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V Playstyle

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Welcome back Hunters!

Today we’re continuing our five-day countdown to the start of the Devil May Cry™: The Bloody Palace Kickstarter campaign, set to launch on the 15th of May 2019 at 8PM BST (3PM EST)! Every day this week, we’re bringing you a new article filled to the brim with brand new and exciting content. If you want to stay up to date with everything to do with our campaign, click here to be added to our newsletter.

Following on from our last article where we saw some of Trish’s gameplay in Devil May Cry™: The Bloody Palace, this time around it’s the mysterious V, and a chance to discuss how he, Griffin, and Shadow take it to the bad guys.

Before we get started, if you missed any of the previous articles and wanted to find out more, don't worry - you’ll be able to find links at the top of this page.

Summon your familiars to your side, it’s time to party!

What Evil Lurks, I Must Destroy

Kicking off with the basics, V has a vitality of 5, making him the least resilient hunter. But don’t worry about just yet—we’ll come back to why you shouldn’t be too scared for his welfare later on. On a more immediately positive note, V has a speed of 6 to match Nero, providing him with the same excellent base mobility.

Because his video game counterpart is so unique, we took a little more time with V to ensure his playstyle from Devil May Cry™5 really shone through. As a result, V probably has the most unique playstyle of all the hunters, at a fundamental level. Where Nero, Trish, and Dante all throw themselves into the fray, V commands his familiars, Griffin and Shadow, to do most of the dirty work for him, leaving V himself to deliver the coupe de grâce once they’ve pummeled a target into submission.

It’s important to note that although Shadow and Griffin are essential for really putting the hurt on enemies, the final blow has to be inflicted by V himself. This means players will always be planning ahead to ensure V is in position in relation to his allies, and poised to launch his final strike.

A crucial lynchpin of this is the Checkmate card.


V has one Checkmate card as a basic attack, and two more in his starting deck. Until V buys more of these types of cards from his upgrades, V’s three Checkmate cards are his only methods of slaying demons.

At first, collecting orbs can be a little more challenging for V than it is for his fellow hunters, because of his unique setup and gameplay. That said however, to those of a cunning disposition this weakness can also be turned into a strength. Because Shadow and Griffin can keep piling attack after attack into the same demon without killing it, V can build his combo chains to insane levels, long after another hunter would have been forced to stop.

Now we have the general idea of how V works, let's look at how he deals most of his damage, by summoning Shadow.


In addition to his two basic attack cards, V has the Summon Shadow card shown above. For the most part, Shadow is treated like another hunter on the tabletop. It makes attacks when V plays cards, and enemies will attack Shadow when Shadow is nearby.

There are a few differences however, and this is where V’s low vitality makes more sense. Shadow can’t block damage from enemy attacks, but equally, V doesn’t lose his combo chain or suffer any of Shadow’s damage. And if Shadow is slain? V can summon it back into play as many times as he’d like. This means that V will often want to put Shadow between himself and as many enemies as possible, so Shadow takes the brunt of any enemy attacks instead of its master.

In the same way that Shadow needs V to play cards in order for Shadow to attack, V must also play cards like Circle to move his minion around.


Circle, like Summon Shadow, sits with V’s basic attack cards so it is always accessible. Because this card can only be used once per turn however, it’s important to time this movement wisely—especially because Shadow can’t sprint or step like hunter.

Time to have a look at some of V’s other attacks:


The vast majority of V’s arsenal works like these three cards, showing an attack and explaining that Shadow is performing the attack instead of V. A lot of the attacks Shadow makes will hit multiple enemies too, which helps to give V more options for darting in for the finishing blow.

V’s ranged attacks also work a little differently .


Cards like Bullet show where Griffin comes in. Griffin sits on V’s arm and is the source of all V’s ranged attacks, since V doesn’t use a gun… after all, what’s cooler than a demon firing bolts of energy at people? Most of V’s ranged attacks like Bullet also cause damage to enemies in front of Shadow, meaning if a player can line it up right, they can land the damage from Griffin and Shadow on the same enemy!

As well as attacking demons, Shadow helps V in other ways too.


Since V himself is quite fragile but essential to slaying demons, it's important that he gets around the board quickly. His natural speed helps a lot with that, but so do teleportation abilities like Forced Move. This combines really well with other cards like Circle; V could use Circle to move Shadow even further away, before using Forced Move to teleport right next to Shadow on the other side of the board.

I Have A Duty to See This Through

With so many tricks to see, do we have time to look into V’s upgrades? *Looks at the clock* oh we do? Sweet!

We mentioned earlier that V would have access to more cards like Checkmate to help him finish off his enemies…so take a look at Gambit.


If closing the distance with an enemy was a problem before, it won’t be if a player decides to upgrade with Gambit! Having eight bonus movement on an attack card is INCREDIBLE!

Or, how about having the freedom to switch between colour chains more easily?


We saw some wild links when discussing Trish, but in case our readers missed that article, having wild links on both sides of the card means Breakthrough can be played after a card of any colour, and the card following it can be any colour too!

Perhaps Shadow already hits hard enough, and V instead would like Shadow to move around a little faster instead?


Yep, that’s right, Shadow can go anywhere on the board using this card. We probably don’t need to tell you how mind-meltingly powerful that is.

Although each of the hunters has their own unique elements, playing V is a completely different experience than any other hunter, and one which we really think players will love… and we haven’t even started talking about Nightmare yet!

Join us again tomorrow for another exciting update for Devil May Cry™: The Bloody Palace where we continue our five-day countdown to the launch of the Kickstarter campaign, moving on to Dante’s playstyle and upgrades!

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