US East National Championship | Guild Ball

Welcome back Sportsfans,

Today we’ve got another update for you on the Guild Ball World Championship Circuit, this time it's for the USA East Nationals!

Before that, you may have seen our recent announcement about SteamCon UK and SteamCon US being pushed back to 2020 so that we can ensure we find the best venue we possibly can for the convention. If you missed that blog, you can check it out HERE.

Today’s article is in relation to that SteamCon announcement, since it means we need to find a temporary home for the USA East Nationals for 2019. Enter the enormously successful event run by Vince Curkov and the Strictly the Worst podcast, Second Wind!


Second Wind ran for the first time in 2018 and really hit the ground running with a sell out 64 ticket event, which is practically unheard of for tournaments run in December! 60 attendees made it to the weekend and had an awesome weekend of fantastic games of Guild Ball and winning prizes from a staggeringly huge prize pool.

Given that Second Wind is running at roughly the same time of year that USA East Nationals ran last year, and the event is run by veterans of the Guild Ball competitive scene, it makes perfect sense for Second Wind to carry the torch in the interim.

Tickets for this event are unfortunately currently sold out although Vince and his team are in discussions with the venue to try to open up some more space. Even so, this is one to put your name down for in case any reserve spots open up! For more details, see below:

Facebook event:

Second Wind 2: Midnight Offering
Alarmist Brewery and Tap room
4055 West Peterson Avenue, Suite Rear, Chicago, IL 60646
October 19-20 2019
Entree Fee: $35

In addition, we can also update you on the current qualifiers for the World Championship Finals, which will be run at SteamCon UK in 2020.


Event Update 07.05.19

Hey Folks!

We have an update on the US East National Championship! Upon seeing the demand for the event to be expanded the Tournament Organiser (TO) was able to secure an additional twenty spaces, and these immediately sold out! The venue for Second Wind: Midnight Offering has now reached capacity and will not be able to expand any more.

We’re thrilled to see the level of support for Guild Ball and that the event sold out so quickly! Thank you to everyone who has already placed their name on the reserve list. We hope everyone attending has a fantastic weekend!

If you want to stay up to date on the event and get on the waiting list then follow Vincent Curkov on Twitter

If you’re on Facebook then be sure to follow the event and get in touch with the TO to put yourself on the waiting list.