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Bardsung Hero Pledge (Late)

    • Description

    • Greetings, hero! Missed the Bardsung Kickstarter? Well, no matter. I’m sure we can find room for one more in our adventuring party! 

      Pre-order this late pledge now to get all the content from the Bardsung Hero pledge.

      Once you’ve purchased this pledge, you’ll be invited to the Bardsung pledge manager as soon as it opens. There, you’ll be able to pay for shipping, upgrade your pledge level, and purchase any available add-ons.

      Estimated Delivery Date: May 2022

    • What’s included?

    • By pre-ordering the Bardsung Hero Pledge, you’ll get:

      • 66 Core Box Miniatures (5 Heroes, 52 Enemies, 5 Wandering Monsters, 4 Bosses)

      • All Unlocked Quest Goals (inc. 19 Exclusive Minis & custom Game Trayz Insert)

      • 895 Cards

      • 5 Hero Dashboards

      • 10 Dice

      • 29 Tiles

      • 1 Fold-Out Game Board

      • 1 Adventure Book

      • 1 Rulebook

      • 1 Cover Sheet

      • All Daily Unlocks (inc. 11 Extra Adventures & Exclusive Marching Order Coin)

      • Exclusive Gladestrider Hero Mini

      • Exclusive Oni Wandering Monster Mini

    • Important information

      • This item allows you entry to our pledge manager with a Hero Pledge from the Bardsung Kickstarter

      • You can upgrade to a higher pledge level within the pledge manager.

      • Shipping costs for your pledge will be charged within the pledge manager.

      • You will be charged shipping if any other items are added to your basket alongside this item.

      • Full Terms and Conditions can be found here: Terms & Conditions