dogs

A 5E-compatible campaign book, Animal Adventures: The Faraway Sea gives you all the tools you need to create island-hopping adventures. Join other would-be adventurers in the floating shanty town of Flotsam, where you'll await the appearance of the next mysterious island...

New to Animal Adventures?

Animal Adventures is a 5E-compatible range made for roleplaying campaigns that gives adorable familiars the adventuring spotlight.

A rich location complete with character creation rules (and adorable minis). Animal Adventures: The Faraway Sea is the perfect place to begin!

Adventure as an exotic awakened animal

For the very first time, The Faraway Sea introduces rules (and miniatures!) for all-new animal species. What will your player character be?

Which new awakened animal will you be?

Meet the player characters of the Faraway Sea!

Choose your awakened animal

Alpaca Alpaca



All about the music, the lights, the rhythm of drums. Never not moving, never still.

Albatross Albatross



A bird of great insight, deep learning, and, despite all this, an unquenchable desire to be doing something stupid at any given moment.

Fox Fox



Foxes are natural sorcerors. Canny, thoughtful, and in tune with nature… they’re the perfect wielders of magic.

Goat (Adult) Goat (Adult)


Goat (Adult)

There are many cruelties in the world, many dangerous creatures, many evil overlords with grand schemes.

Fortunately there is a goat paladin committed to the thwarting of evil, to the destruction of wickedness, and to the protection of cuteness the world over.

Goat (Baby) Goat (Baby)


Goat (Baby)

The small goat, grows in stature and power with every passing day.

The curious young goat has few clues to the source of their power.

Koala Koala



Orangutan Orangutan



Being clever is one thing. Being wise is quite another. A tinkermage by trade, definitely more of the former than the latter.

Otter Otter



Everyone’s bosom buddy, everyone’s pal.

Within moments of meeting this cleric, there’s a paw around your shoulder (or knee, depending on your height), and he’s regaling you with tales of his youth, and his adventurous past—not all of which are to be believed.

Pig Pig



Formidable fighting prowess to use with a single goal; being able to afford a table at the best damn restaurants you can find!

Rabbit Rabbit



Long training, and even longer periods of splintering wooden blocks with fists, finally enabled this rabbit to move beyond the youthful rage which had threatened to overwhelm.

Red Panda Red Panda


Red Panda

Continuing to seek out danger, with a sword to rely on.

Choose your pawsome pooch

Australian Cattle Dog Australian Cattle Dog


Australian Cattle Dog

With an unquenchable thirst for adventure, often the first to leap into action, or generally leap in any direction.

Life after all is for living, and if there is any lesson in nature its that life doesn’t last forever.

So, seize the cattle and the day!

Chow Chow Chow Chow


Chow Chow

Loves to make new friends, loves to embrace a new pal, and learn about their life.

A nightmare to keep track of in a crowded place, but it also means there’s no one better to have by your side in a crisis

Newfoundland Newfoundland



A thinker. A philosopher. A cogitator on the nature of the universe.

Also a big fan of eating, lounging around, and, generally, taking things a little easy.

What, after all, is the point of uncovering enlightenment and not enjoying the process?

Samoyed Samoyed



The fashionable aspect of the Good Mother is not often one discussed outside of the most dedicated of theologians, but elegance
and refinement is important to many dogs.

Proof that its possible to defend animal kind, and look good doing so.

West Highland Terrier West Highland Terrier


West Highland Terrier

Some say their owner was killed, and they seek vengeance on those who committed the fell deed.

Others insist they left their home because they was put on a diet.

Whatever the truth, the little dog is a warrior of astonishing skill, and no little energy!

Choose your cunning feline

Chantilly-Tiffany Chantilly-Tiffany



Paladin-ing isn’t an easy job.

It takes courage, and belief, and a willingness to keep going, no matter how insurmountable the odds against you might appear.

Lykoi Lykoi



Being in touch with nature can be a wonderful thing. It can grant tranquillity, insight, feelings of acceptance. It can also make people a little…odd.

Oriental Shorthair Oriental Shorthair


Oriental Shorthair

A creature of habit who has made it her mission to learn the secrets of the magic that is progressively awakening animals.

With a taste for the finer things in life, living on the road has been less than ideal.

Pixie Bob Pixie Bob


Pixie Bob

One minute they are smiling, friendly and playful.

The next, there’s a set of sharp teeth sunk in your arm, and the barbarian cat is not intending to let you go.

Siamese Siamese



When the door or window beneath is opened, slipping in like a shadow.

Remarkable powers of hiding, sneaking, and generally conducting in a furtive manner.

Inside the 5E campaign book

Friends & Foes

Friends & Foes

Meet new NPC's to help (and hinder) your adventurers, and new monsters to fight and fear!

Mysterious islands to explore

Mysterious islands to explore

Discover 11 islands filled with fascinating weirdness and adventure hooks, plus three readymade adventures to plunge you deep into the world of Faraway Sea

Rules for all-new species

Rules for all-new species

Create awakened animal player characters to explore the ever-changing islands — more species soon to be revealed!

New magical item

New magical item

The spirit of each island is concentrated into a single object. Find it, and you'll wield enviable power...

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