Corker Reveal | Guild Ball

Welcome Guild Ball fans! We’re taking a look at Corker! A big, scarred, brutal giant of a man, Corker is mostly interested in making sure the beer keeps flowing and the party keeps going! However if you’re gonna try and harsh his buzz...well he doesn’t take too kindly to people trying to shut down his party.

Make Mine a Double


Well now. Let’s take a look at this big drunken boy. A 1” melee zone and some fairly normal Brewer stats, he has that classic DEF 3+/ARM 1 defensive profile we’re used to seeing from them. TAC 7 is a new one, though, that makes him the highest TAC model in Brewers, and his playbook is pretty fierce! However, looking at his statline, 2/4 INF? ON A CAPTAIN? HAVE WE LOST OUR TINY MINDS? Nae worries, we’ll get to that bit in a minute, but yes, he only brings 2 Influence to your team, the lowest of any captain in Guild Ball. Sort of.

Looking at his playbook, it’s the pretty standard Brewer stuff. Momentous KDs and Pushes low down, switching up to momentous damage on the top end. He also has a pretty spectacular momentous KD/double push on column 5. I mean hot damn, what a result. Combo push/KD results are relatively rare, even in Brewers, and that’s a doozy.

Moving onto his character plays, he has three! The first is his damage buff, Iron Fist. Now where he differs from other Brewer captains is that his damage buff only affects him, and can’t help his team out like Esters Tooled Up or Tapper’s Commanding Aura. So while he absolutely can get stuck in, this is the only thing on his card that actually buffs himself solely. Everything else is much more of a team support ability (as you’d expect from Brewers).

Tough Skin is a character play Brewers have seen before, on Hooper. Corker allows them to double up on it to make his team extra tough, or to just throw it out himself to protect a key model. His next character play is unique to him, Whisky Chaser allows a target friendly model to add a KD result to their next attack, and it’s not once per turn! Have fun hitting a tonne of models and throwing them all to the floor! This is super useful on really any Brewer model, imagine Friday with effectively a Tackle/KD on column 1, or even Scum with a 2 DMG/KD on column 2!

Finally, Corker has 24 HP. That’s a good number, but as we’ve seen, that health can drop fairly quickly if you get knocked down and isolated from your team!

Drinks On Me!


Well, we’re pretty sure a lot of you are scratching your heads at Corker so far, and you’d be right, there’s a good amount of stuff on the front of his card that raises a number of questions. Well fear not, dear reader, we’re into the truly ludicrous territory now!

Corker has two character traits and a Heroic play (Brewers, natch), all of which are completely unique. The first, Spit and Sawdust, means that Brewer models can still engage while suffering the knocked down condition. The first thing to clear up is that this rule, like the vast majority of Guild Ball rules, means exactly what it says. It provides one exception to the normal knocked down rules, models can engage. It does NOT allow models to make attacks while knocked down, but it means they can provide gang ups and crowd outs, making your average Brewer death ball that little bit harder to unpick! It also means you can’t knock a Brewer model down to stop them engaging you to make your Shot more accurate, you gotta move away or push them away from you.

Corker’s next trait, Legless Drunk, represents a really interesting foray for us in Guild Ball. It’s Corker’s defensive tech piece that pretty much all Brewers have, like Tough Hide on Tapper and Resilience on Esters. The first time each turn Corker suffers damage each turn, he suffers a Push D6” in a direction chosen by his controlling player. That’s pretty damn wild. Note; since it’s still a Push as normal, it can be up to the distance rolled, it’s not mandatory to go the full distance. However, it’s still a super cool representation of a big guy, drunk off his nut, stumbling around trying to keep his feet when he takes a hit. The fact that this is D6” rather than a static number represents us dipping our toe in the water of some territory we haven’t really explored in Guild Ball before. Guild Ball generally sticks with static numbers that players can plan around. However for this one...well it’s a design space we haven’t used before, and it’s something we’re extremely curious about trying out. There are still (obviously) get arounds to this ability, it’s worth mentioning. Many teams can ping Corker with a damaging ability early in the turn in order to see where he ends up, then plan around that. It’s also a more random element the Brewer player themself will have to be able to adapt to on the fly!

So we’re almost done looking at this giant bear of a man, but there’s one last thing that really unlocks the whole puzzle and solves the 2/4 INF thing we imagine you’re all still puzzling over. Corker’s Heroic, Free Bar, allows all non mascot models within 4” of Corker to gain a beer token. Now the rules for beer tokens aren’t in this section of the card, and that’s because they’re being added to Brewers as a new Guild Rule!


Pintpot’s beer tokens have always been a really cool bit of design space that we’ve been waiting to dig deeper into, and now we finally have the chance!

This is a SUPER interesting thing cause it changes the way a lot of Brewer’s Guild models interact. Allowing these models to effectively spend 6 influence in a turn is exceptional (5 for Hooper), but beyond that, beer tokens can be spent for character plays or Heroic plays, giving another facet of usefulness to this rule. While a Corker team will only bring 11 Influence to the pitch, they get a huge amount of flexibility out of beer tokens!

This is something we’re super keen to see on the pitch! So what do you think of this hulking Northman? Are you keen to break out the beers? Let us know on our social media! Corker will be pre-released at Salute (Booth TD12) in London on April 6th, and will go up on the SFG webstore on April 8th to pre-order.

Join us next time for a look at Corbelli, Ace Striker.