Enhance your roleplaying games with these highly detailed DARK SOULS™ miniatures

Imagination can only take you so far. That’s why we’ve designed these sets of monster, character, and artefact miniatures from the ruinous DARK SOULS™ universe!

Containing up to six minis per pack, you can add these straight into new or existing roleplaying adventures with 5th Edition-compatible stat cards.

Bring Lothric to life

Characters and NPCs

Step into the shoes of your characters with detailed miniatures depicting starting classes from the video games. But you're not alone.

As well as your fellow roleplayers, a whole host of familiar faces from the video games stand ready to assist you. Engage in jolly cooperation to vanquish your foes!

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Take on legions of familiar, formidable foes with these highly-detailed monster miniatures. From the lowest Hollow to the doughtiest Silver Knight, every enemy poses a unique challenge.

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Prepare to die. Your boss encounters will be unforgettable with these imposing miniatures depicting iconic DARK SOULS™ bosses from the video games.

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Enhance your next adventure to relight the flame, or extinguish it

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The Silver & The Dead The Silver & The Dead

DARK SOULS™: Roleplaying Game

The Silver & The Dead

The noble Silver Knights are steadfast warriors who guard ancient cities from intruders.

By contrast, Hollow Soldiers are little more than cannon fodder. Still, their rusted swords have taken out many Unkindled over the centuries.

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Silver Knight Greatbowmen Silver Knight Greatbowmen

DARK SOULS™: Roleplaying Game

Silver Knight Greatbowmen

The Silver Knight Greatbowmen are exemplary sharpshooters who rarely miss — which is precisely why they were chosen to defend places of great value.

Many ambitious explorers have been felled by their giant arrows while trespassing in the ancient ruins.

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Hollow Crossbowmen Hollow Crossbowmen

DARK SOULS™: Roleplaying Game

Hollow Crossbowmen

Although the iron bolts of their crossbows have long-since rusted, these Hollow Crossbowmen are not to be taken lightly.

What they lack in wit, they make up for in ruthless efficiency. 

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Guardian Dragon Guardian Dragon

DARK SOULS™: Roleplaying Game

Guardian Dragon

Those wishing to brave the darkest places of the world will have this fearsome creature to reckon with.

Whether bound by duty or dark magic, a Guardian Dragon will hold its ground to the death. Most likely the death of those who trespass on its territory...

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Unkindled Heroes Pack 1 Unkindled Heroes Pack 1

DARK SOULS™: Roleplaying Game

Unkindled Heroes Pack 1

Four formidable Unkindled stand ready to face insurmountable odds.

In the forgotten places of the world, the resilient Knight, fearless Warrior, furtive Assassin, and courageous Herald do battle against the darkness.

Who will you choose?

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Unkindled Heroes Pack 2 Unkindled Heroes Pack 2

DARK SOULS™: Roleplaying Game

Unkindled Heroes Pack 2

Will you pick the potent Pyromancer, faithful Cleric, or furtive Thief?

Perhaps the arcane Sorcerer or savage Mercenary are more to your liking.

The Deprived is a strange one, but you sense a resolute will behind their dishevelled exterior... 

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The Steadfast & The Hollow The Steadfast & The Hollow

DARK SOULS™: Roleplaying Game

The Steadfast & The Hollow

The steadfast Sentinels are nigh-on immovable with their thick plate armour and colossal greatshields.

By contrast, Hollow Soldiers can barely withstand a strong gust of wind. Their tattered clothing and atrophied muscles provide little in the way of ballast.

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Alonne Knights Alonne Knights

DARK SOULS™: Roleplaying Game

Alonne Knights

Adept with sword and bow, the Alonne Knights fight shoulder to shoulder with renowned camaraderie. Though the flesh inside their armour has long since withered to dust, their spirits are undimmed.

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Captains & Warriors Captains & Warriors

DARK SOULS™: Roleplaying Game

Captains & Warriors

Alonne Knights are famed for their prowess in battle, but only the most capable rise to the rank of Captain.

The Ironclad Soldier doesn’t enjoy the same renown, as few survive a swing from its almighty mace to tell the tale.

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Dread Knights Of Renown Dread Knights Of Renown

DARK SOULS™: Roleplaying Game

Dread Knights Of Renown

The Outrider Knights were driven insane by Sulyvahn’s black eyes. They fight like cornered beasts, savage and unrelenting. Winged Knights are ponderous by comparison, but one swing of their axe can crush any opponent.

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Protector Of The Asylum Protector Of The Asylum

DARK SOULS™: Roleplaying Game

Protector Of The Asylum

Those afflicted with the Undead curse are sent to rot in a remote asylum. Most accept their lot and crumble to despair, but occasionally an inmate will try to escape.

Any such attempts are short-lived, thanks to the hulking Asylum Demon.

Any Unkindled taking on this colossal creature best be made of stern stuff.

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Build your Unkindled

Paint your miniatures to recreate the DARK SOULS™ universe on your tabletop and engage with the DARK SOULS™ combat system in full.

Grab your free character sheets from our website to help you build your RPG characters.

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