Godtear - Version 0.8 - Big Update!

The Early Access program for Godtear launched on 29 January, over ten weeks ago already! Within that time, we’ve had lots of engagement from Early Access supporters in a wide variety of ways: Facebook posts, forum threads, private messages, the playtest day at Steamforged HQ, convention days packed with demos and test games, conversations in person at stores and events, and even more.

When it comes to game development, there is a fundamental truth – it’s easier to add than to subtract. We’ve all played games with a few too many systems, subsystems, rules, and exceptions. It would be natural to take all of the feedback we’ve heard and add it into Godtear, but… that would not get us where we need to go. Godtear is intended to be quick and streamlined, and that means making a lot of tough decisions when it comes to the ‘complexity points’ we’ve got available.

‘Complexity points’ are an abstract currency we try to keep in mind when looking at things like ‘How long does it take to start playing your first game from the moment you open the box?’ and ‘How long does it take to finish an average game?’ and even ‘How often do players need to reference the rulebook to get through a game?’

Over the course of conventions in particular, we can get a really good look at which complexity points are really delivering on the fun and excitement for a game and which elements are more often forgotten or (even worse) lead to errors that leave one player feeling cheated when they realise the mistake.

And so…

Godtear v0.8 has some big changes. Some of these are things folks have been clamouring to see added or changed. Others may come as more of a surprise. We’ve done away with Follower class abilities. We’ve done away with damage types. We’ve even done away with ‘Crush’ as a means to gain ladder steps.

Please be EXTRA sure to read the rulebook update thoroughly, because I don’t think there’s a single page that hasn’t changed at least a little.

And now for some good news…

A number of you have been really eager to shift the focus onto balancing the game rather than tightening down the core rules. Well, now is the time. Not only are we setting you loose to put the screws to each of these Champions and try to level their playing field, but we’re also introducing additional scenarios that will have their own impact on which Champions excel in which situations.

This week, feel free to let us know your thoughts on the core rules, but also feel free to start digging deep on which Champions (and which specific stats, traits, or skills) are out of balance.

  • Which Champions feel below the curve relative to others and why?
  • Which Champions feel above the curve relative to others and why?
  • Which Champions excel in which scenarios?
  • Do the scenarios feel different?
  • Were there balance issues with any of the scenarios?

Thanks in advance for your feedback on this new update, and have fun!!!