Godtear Update - Sneeki Peet & V0.9.2

Much like last weeks, this week’s update is fairly light. There have been some very small tweaks to the rulebook including a new glossary entry that may well be relevant for one of the so far unseen champions… any ideas which one it could be?

In terms of champions we’ve gone through the dodge and accuracy stats on a multitude of models and altered them. This is to spread out the potential values we can use for these two stats, much like we did with damage and protection. Having a nice wide spread of values we can use is very important! Mournblade and Titus also had some changes to the wording on a few of their skills, and Raith’Marid had ‘Slash and Dash’ replaced with ‘Lunging Strike’.

To close us out this week, by popular demand, Sneeki Peet is out for you all to see! Peet offers a very different take on the slayer role. He loves a scenario when he can settle down on some objective hexes and wreak havoc to all that come near his precious banner!

For those looking to give some feedback on the changes, these are the areas we’re looking for feedback on:

  • How have the changes to accuracy and dodge affected your games?
  • How did the changes to skills on Mournblade affect how he played?
  • How did the changes to skills on Titus affect how he played?
  • How did the change to Raith’Marid affect how he played?
  • How different to the other slayers, Lorsain and Rangosh, did Sneeki Peet feel?
  • Is there anything from the changes which caused confusion?
  • Do you have any other core game-rule questions at this time?

Thank you for your continued support, we hope you enjoy the contents of v0.9.2! Next week we’re planning to introduce another new scenario named Quest!