Help us Improve Guild Ball #2 | Beta Test

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Last week we announced a public beta test of some exciting new core rules we’re keen to get you guys to try out. If you missed that announcement (and the rules) then you can find them here.

If you did miss it, we’d recommend going and having a read of it just now, since this post is going to reference that one! 

We’ve had a lot of really great feedback coming in from the Pundits, thank you to everyone who’s taking part in the testing! And especially thank you to our wonderful Pundits who are collating that feedback and giving it to us. The Development Team may not comment on every post, but we read them all. 

So! To get on to the actual discussion points, let’s discuss Rule 1 first. The intent of Rule 1 is to guarantee players who go second in a turn the advantage of having the last activation. It’s intended to mitigate the tight control that takeout oriented teams can exert over a game by continually using the last activation of the turn to set up a takeout, then taking that model out in the first activation of the next turn to guarantee having the last activation once again. 

The feedback so far on this rule has ranged from people noticing that it’s really had a major impact on a particular turn, to many people not really noticing it’s had much of an effect at all. That’s fair! There are definitely games where this rule won’t have much of an impact, but when it does, it really does.

We want to keep testing the intent of this rule, but change up the wording and how it’s presented. Please use the following version below in your testing this week: 

“Rule 1: When a model which hasn’t taken its activation yet this turn suffers the taken out condition, that model’s Controlling Player gains a Pass token. A Player may spend a Pass token instead of activating a model. Alternatively, during a friendly model’s activation a Player may choose to spend a Pass token in order to gain 1 MP. A Player can spend multiple Pass tokens in a turn, and any unspent Pass tokens are removed in the End Phase.” 

While this is, again, obviously not final wording, again, these are intent based. This rule is a little more in depth than last week’s. We got several questions on whether a taken out model could activate and interfere with the board state, and we wanted to remove even the possibility of that question coming up. 

As a result we’ve moved to this system of a ‘pass’ token that can be spent to skip an activation OR to gain a momentum. The flexibility here can represent several things; either the coach seeing their player go down and frantically adjusting their strategy to compensate, or the friendly crowd getting real angry at seeing one of their favourites go down, and cheering on their remaining players to teach the other team a lesson! Note that the name of the ‘Pass token’ will definitely change if these rules become final, because of course Passes are already a thing in Guild Ball. This is just the simplest name for now! 

We’re extremely curious to see how this plays out in public testing. Please play games and give feedback exactly as you all did last week. That was perfect, thanks!

Rule 2 has been much better received. People seem to genuinely really enjoy this rule, and it’s been making a big difference. 

However we do want to test a reduced version of the rule since it can sometimes be a bit of a big swing. 

2 - “After a Shot is resolved, if the Shot missed, the friendly team gains 1 MP. If a goal was scored, the friendly team gains 2 MP. If the model scores a Screamer the friendly team instead gains 3 MP.” 

We know that last week’s version is very popular with footballing players and less popular with fighting players. We want to test this slightly more toned down version to see how it plays out. 

That’s all for this week’s update folks, we’ll be back in a week’s time with another review and update! Happy Guild Balling!