Character Spotlight: Tofu - Resident Evil™ 2: The Board Game

It’s a sad day here in the office – today will be the last of our Character Spotlight series updates. We’ve really enjoyed giving you insights into our thoughts on the design and creative process behind each survivor. But we are going to end on a high note, at least. Our final character is probably the most important survivor in the game bar none, and one of the most instrumental in the events surrounding the destruction of Raccoon City.

That’s right… it’s time for Tofu.


The Tofu Survivor

Little is known about Tofu’s mysterious past. Some suggest Tofu was the sole companion of the legendary Count of Monte Cristo, the poor man’s only ally during his long years of wrongful imprisonment. Others point to mysterious tracks found on the surface of the moon and believe that Tofu returned to earth alongside the crew of Apollo 11. Yet more remain convinced it was none other than Tofu who turned aside the Balrog’s blade and returned Gandalf to Middle Earth, resurrecting the lowly wizard via forbidden arcane ritual.

We even had one guy in the office suggest Tofu was a piece of software created by Capcom to test collision detection in the original Resident Evil™ 2.

Sheer lunacy.

Despite the mysterious origins of the noble Tofu, we are sadly all too familiar with the fate of this enigmatic survivor. After successfully running the gauntlet of the infamous Fourth Survivor scenario and fighting off all adversaries, Tofu was overcome by the dastardly Umbrella agent known as HUNK. The creature’s lifeless body was subject to further mistreatment shortly after, when the ruthless operative consumed Tofu’s spirit and stole its powers for his own.


What Is This Thing?!

Tofu was probably the most entertaining Resident Evil™ 2: The Board Game character to create and playtest. Right away, we knew it had to offer an extreme playstyle and wouldn’t be taken too seriously, which gave us a lot of creative license to work with. Another reason was because Tofu was a Fourth Survivor character and needed to be supercharged in order to survive – and also didn’t need to be balanced against any other survivors than HUNK.

One note before we continue – although Tofu is perfectly compatible with the core game experience of Resident Evil™ 2: The Board Game, we do advise players think very carefully before playing the survivor in this way. Doing so may severely affect the difficulty of the playthrough and the survival horror experience!

So, lets talk about why that might be – and start with the drawbacks.

First up, the answer to the big question – yep, Tofu still can’t use any weapon other than the knife. And it only brings the same limited inventory as we saw in the original Fourth Survivor mini-game too. Changing those elements of the character felt so wrong that we didn’t entertain the thought at all. Tofu also only brings an average two evade dice to the party.


But don’t worry – Tofu won’t be turning red and saying farewell any time soon. Much like Sherry Birkin, Tofu benefits from a number of passive abilities which help out immeasurably, all of which combine to create an incredibly resilient survivor.

The first of these is an increased health bar, which is six long instead of five. This allows Tofu to sustain more damage than other survivors before being killed. We’ve seen this before with HUNK – but Tofu goes above and beyond HUNK’s hardiness due to Steadfast, a trait Tofu has borrowed from Marvin Branagh. Steadfast means that after being hit by an attack, Tofu can roll the encounter dice – and if the result is a five or six, it can ignore the damage from the attack.

That extra level of health suddenly sounds a lot more formidable, huh? And it gets better still!

If Tofu does suffer damage from an attack, all is not lost. Run Away! is another ability which we’ve seen before; it means that rather than pushing enemies after being hit, Tofu can be pushed instead. This ability makes it very difficult for Tofu to be pinned down by multiple enemies, and keeps the survivor moving after being bitten or clawed.

The final ability on Tofu’s card is unique to Tofu and is probably the most entertaining. Cheating Fate grants an extra evade dice while Tofu’s health track is on Danger, significantly increasing the odds of successful dodges. With this bonus Tofu becomes incredibly nimble, and the player is encouraged to perform some truly crazy feats of agility in their flight from their enemies. The downside? One hit, and you’re a Steadfast roll away from becoming dinner…


The City of Ruin

We’re have some more tile images this week, and this time we have some generic tiles for the street locations in the game. We love the gritty feel they conjure for Raccoon City, and hope they inspire you guys just as much!


Now we’re done with the Character Spotlights, don’t worry – we won’t be stopping with the weekly updates. We’ll keep you guessing for now as to the topic for next week, but we will say it’s something which has come up a couple of times over the course of the Character Spotlights series, and feels about right to discuss next…