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Its just over a week until SteamCon UK and we’re all just about ready to burst with excitement about it! Last week we showed you the finalised schedule of events, if you missed that you can find it HERE. Today’s blog is going to be especially useful for anyone attending SteamCon UK for the first time, since we’re going to give a bit of walkthrough of what your weekend could look like, as well as general advice for how to get the most out of your SteamCon UK weekend.

Arrival at The Convention

SteamCon opens at 8am on Friday the 9th of November and the first thing everyone needs to do on arrival is register at the convention. There are no physical tickets for SteamCon UK, so we recommend having a screenshot or printout of your payment confirmation with you when you register. We’ll have an old school register of everyone’s names and we’ll be ticking those off as our guests arrive.

Once you’ve registered with the convention you’ll get your goodie box. The goodie box will contain some pretty awesome stuff such as the exclusive alternate sculpt for Obulus for anyone who snagged an early bird ticket. The goodie box will also contain your convention lanyard, which you’ll need to wear to be able to enter any events or seminars. The lanyard will also allow you to enter the convention again on Saturday and Sunday without having to reregister.

When timing your arrival you need to ask yourself ‘do I want to play in the Guild Ball Last Chance Qualifier?’ The Last Chance Qualifier (or LCQ) is a Guild Ball tournament that is the last chance for anyone to get into the Guild Ball World Championship, which also takes place at SteamCon UK on Sunday the 11th. At the end of the LCQ only one player will be left standing, will it be you?

If you want to enter the LCQ, then you’d better plan on being at SteamCon early on Friday morning. The convention opens at 8am and the first round of the LCQ will be kicking off at 10am sharp. So if you’re playing in the LCQ, the FIRST THING you need to do once you enter the convention is go and register for the LCQ at the tournament head desk. We’re expecting over 100 players to enter the LCQ and we need to get everyone registered individually at our tournament head desk. Registration will probably close around 9:45am so we can get things started. Don’t be late or you’ll miss out!


If you aren’t entering the LCQ, then you can probably have a bit more of a relaxed morning. Our open gaming is available at all times and there is no need to register anywhere for that. Just enter the convention as normal and start playing! At 10am we’ll be starting off our challenge and demo tables, which will feature a variety of games from the Steamforged Games range.

Shopping for All of The Things

The shopping area will be open from 8am as soon as the convention opens, so you can come along and get your fix of bundles, limited edition models, and current releases from our onsite store, The Forge (don’t forget to register for the LCQ first though!). There will also be a number of SFG’s licenced partners at SteamCon UK with a variety of their own latest releases on offer. including:

All Rolled Up

Art of War Studios

Broken Toad

De Tinnen Roos

Frozen Forge

Muse on Minis

Sculpting Classes!

It’s become something of a SteamCon tradition to offer one to one sculpting tutorials led by a member of the SFG sculpting team. Last year Ben Charles spent time each day teaching attendees how to sculpt some pretty sweet things like a model face or a ball token. This time it’s Thomas Lishman’s turn to show you the ropes of his trade. If you book your half-hour time slot (see below) you’ll get the chance to sculpt a little piece of something from either Guild Ball or even Godtear.

Tickets for our one to one sculpting demos are now available . Half hour time slots are available from 10am to 2pm on the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of SteamCon UK. Because there is very limited availability on these, attendees are limited to only one sculpting demo per person. Sculpting demos will be taking place in The Forge’s onsite store.

Events, Events, EVENTS!

A lot of people come to SteamCon just to take in the atmosphere, catch up with friends, and play a few casual games. There are also a lot of people that come to SteamCon to take part in some of our organised play events. We’ve already mentioned the infamous LCQ where we’re expecting a huge number of people to be battling it out for the last spot in the Guild Ball World Championship. But if that’s not your thing, we’ve got plenty of other events you could participate in.

Something we’ve started doing quite recently (trialled at SteamCon USA to a lot of success) is running ‘scramble’ events. These are events that don’t have a defined start or end time, they consist of any group of (usually) 8 players that want to play their own mini tournament. These groups of players can go to our tournament head desk and ask our staff to set up an event for them to record the results, and away they go! With no schedule to keep to, players competing in a scramble can decide to pause for a lunch break, or even continue it the next day! It’s a fantastic way to play in a small event whilst keeping some flexibility to go and do other things like seminars or demos.

On Saturday, we’ve got another chance to play in a slightly larger competitive event. We’ll be running a 32 player Guild Ball British Championship Qualifier where the winner will get free entry to the Guild Ball British Championship for 2019.

Finally, on Sunday we’re capping the weekend off with a fan favourite from last year, Musical Teams! This slightly wacky event has teams of 3 players banding together to compete against each other, but with a slight twist. At the end of each turn of your game, all the players on each team will move down to the next table, stepping away from the game they were playing to take over the next turn of a different game. So each turn you will be playing against a different opponent, playing with and against a different team!

That’s all we have for today. We hope you’re all getting as excited for SteamCon as we are, this is going to be amazing!!!

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