Containers Are On Their Way! | Resident Evil™ 2: The Board Game

Welcome back! Since our last update, we’ve sent out the final notice via our pledge manager and now have all the addresses for your pledges locked in. Now these addresses will be collated and sent out to our distribution partners ready for when the containers arrive with them! 

Over the coming weeks, thousands of copies of Resident Evil™ 2: The Board Game and its expansion boxes (over a million miniatures!) will be making their way from factories in China to distribution hubs all around the world. 

Once they land, they’ll be turned around as quickly as is possible and sent out directly to our backers, in single shipments containing your entire pledge. Shipping from the distribution hubs to our backers is set to start on December 12th.

If you’ve filled out the pledge manager, ensured your address is correct and paid for shipping you’re all set… now simply sit back and wait for your bundle of shiny goodies to arrive!

As was mentioned the update last week we still have some backers who are yet to complete their pledge. If one of these incomplete pledges belongs to you please contact

We’re insanely excited to pass this news on, as we’re sure you can imagine. We’ll be in touch again once containers start arriving with the distribution hubs!