Orcish Witching Hour | Godtear

This week’s update has a fair number of relatively small changes to champion rules and a new champion to add to the mix, Rattlebone. Nia has one wording tweak to increase clarity, but her gameplay remains unchanged. There are plenty of champs with gameplay tweaks large and small, however. If you were up to date last week and are printing out new cards this week, the cards you’ll need to update are:

  • Titus

  • Lorsann

  • Morrigan

  • Rangosh

  • Grimshalla

  • Finvarr

  • Rhodri

  • Rattlebone (NEW)

The Titus and Lorsann updates have minor in-game ramifications in certain match-ups but are predominantly theme-driven. As a maelstrom, Titus’s trait now affects all followers (not just small ones), and as slayers, the Mistwood Rangers’ trait affects wounded champions (not all wounded models).

Morrigan, Rangosh, and Grimshalla’s tweaks focus on mobility. Mobility is not meant to be the central focus of slayers, so Morrigan and Rangosh got reined in a little bit. On the other hand, Grimshalla got a very small speed buff to allow her to shift ‘lanes’ and make the most of her Roll skill.

Which brings us to Finvarr. Our newest guardian was already hitting a lot of the right notes, but we wanted to push his theme of being a banner warden a bit further. So we tweaked his trait, extended the range of his ultimate, and gave him an additional skill to showcase his banner warden-ing.

And then there’s Rhodri. Our very first guardian champion has been on a lot of players’ minds lately. His ultimate was entertaining, to be sure, but it also warped whole games around play and counter-play to that one skill. In competitive games with Rhodris on both sides of the battlefield, we saw the impact was reshaping the game itself on a fundamental level. So we’re trying a new ultimate on for size and will continue to watch Rhodri closely in upcoming testing.

And that… brings us to Rattlebone. Like several other champions on the roster, Rattlebone doesn’t focus on bringing massive amounts of damage to the opponent. She also doesn’t have an overwhelming banner game. Her game is blights, and she’s the true queen of hindering your opponents’ models in order to gain an advantage.

Between the plot phase and clash phase, Rattlebone can inflict an opponent with slow, stun, distract, or weaken. In either phase, her Hexlings can inflict the blight of your choice. Add in an ultimate skill that truly stacks the blights on every enemy champion within a couple of hexes of Rattlebone, and you can guarantee that your opponent’s warband won’t be operating at maximum efficiency when this orcish hex-witch is on the battlefield.

Rattlebone’s Hexlings are also useful support models for your own warband. They can create the boons of your choice and then pass them along to where they would prove most useful. Rattlebone, too, can shift the position of boons and blights in addition to creating blights for days.

Last but not least, and true to shaper form, Rattlebone can create objective hexes with her Cursed Ground skill. These temporary objective hexes are best used early in the clash phase, when Cursed Ground can alter the landscape of the battlefield for the rest of the turn.

Whether you’re cursing the ground or dishing out blights galore, we hope you’ll enjoy Godtear’s newest orc champion, Rattlebone. Be sure to let us know what you think of her unique take on the shaper class skillset!

  • Which champions do you think are complete at this point and do not need further revisions?

  • Which champions do you think should be a focus of continuing testing before they are locked?

  • What do you think of Rattlebone and her Hexlings?

  • Are any of their skills confusing or require clarification?

  • Do you think any champions are too powerful (if so, why)?

  • Do you think any champions are not powerful enough (if so, why)?

  • Are there any scenarios you think should receive a final look before being locked (if so, why)?