Veteran Cinder - The Faithful: New Beginnings


Welcome to the final reveal of the Faithful box! Last week's reveal of Veteran Calculus showed the world a glimpse of the direction we're taking Alchemists in Season 4. If you missed that blog, you can find it here.

This week, and we do apologies Blacksmith coaches, we know you've been very patiently waiting, so this week we're going to be showing off Veteran Cinder, the Flame of Vengeance. We promise we saved some good stuff till last!

Grim New World


So first off, Cinder's obviously gone through some stuff. We won't spoil the story reasons for her shaved head and Flame of Vengeance title, but uh, yeah. Sherwin will no doubt let you guys know exactly what happened Soon™, but for now, let's just look at Cinder's abilities. She's gained a 2" melee zone, since that spear is pretty big and also totally badass. Her statline is also very solid, she's gained a point of TAC and DEF over her original version, but lost 2" of KICK distance since she's now focused less on playing the ball and more on, uh, stabbing people with that burning spear of hers. However, a 3/6" KICK is nothing to sneeze at, allowing her to pass the ball around pretty accurately. She's also still pretty fast at 6"/8" MOV, which enables some more play with the ball too.

Cinder is still an Apprentice, so she has the standard Apprentice playbook which is one longer than her TAC. Momentously, she's now very focused on damage, with a slew of momentous results including that Blacksmith prestige momentous 7 on the top end. She also has a momentous double Dodge high up, and can trigger her Character Play on column 3 with that momentous Guild Ball result on column 3.

Since most of her Playbook is momentous, she only has a few non-momentous results. A Tackle on 1 proves she hasn't lost all of her capability to handle the ball. She also has a Dodge and double Dodge result lower down, giving her some ability to reposition herself if for some reason she doesn't feel like dealing a whole bunch of momentous damage.

Cinder only has a single Character Play, called Impale, which inflicts 3 damage on an enemy model within 6". This gives the Blacksmiths some more options for throwing out ranged damage, which they have a little of with Burnish and Alloy already. It's also cool cause it can be either bought with Influence or triggered off the Playbook to generate some momentum and ensure the Character Play itself hits automatically. And if you're thinking 3 damage is a little underwhelming as a result for a cost 2 Character Play, well, there's a whole back to this card too you know. Impale is also a cool connection back to her original version, which of course has Hot Shot, allowing her to make an Attack from 6" away.

Finally, Cinder has 12 health, which, with her DEF4+ ARM1 statline is right around average for an Apprentice. With her double Dodge not until column 4 of her playbook, she's a touch on the vulnerable side, so use all of the standard Blacksmith tricks (Sentinel) to keep her safe!

So Dark. Are You Sure You're Not From The DC Universe?


Cinder has three Character Traits on the back of her card, so let's look at them. We're gonna discuss Grim Vengeance last, since it's the pretty much the coolest thing on there and there's a lot to talk about, so let's quickly run through the other two.

Firstly, she has Searing Strike. This is a rule her Master Furnace has, and it's real cool. Whenever she damages an enemy model, the enemy model suffers the burning condition and –1 ARM for the remainder of the turn. This is pretty sweet, since she's less reliant on the Masters of the Blacksmith Guild for set up than most Apprentices, and is also the reason why Impale on the surface looks a little underwhelming. It's not just 3 damage, it's 3 damage, –1 ARM and the burning condition, which is a pretty solid use of 2 Influence.

She's also borrowed Sweeping Charge from Tater in the Farmer's Guild. This rule really spikes her damage up to silly levels, if she Charges and hits that momentous 7 it's actually effectively a momentous 10. OH BOY. THAT'S A WHOLE BIG NUMBER. Not to mention she also smacks everyone else within 2" for 3 damage too, allowing her to burst out some mega damage if the opponent has clumped up. Oh and don't forget Searing Strike on all those models too, making them easier for the Blacksmiths to murder at their leisure. What with this and Impale, she's actually a very flexible damage dealer, capable of spearing a single model down or debuffing and setting up a bunch of models for later.

And so, now we've discussed the latter two rules on her card, let's look at Grim Vengeance. This is one of the most flexible rules in the game, and really shows that she ain't playing. Whenever Cinder inflicts the taken-out condition on an enemy model, she can immediately make a 2" Dodge, a Kick, or an Attack. This is a suuuper cool rule which gives Cinder a huge amount of tactical options. If she's tackled the ball she can kill someone then kick it back to safety (or even score), or throw out another Attack for free on another enemy model, OR make a 2" Dodge to reposition herself to exactly where you want her. This can be used to move her forward to engage an enemy model to provide a gang-up or crowd out where you want it, or pull her back to the safety of a Master's Sentinel aura, or really just whatever she likes. Moving 2" for free is real good. There are a TONNE of options with even just this part of the rule.

Something you will notice is that Cinder has no specific interactions with any Masters. This is very intentional based on where the story takes her. Lord, we wish we could give some stuff away right here, but it ties into the Season 4 story pretty heavily, so you'll all just have to wait for the Loremaster to hand down his divine word on this.

There we have it though, Veteran Cinder. A strong option with terrifying burst damage, good ball handling skills, and the ability to strip ARM from enemy models. Plus a tonne of flexibility. We reckon she's pretty damn cool, let us know what you think on our forums and social media outlets! If you think she's an absolute essential to have, you can pick up the Faithful box below.

Now we've finished showing off the Faithful, I guess we'll have to navigate our way to finding some more spoilers for you next week. No idea what we'll give you, just need to look at the stars for guidance.