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Hellish Behaviour

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Welcome back Hunters!

Following on from our last article, where we took a look at the incredibly cool Devil Triggers you’ll be unleashing in Devil May Cry™: The Bloody Palace, today we’re switching our focus back to the demonic foe and how their behaviours work

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A Powerful Demon Is About to Resurrect And… We Need Your Help, Dante

Back when we introduced each of the enemy types, we described the Hell Antenora as being a solid all-rounder enemy with good speed, vitality, and damage. So it makes a whole lot of sense to look at how the Hell Antenora behaves as our starting point now.


A vitality of 10 means this demon is going to take a lot of damage before it gets brought down, and a beast like this can’t be stunned unless it has been hit by at least two attacks that stun. But don’t think for a moment that this is the most terrifying adversary hunters will encounter. There are plenty of enemies in Devil May Cry™: The Bloody Palace that have many times the vitality of the Hell Antenora, and cannot be stunned at all!

The Hell Antenora has seven cards in its behaviour deck, giving it a wide variety of behaviours—especially when you consider that each Hell Antenora on the board will draw its own behaviour card in the enemy phase and carry out a different action. And with up to four Hell Antenoras on the board at once, when these demons are around, they’ll be sure to put out the pain.

Let's start with Hack and Slash:


There are two of these behaviours in the Hell Antenora’s deck, and right from the off we can see what the Hell Antenora is about. Flailing around and hitting just about anything that gets too close might look a little excessive, but hunters will soon forget that when the creatures start their relentless march forwards.

Players will know when they’ve angered these beast too, because it will start throwing Frenzied Swings.

A harder hitting version of Hack and Slash, fortunately there is only one copy of Frenzied Swings in the Hell Antenora deck.

When it senses weakness, the Hell Antenora will close in at frightening speed with Lumber Forth:

Even though this card deals no damage, after its resolved the Hell Antenora will probably be a heck of a lot closer than any hunter wants it to be! There are two copies of Lumber Forth in the Hell Antenora’s deck... so the monster might not be alone either.

When wounded, Hell Antenora enter a frenzied rage, increasing their unpredictability and loping forwards to close with their quarry…


Any hunter who previously figured they were at a safe distance from this demon will quickly have to think again thanks to Charge, which allows the Hell Antenora to move towards the nearest hunter and draw another card! This might be Hack and Slash, or Frenzied Swings, or maybe even...

Cleaving Blows really shakes things up a bit, not only by moving three hexes and dealing a hefty amount of damage, but also by shuffling the whole behaviour deck. This is important, because it effectively resets the creatures’ attack pattern. Just when you thought you were about to get a handle on what was coming next, too…

And that's the Hell Antenora, a nasty piece of work that won’t hesitate to bury a cleaver in your back if you give it half a chance.

Join us again for another exciting update for Devil May Cry™: The Bloody Palace. Next up, we’ll be looking into the behaviour decks of your larger demon foes...

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