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Trish Playstyle

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Welcome back Hunters!

Today we’re continuing our five-day countdown to the start of the Devil May Cry™: The Bloody Palace Kickstarter campaign, set to launch on the 15th of May 2019 at 8PM BST (3PM EDT)! Every day this week we’re bringing you a new article filled to the brim with brand new and exciting content. If you want to stay up to date with everything to do with our campaign, click here to be added to our newsletter.

Following on from our last article where we saw some of Nero’s gameplay in Devil May Cry™: The Bloody Palace, today we’re going to switch over to Trish, and take a look at how she kicks ass and takes names. If you missed any of the previous articles and want to find out more, don't worry - you’ll be able to find links at the top of this page.

Time to lock and load Luce and Ombra, and crack those knuckles, because it’s time for a brawl!

The Bewitching Devil

Kicking off with the basics, Trish has a vitality of 9 which firmly puts her at the upper end of hunter health stats, and a speed of 5 which makes it look like Trish is one of the slower hunters. But we’re about to show you why that's definitely not true. Dancing around her enemies, Trish is something of a crowd control specialist, meaning she can often handle multiple enemies at once just as easily as she can handle solo foes. Her cards will often grant bonus movement too, allowing her to dance around her enemies with ease, darting from one enemy to the next.

The most common combo link colours in Trish’s deck are blue and blank. Trish’s blue link cards nearly always have the bonus movement on them we mentioned earlier, pushing enemies away and then providing a follow up move to carry on the assault. We can see this in the example below, where the icon highlighted in yellow shows that the attack pushes enemies away one hex, and the icon highlighted in green allows Trish to follow that enemy by also moving one hex.


Most cards in Devil May Cry™: The Bloody Palace with blank links are ranged attacks, and Trish’s deck is no exception to this. Having a large number of these cards offers Trish two obvious benefits. Firstly, a large number of ranged attacks means she can cause just as much mayhem at a distance as she can when surrounded by her foes. Secondly, because blank links are so easy to slot into combo chains, Trish has an easier time than most when building combo chains at the beginning of the game. We can see an example of this below.


Blue and blank cards aren’t the only colours in Trish’s deck however. She also has a number of red link cards at her disposal, which represent higher damage attacks. These cards really show off Trish’s brutal bare knuckle fighting style and are hugely punishing to her opponents.


Trish’s speed and brutality is demonstrated in her deck by the inclusion of a higher number of basic attack cards than seen with most other hunters. With four basic attacks from the start of the game, as well as a huge number of blank link cards in her deck, Trish has unparalleled versatility for building combo chains and racing ahead with her style points. Let’s take a look at them now.


As you can probably tell, any turn where Trish has blue link cards in her hand is going to go well for her… and badly for her enemies. Before she even plays a card from her hand, Trish can start off a combo chain with three of her basic attacks by playing Low Kick, followed by High Kick, and then Rapid Shots. A solid start to a blue link combo chain!

Stepping & Blocking

Before we carry on with Trish’s deck, we need to pause a second to talk about those little symbols in the bottom left of each hunter’s cards. The ones without numbers are basic attack symbols, as we can see on the cards for Trish’s basic attacks above. The symbols with numbers are stepping and blocking symbols.

Stepping is something any hunter can do during their turn to gain some extra movement. By discarding a card from their hand, they can move as many hexes as the upper number shown in the stepping symbol. This can be very useful for a hunter that has already used their sprint, or needs to reposition. For example, if Trish were to discard the Hundred Kicks card below, she could ‘step’ one hex.


When attacked by enemies, hunters can discard cards from their hand to block damage. Looking at the Hundred Kicks card again, we can see by looking at the lower number. Trish can discard this card when suffering damage to block three damage. Blocking damage is incredibly useful as a last resort, since suffering any damage at all will destroy any combo chain a hunter currently has.

Trish’s agility is also represented by how she dodges enemy attacks.


Roll is a fantastic card to play when Trish is about to take a big attack from something like an Empusa Queen or a Proto Angelo. If she suffers a huge hit, being able to halve that damage before blocking the remaining damage is a huge help, as well as being able to reposition out of range of anything else that’s about to hit her!

I’m Not Your Mommy, V

Now that we’ve got to grips with the basics of Trish’s starting deck, let’s see how we can supercharge her into a deadly bolt of lightning with her upgrade cards.

Continuing with her starting theme, Trish has even more blank link cards in her upgrades, including melee attacks with blank links, which are quite rare. Handspring below even gives Trish three bonus movement for to boot, really ramping up her mobility!

And if you liked the look of Trish’s Roll card earlier, we can go a step further by adding Dodge into the mix, for that time when you just can’t avoid taking damage and want to preserve your combo chain.


And finally, when Trish hasn’t quite drawn the perfect cards to build a devastating combo chain with, she can smile and throw down Inazuma.

Inazuma has an insanely rare wild link, allowing Trish to play a combo card with any colour link after it—meaning she can change the colour of her combo link and keep on attacking!

Trish is one of the most dynamic hunters to play, since she can move such incredible distances and make use of an incredible variety of attacks. With so many different upgrade cards to explore, you’ll easily be able to play Trish in a different way every time you play Devil May Cry™: The Bloody Palace.

Join us again tomorrow for another exciting update for Devil May Cry™: The Bloody Palace where we continue our five-day countdown to the launch of the Kickstarter campaign, moving on to V’s playstyle and upgrades!

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