You Fear to Go into Those Mines... | Guild Ball

Hey everyone! Welcome back the Guild Ball blog, today we’re going to be talking about a balance concern.

We’ve been paying attention to the competitive results from the last month since the Miner’s Guild has been released. As a result, we know they’re very strong. However, following the French Nationals this weekend, we were really concerned that there were some players in the top 10 who weren’t using the Miner’s Guild.

This was completely unintentional. We want to ensure that going forward, the Miner’s Guild will make up the entire top 10 of every Guild Ball event in the foreseeable future. As a result, we’re going to release a targeted errata in order to bring the Miner’s Guild up to the point where they will hopefully kill the competitive game entirely. This was always the point of the Miner’s Guild, and it’s a real shame that it’s going to take an errata to achieve this goal, especially when we worked so hard on making them completely overpowered in the first place.

Thanks for reading, we hope you have a pleasant April Fool’s Day.


Alright, jokes aside, we have been paying attention to the Miner’s Guild over the last month. It seems that they are ahead of where we want them to be. While this is partially because they work so mechanically differently to other guilds, and they take some time to get your head round as an opponent, it also appears to be a balance concern even with these points set aside.

Guild Ball is particularly sensitive to balance miscalculations, because, most Guilds have a win rate somewhere between 55% and 45%, with only a few extreme outliers. That is a remarkable fact, and it’s something we’re phenomenally happy about. However, because that balance is so good, any outliers appear much more dramatic than would otherwise be the case.  

We’ve had some issues with balancing Minor Guilds in the past, and we know from experience it’s easy for them to slip beneath where we want them to be. When they first come out, they’re seen as exceptional, then people figure out what to do, and their win rates naturally drop off. The Navigator’s Guild are a particularly good example of this. A few months ago, the Navigator’s Guild were seen as extraordinarily powerful, with a very high win rate. Now, they seem to have dropped back to about average.

However, it does appear that with the Miner’s Guild we dug a little too deeply, and they’re simply too strong. We believe that there’s no single obvious thing that’s necessarily pushing them over, it’s more that a small number of their many levers are just pushed one notch too high.

We believe we need to tweak a few elements of the Miner’s Guild to get them where we want them. However, we also need a bit of time to test the changes we want to do to the Miner’s Guild. As a result, we will be releasing a small-scale targeted balance errata for the Miner’s Guild towards the end of April. This will only affect the Miner’s Guild, no other models will be taken into consideration for changes at this time.

Thanks for reading, we hope this has addressed the concerns we’ve seen in the community over the last few weeks.