Week 2 Begins | Free Cities Draft | Guild Ball

Welcome back, sports fans!

The end of a tough week in the Free Cities Draft and it certainly seems our previous update ruffled a few feathers. An incredible amount of games came over the weekend, and we strongly suspect the next week will be just as busy – in fact, looking at the results, the rivalry between Guilds is rising to a fever pitch

Before we go any further, if you’re new to our Community Events and aren’t sure how to get involved, don’t worry. You can find out everything you need to know here.

Scores on the Doors

Last week we gave you each Guild’s top three players at time of writing, intended to help you focus on which players were popular and who your rivals were. An interesting fact for you here – some of those top three standings have already changed quite a bit since then…

Of course, as you all know, we’re not just tracking the popularity of the new players at each Guild. And whilst the identities of each Guild’s favoured players are obviously important, there is another, more pressing statistic to consider too.

The raw number of games reported for each Guild will determine where they are in the draft, and as a result, the order in which they make their selections. This might be even more vital than the popularity of each player for some Guilds – let’s look at an example to illustrate why.

The Butcher’s Guild are currently leading the popularity poll for Kami, our Numasai Gunslinger, with more votes than any other Guild. However, they unfortunately also have a significantly lower number of overall reported matches than most of the other Guilds, which could be a real problem later on.

Let’s skip forward to the draft, and say the Butchers finish in fifth place. The Alchemist’s Guild, also chasing Kami, finish in fourth. The most popular player at the Alchemist’s Guild is Knuckles, but it looks like he’ll already be taken by one of the other Guilds before it gets to the fourth selection – so, the Alchemist’s Guild will take their next most popular player instead… Kami.

In our example, even though the Butcher’s Guild had committed the most support for Kami, they’ll sadly need to content themselves with another player instead.

As you can tell, the overall number of reported games is extremely important in the Free Cities Draft, so teams won’t miss their number one pick. There’s only one way to ensure that doesn’t happen – so get busy reporting your games. Even if you can’t decide which new player you want, just report the games and get those numbers up! And remember, there are always Union thugs waiting in the wings… what can you do to sway their support?

Time to take a look at the Guilds, as they currently stand.

  1. Farmer’s Guild

  2. Blacksmith’s Guild

  3. Fisherman’s Guild

  4. Alchemist’s Guild

  5. Mortician’s Guild

  6. Butcher’s Guild

  7. Mason’s Guild

  8. Brewer’s Guild

  9. Engineer’s Guild

  10. Hunter’s Guild

The Comeback Kings

A few surprises in there at this early stage! The vocal Brewer’s Guild seem to be just that, whilst the Farmer’s Guild are working hard to keep their chances of getting their top pick alive!

If your Guild is lower down the table, it’s definitely not time to throw in the towel. We’re still early on, and as last year’s Fisherman/Butcher contest illustrated, the race isn’t over until you reach the finish line. Speak with your fellow coaches and encourage them to report more games. Think carefully about your player selections, and start a discussion within the Guild about strong back up players. And if you’re at the top currently? Don’t get complacent. There are plenty of sharks below, just waiting for a smell of blood… 

Until next time sports fans, when we’ll be back with the next part of the Free Cities Draft story!