FAQ Update | Guild Ball

Hey there Guild Ball fans, we’re back with a quick update to the Guild Ball FAQ. We’ve been combing through the rules questions you guys have entered through our online portal (link here if you don’t know where to find it) and the Development Team and the Lawyer’s Guild have updated the FAQ accordingly. 

This blog will give a quick rundown of the changes to the FAQ, and make our reasoning clear on the changes. 

Rulebook changes 


This change simply clarifies that a single model cannot block line of sight to another model of the same base size. So if three models of the same base size are in a perfect line, all three models have line of sight to one another. This is a rules decision to make interactions on the pitch easier and prevent odd table states where people spend acres of time trying to set up perfect LoS blocking situations with single models. This has always been the case, it was ruled on the old rules forums, but wasn’t included in the first version of the FAQ. 

This update just updates the previous FAQ for this section, which had a slight mistake in the wording. This is really just a quick wording update. 


This section has been added to clarify some interactions around models being removed from the pitch. This clarifies that Sustain effects don’t get removed until the End Phase, so if, for example, Memory is Tooled Up and then gets taken out, when Brainpan activates and returns Memory to the pitch, Memory will still be Tooled Up until the end of the turn. 


This clarification is due to a question about resolving AOE character plays with multiple effects, like Stave’s Lob Barrel. We got a few questions on whether you could, for instance, knock one model down, then push another, then push the first, then knock down the second. This is just to make clear that you can’t do that. 

Character Traits


This question is due to Yukai being able to hand out Flying to friendly models, specifically Jac. In this instance, Jac can still push models with Battering Ram even though Flying says that he ignores other model’s bases. We felt this was the cleanest and simplest way to resolve this odd interaction. 


Since the Cook’s Guild was released, we’ve had a lot of questions along the lines of ‘can Intensify trigger Berserk?’ 

The answer is yes. 

Celebrate THIS! Is one of our favourite new rules that was introduced in the last errata, but it raised a couple of questions. The main ones were around the timing of the rule. We’ve clarified here that it takes place during the Kick action, so Ebb will only suffer 2 damage from it, and if the damage takes out the player who scored, the VPs are scored simultaneously. Remember to heal before you take that Shot! 

This is just a small update to clarify that ‘when this model moves’ includes when it is pushed. Be careful of your Flying models being pushed over people’s bases! 

This is a temporary FAQ, since we’ll be updating the errata with this change next time. The word ‘base’ in this sentence was incorrect. Just a tweak to correct. 

Much like Follow My Lead, this will be updated in the errata. We missed a clause when writing this rule, it’s now included. 

take one.JPG

This is a rules clarification for consistency with how things like Team Player work. In the case of Team Player, the one inflicting the damage on Veteran Harmony is still the model making the attack. In this case, the one inflicting the KD condition is the model making the attack. 

Character Plays 


We’ve had a lot of questions on whether you can roll twice and hit a model twice for 4 damage with this play.The answer is no to both of those, it’s quite good enough already! 


This is technically covered in that rules of the same name don’t stack their effects, but since we got a lot of questions, we wanted to cover it specifically. 


This is another one where we just got a lot of questions, so wanted to clarify. Not a big deal, just a small bit of making things simpler. 

Well, there we have it. This isn’t a particularly big update, but we wanted to answer the most common questions we’ve seen since the first FAQ went live in March. 

We hope this has answered all your questions! Let us know what you think on our social media, and we’ll see you all next time!