Guild Ball: Pride of The Order

Some of you may have seen the recent Pride spoiler video from the Spring Fling but today we are going to cover his card more in detail.


Pride is the new mascot for the Union and as stated in our previous blog will become the mascot for The Order at the beginning of season 4. The most important thing about Pride is the obvious, he’s a massive lion! Take a look at his sculpt, he dwarfs all other mascots in the game and is truly a sight to behold on the pitch.

King of the Mascots


Looking at his card you’ll notice that Pride pushes the limits of mascot design, almost resembling a standard squaddie with his 13 health and TAC 5. As with a lot of things on Pride’s card it’s justified because he is after all, a massive lion! Additionally, Pride demonstrates the Order’s almost total disregard for the rules and traditions of Guild Ball.

Though he has some stats higher than most mascots in the game Pride only has average movement at 5”/7” and is one of the easier mascots to hit with his DEF of 3 and ARM of 1. He also features an above average mascot KICK stat with 2/4”.

Pride’s playbook as you might expect is a very straightforward affair. The focus of his playbook is momentously triggering his unique Character Play, Predatory Gaze (more on this later). As he goes up his playbook he gains momentous damage options in addition to triggering Predatory Gaze. The double push on his second column also gives him a strong counter attack against other 1” melee models.

Mildly Witty Reference Involving Chains

[Editor's Comment: Please accept our apologies for the attempted 'meta-humour']

When Pride is brought to the pitch his team physically chain him to their goal post, as a terrifying display power of their Church masters, and also to avoid having a wild animal prowling the pitch! Our first draft of his rules had some mechanics which shackled him to the goal post and meant he couldn’t go beyond a certain area, but we moved away from that. We decided pretty early on to create abilities that benefit him being near the goal post instead. Thematically, Pride moving far away from his goal post could represent him breaking those chains. 

The first of these abilities is Predatory Gaze, which represents the terror that a roaming lion brings to the pitch. With this ability, Pride’s presence near the goal makes any shot on goal cost an additional influence as he stares down the opposing player. Unlike a lot of goal keeper style abilities, the massive 10” range allows Pride to play a more active role upfield and still make life difficult for opposing strikers. With this ability allocating just a single influence to Pride ensures your opponent must either over allocate to their strikers, take their goal early, or risk their shot on goal being shut down. Even without influence Predatory Gaze can be very easily be triggered on the playbook via a counter attack if given the chance.


Won’t Take It Lion Down

[Editor's Comment: Much better]

If that wasn’t enough to scare off potential strikers his single Character Trait adds even more to his anti-goal scoring toolbox. While within 4” of the goal Rush Keeper allows to charge models that end their movement within 6” of him. This allows Pride to contribute to the team even without influence, lazing about near the goal post ready to pounce on any player that comes nearby. This trait can be combined with Predatory Gaze to layer complications onto your opponent’s goal scoring plan. With the options of Predatory Gaze on the first column and either a double push or a tackle on column two, Pride has the tools to ruin the day of anyone unlucky enough to trigger Rush Keeper.

Let us know what you think of Pride on our social media platforms and our forums! If you want to add a massive lion(!) to your team, you can pre order the Union: Faithful of Solthecius here