Veteran Hemlocke: You remind me of the babe...

...What Babe? Babe with the power.
What Power? Power of voodoo.
Who do? You do.
Do What? Remind me of the Babe.

We’re more than halfway through revealing the Exiles: New Alliances models, and we certainly hope you guys are enjoying these blog posts! As a reminder, last week we revealed the rules for Veteran Minx of the Hunters Guild here.

If you're wondering where the Salute Deals are you'll have to check back later today!

This week we’re going to be venturing to darker, even less hospitable places than the Hunters dare tread. Restless spirits, come ye hither and quiet your endless journeys a time. The Soul Seer approaches, her sickle dripping with the gore of the yet living, her spirit a vortex drawing the most powerful of souls to her. Hearken now, and listen of her power, afore the final death takes ye…

Waking the Dead


So right off the bat, there’s a 2” melee zone right at the top of the card. Strong start, right? The model has a big ol’ scythe, so when we saw the render we immediately started the card with a 2” melee zone. Her statline is pretty strong, a 6”/8” MOV means she’s among the faster models in the game, and DEF 5+ means she’s generally going to be a pain to hit. A TAC of 5 is about average, a 2/6” KICK is right average for a Mortician, and finally she brings an INF stat of 2/3.

Her playbook is good for what she’s intended to do, with a momentous Tackle on column 1 giving her good options for ball retrieval, especially combined with her 2” melee and high speed. Momentous 2 damage on 3, and a momentous push/dodge on 4 round out her momentous results, and she has a non momentous 3 damage on column 5 just in case she needs to ping some higher damage on people.

So her statline is pretty good, but let’s be honest, we don’t play Morticians for their statlines, right? We play them for all the cool nonsense. And my oh my, Hemlocke brings so much cool nonsense!

She has two Character Plays, both with very different effects. Her first one is Blind. Blind is a Character Play on a few different players, Tentacles, Calculus, and of course, Hemlocke’s original Union version. As any coach who’s used any of those models before will know, Blind is a pretty reliable way of ruining your opponent’s day. Dropping an enemy’s MOV, TAC, and KICK stats by 2 across the board is just useful, no two ways about it. Use it on one of your opponent’s players before they go for a goal run, or before they come flying in to try and smash one of your players into the ground! Bonus points if you get to apply it to an enemy Captain, but let’s be honest, no one at all likes getting a bunch of their stats lowered.

The second Character Play Hemlocke brings is a biggie. Midnight Offering was previously only on Zarola, but Hemlocke’s affinity with the spirits has allowed her to tap into some of the feral abilities of the Hunters. Midnight Offering allows a friendly model to make a Jog. This is a great example of a simple sentence, and a simple effect to resolve. However, the sheer number of options this brings the Morticians is enormous. Morticians have always had the highest number of options and cool tricks in the game, and Midnight Offering brings them an absolute coffinload more.

You can do obvious things like using it as a straight threat extension on a model like Bonesaw for a goal run, or on Ghast to get up and engage the enemy team. Slightly more intricately, think of kicking with Scalpel, then using Midnight Offering on her. Scalpel can now be 14” away from her deployment line on turn 1, before she’s even activated! Finally, you have the option to do things like, well, say an enemy player dodges away from Casket just before he can get the final blow to trigger a Casket Time? You can Midnight Offering him into melee with them, then use Puppet Master to make an Attack and put player in the box even when he thought he was safe!

Midnight Offering can also be used defensively, to pull back a friendly player before they get beat up, or to move a model with the ball further away from an enemy striker. One of the coolest aspects of this rule is the sheer number of mind games a coach can play with Obulus and Hemlocke on the Pitch!

Soul Music 


The back of Hemlocke’s card has a couple of rules on there, so let’s go over them. Dark Doubts is a very simple rule we’ve seen before on Dirge. She punishes the enemy team for taking her out, which fits with her new spooky new style!

The second rule on the back of her card is a bit more involved. Soul Seer (which is also her title, interestingly) allows her, once per turn, to take 3 damage in order to spend 1 Influence less on a Character Play. Remember we talked about mind games earlier? Well now they’re amplified even further. Give Hemlocke 1 Influence at the start of the turn, and she can either use it to Blind, or she can use Soul Seer and Midnight Offering. Or she could Sprint and use Blind, Pass and use Blind, or a lot of other options. Another option is deliberately not giving her any Influence at the start of the turn, then using Blind when your opponent inevitably forgets she can use it without Influence. What we’re saying is, she got options galore.

Watching an opponent scramble to restructure their plans when you unexpectedly use Blind or Midnight Offering mid turn will bring you one of the purest moments of Mortician joy in the entire world. In addition, Hemlocke brings 2 Influence to the Pitch and Soul Seer effectively makes her bring 3, meaning that an Obulus led team can effectively use 15 Influence in a turn, and that’s BEFORE any Influence for goals or Game Plans! Such a glut of Influence only expands the number of options the Morticians have available.

While she does have to take damage in order to use this ability, she’s a model who’s perfectly happy hanging back from where the tougher models are actually fighting, so losing a bit of health doesn’t bother her TOO much. And even if the enemy team does manage to take her out, she punishes that by removing their momentum with Dark Doubts!

So there we have it, a spooky support model which adds hugely to the Mortician array of options, and will drive your opponents madder than the haunting voices of the dead!

If you’ve been keeping up with our previous blogs about the Exiles, you may start to notice a common design theme between these models, even though they all play for different Guilds. With the Exiles, we’ve been focussing a lot on simple and flavourful abilities that are fun to play with. This  card typifies this, you can see that her abilities aren’t incredibly complex, but they have a lot of tactical depth on the pitch. This should help the new wave of models in the New Alliances box be easy to understand as well as super fun to play with.

Let us know what you think of Hemlocke on our social media platforms and our forums! If you think she looks like a welcome addition to a Mortician’s roster, you can pre order the Exiles: New Alliances box here.