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Dante’s Playstyle

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Welcome back Hunters!

Today we’re continuing our countdown to the start of the Devil May Cry™: The Bloody Palace Kickstarter campaign, set to launch on the 15th of May 2019 at 8PM BST (3PM EST)! Every day this week, we’re bringing you a new article filled to the brim with new and exciting content. If you want to stay up to date with everything to do with our campaign, click here to be added to our newsletter!

Following on from our last article where we saw some of V’s gameplay in Devil May Cry™: The Bloody Palace, today it's time for the king of Sick Skills himself, Dante!

Before we get started, if you missed any of the previous articles and wanted to find out more, don't worry - you’ll be able to find links at the top of this page.

Sharpen Rebellion, shine up the Balrog Devil Arms, reload Ebony, and Ivory, oh, and Coyote-A, and… you know what? Just bring all the guns.

Do You Have Any Idea How Many Times I’ve Heard That Exact Same Line?

Looking at his basic stats, Dante has a vitality of 10, making him the toughest devil hunter with twice as much vitality as V, the hunter with the least vitality. All that vitality comes at a price however, as Dante’s speed of 5 also leaves him at the lower end of devil hunter base mobility. But that’s fine. Dante isn’t here to win the 100m sprint. Dante’s here for one reason only, and that’s to be the baddest guy in the room!

The standout feature of Dante gameplay are his Fighting Styles. Fighting Styles are a selection of passive abilities that, once activated, affect how Dante moves and attacks during his turn, enhancing one particular aspect of Dante’s offensive or defensive capabilities.

After Royal Guard Style, each other Fighting Style is an upgrade, meaning players can choose exactly how to customise their character and playing experience as suits them.


While Royal Guard Style is active, Dante can discard cards to block incoming damage far more efficiently than any other devil hunter. This means that even his lowest block cards can be discarded to avoid 2 damage rather than 1 which is incredible, particularly at the start of the game before anyone has been able to purchase upgrades.

As it says in the text of the Royal Guard Style card, only one Fighting Style can be active at any time. Fighting Styles cards are placed next to Dante’s hunter board, with the active card face up. During Dante’s turn he can then pick which he wants to use, turning any others face down.

Let's tease some of the other Fighting Styles available to Dante through his upgrade deck, shall we?


With these Fighting Styles available to him, Dante can switch his focus from a slow and tanky role to dashing across the board with incredible mobility; or he can look to build more high damage attacks, returning cards to his hand in order to play them again against his foes.

Returning to some of the more basic elements of Dante’s deck, Dante is the only devil hunter who starts the game with 3 different main combo link colours in his deck. This represents the incredible variety of skills and weapons available to this Legendary Devil Hunter.

The red combo link cards are for when Dante brutally beats enemies down with the Balrog Devil Arms. Blue combo link cards represent Dante hacking down demons with Rebellion on the ground, and green combo link cards are used when Dante demonstrates his aerial moves with Rebellion.


Even among his ranged attacks, Dante has a variety of options to work with. Lower damage ranged attack cards represent snapshots with Ebony & Ivory, and higher damage ranged attacks simulate shotgun blasts from Coyote-A, especially deadly at very short range.


There are also a few extra flashy moves thrown in because, well, its Dante. Look at Stinger, for example!


As a card which can start off a new combo chain, Stinger is pretty exceptional with 3 hexes of bonus movement and a wild combo link meaning that Stinger could be the start of a combo chain of any colour!

There’s also one last card we’d like to mention, named Taunt. This card is available to every devil hunter but it just made sense to us to point it out here. It’s made for that moment when you’re on top of the world, coming to the end of a truly epic combo and you need to cap it off in style.


Just make sure to use Taunt when you’re sure you won’t get hit back, because you can’t block!

Guess I Get To See It With My Own Eyes… If It Really Is You.

Now that we’ve got a good feel for the kinds of moves and attacks available to Dante, let’s take a look at a few more of his upgrades. Also, don’t forget that we’ve already seen some of Dante’s more important upgrade cards when we looked at his Fighting Styles. These will be important to think about whenever you’re considering how you want to upgrade Dante.

If you’re caught without the protection of your Royal Guard Style you can discard a Draw to cancel all the damage you take and preserve your combo chain.


Dante can blow his enemies away with a Charged Volley. Pick this card up when Dante has Gunslinger Style and he’ll melt tougher foes even at a distance!


There is also the option to add some incredibly powerful melee attacks to Dante’s deck that you could cycle through multiple times with Swordmaster Style, and clear an entire section of the board of enemies!


Finally, remember how awesome Stinger was? Well here’s an even better version of it...


That’s all we have for today. Once he’s equipped with his Fighting Styles, Dante is an absolute wrecking machine that can demolish anything dumb enough to stand infront it him. Although with so much to choose from, you’ll have to carefully consider how to upgrade Dante on your path to unlocking all of his Fighting Styles!

Join us again tomorrow for another exciting update about Devil May Cry™: The Bloody Palace for the final day of our five-day countdown to the launch of the Kickstarter campaign! We’re going to pull out all the stops, dive even further into the Devil Trigger mechanics and look at more of the cards and abilities for each hunter!

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