Meet Morrigan - Godtear

We’re still collecting feedback before making the next round of balance adjustments, but in this update, we’re adding a new champion – Morrigan! If you were up to date last week and are printing out new cards this week, the only cards you’ll need to update are:

  • Morrigan (new!)

We also made a few minor verbiage adjustments to the rulebook. The only one with any gameplay ramifications is clarifying that ‘claim’ only scores steps on the battle ladder when a call banner action is used. There was some confusion about banners being placed onto objective hexes in other ways or being moved from one hex to another. This clarification (which has always been the rule’s intent) will make it clear that it is just call banner actions that influence the battle ladder. This still includes all skills or traits that allow models to make call banner actions but not skills that simply shift banners around.

With that little bit of book-keeping out of the way, let’s talk about Morrigan. Morrigan joins Mournblade and Grimshalla as another Revenant champion. Unlike those two champions, Morrigan and her followers, the Cold Bones, award the normal number of steps on the battle ladder when they’re knocked out, but it’s still not as desirable to perform knock-outs on the undead as it is against other models. Each time a model knocks out one or more Cold Bones, they suffer the stun blight, making them more vulnerable to Morrigan, her followers, and the rest of your warband.

That trait, called Brain Freeze, is just the first of many cold-themed abilities for our frosty lich queen. Morrigan’s Flash Freeze ultimate will slow most or even all of your opponent’s models depending on Morrigan’s position on the battlefield, and she’s got a host of frosty skills to call upon whether her target is up close or far away.

Morrigan is a slayer, though, so she’s even more interested in throwing out wounds to enemy champions than she is in throwing out icy blights. Her Iceblade skill has the potential to dish out automatic wounds like other slayers can, and her Snowball’s Chance skill has the potential to knock out a champion entirely. Yup, you read that right. No matter how much health the target has remaining, if Snowball’s Chance wounds them, it knocks them out. Before anyone gets too worried about seeing Morrigan across the battlefield, though, it’s probably worth noting that the skill has just 1 accuracy and 2 damage.

Some of you are already thinking this skill is not for you while others are grabbing other champions’ cards to figure out who can give the best boons to Morrigan, and that’s okay. For those in the latter camp, you’ll definitely want to pause for just a moment to hear about Morrigan’s trait. Frost Forged gives her double the usual bonus from boons. Add in an occasional blight, and its goodbye bad guys!

We’re definitely interested in your take on this new and exciting Revenant slayer, so let us know what you think.

This week, in addition to any other feedback you have, please be sure to let us know:

  • What do you think of Morrigan and the Cold Bones?
  • Do you have any rules questions or clarifications on Morrigan?
  • Do you have any rules questions or clarifications on the Cold Bones?
  • Do you have any current scenario feedback?
  • Which champions (if any) do you think are currently too powerful and why?
  • Which champions (if any) do you think are not powerful enough and why?
  • What are you most excited about seeing next?

Thanks, and have fun!