Biggest Errata Ever! | Guild Ball

Hey there everyone! We hope you’re all ready for this one, cause it’s a right doozy. This is the largest errata we’ve ever released for Guild Ball. It affects almost every Guild in the game, and it’s very in-depth. 

This errata, in addition to the cards listed below, features a change to the Regional Cup document, and global changes to Charmed, which we covered over the previous two days, here and here. Those links also cover the changes to the Cook’s Guild and Veteran Boar. We would strongly recommend you go back and read the previous two blog posts. They’re not that long, and they are quite important. That said, we’re not your parents, so do what you like.

Let’s get into it!  

Midas is a model that we didn’t get quite right in the previous errata. We’ve made his life a bit easier by giving him a momentous tackle, and a double push/double dodge on column 6, as well as replacing Acrobatic with Where’d They Go?, which further extends his threat range and his ability to dodge around. His Legendary now also gives Fulmination to friendly models within the pulse, which gives them a LOT of options for moving around, getting more dodges, and generally being more awesome. 

While the Alchemists have generally pretty good internal balance, Veteran Katalyst stood out as a model who needed a bit of love to bring him up a touch. With that in mind, we’ve added a couple of points of HP and given him a number of playbook tweaks, notably giving him momentous results on his first column. We’ve also moved his KD and double push down, and made Ground Pound momentous. In addition, Burst of Fumes now inflicts 2 damage instead of 1, which makes his burst damage much more impressive. Finally, he’s gained a new trait, Toxicity, which punishes the enemy team for attempting to farm him for momentum. 

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a Blacksmith player in possession or reception of the ball must be in want of Anvil as Captain. We’re going to talk about Anvil, Sledge & Farris at once, since Blacksmiths particularly are a very synergistic guild. These models represent a very interesting point in Development. In general, Blacksmiths have a very high skill floor. You need to practice a lot in order to get the most out of Blacksmiths, which is why their overall win rate isn’t super high. However, at the top levels of play, Blacksmiths can be oppressive to play against due to how well they reward good positioning. The nerfs to these three models are an attempt to bring down the absolute best elements of the Blacksmiths Guild and allow some more counterplay to them. Anvil has dropped 1 HP, and his Legendary as Captain has been split up so that Masters gain Stoic and Apprentices gain Tough Hide, which gives more options to the opponent. Farris’ Legendary doesn’t provide additional Kick distance anymore, dropping some of her ability to #yolo in a goal from a hundred miles away for one influence. And finally Sledge has dropped to a 1” melee zone. We talked about this change the most, since we wanted to preserve Sledge’s damage output, as it’s his big ‘thing’. However, it was just too easy to apply that damage previously. 

Tapper is in a difficult spot competing with the other two Brewer captains at the moment, since they both provide a way of getting Heroics without paying momentum for them. As a result, we wanted to help him compete with those captains in the resource game. That’s where his new Barroom Brawl rule comes in, allowing friendly models to charge for 1 less influence if they’re charging a model that's in his melee range. To aid that, he’s dropped Stand Firm for Marked Target, which he can now trigger on the 1 damage result on the first column of his playbook. He’s also gained +2 HP, so he’s really strong at running in, knocking some enemy models down, putting up Commanding Aura and Marked Target, and then allowing the rest of his team to come screaming in. Also in aid of this, his Heroic, Old Jake’s, has gained +2” of range, allowing him to further spread out his Influence. All of these buffs allow him to compete with the other Brewer captains. 

Stoker is another model who has been struggling for inclusion in Brewer rosters. We’ve given him a more unique role here by giving him Searing Strike. This is also a nice callback to him being a former Blacksmith who fled the Guild. This means that he can deliver an Armour debuff onto an enemy model, which, against high armour teams, can really help Brewers with their damage output. This also puts out burning on the enemy model, so he can improve his own damage output at the same time. We’ve also swapped his 2 DMG and Tackle around so that his damage is more reliable. His Heroic has been buffed to give him +1”/+1” MOV too, just to make his life overall a bit easier. 


In addition to Charmed, we made a second global change in this errata. Quick Time always felt like a very expensive play for the effect, and looking at the models that had Quick Time, we believed that balance wise there was no real reason that the play had a Cost of 2. As a result, we’ve changed Quick Time so that it is now a Cost 1 play. This is the only change to Veteran Brisket. 

We’ve made one small change to Rivet to slightly reduce some of her team’s goal scoring potential, which is to change Follow My Lead to give friendly Squaddie models +1 TAC instead of using Rivet’s TAC value. This primarily affects Velocity and Spade, and stops them being TAC 6 with a 4 long playbook. In addition, it now makes Veteran Velocity TAC 7. Rejoice, all ye Veteran Velocity players! 

Grange still isn’t where we want him. The main issue here is that even with two harvest markers, he still feels limited in how many Reapers he can run. We’ve increased his Influence generation by 1 in order to allow him more flexibility in how many Reapers he runs. We’ve also changed Constitution to be an aura, to make it harder for opponents to chew through all of his team’s health boxes and help his team in a scrum, where he should be strongest. 

We’ve made a couple of small changes to Egret. The first is to combine her Tackle and Dodge results into a single result on the first column, in order to make her function a little more as a striker. She’s also gained Close Control. This is an attempt to buff Falconers in addition to Hunters, since both guilds have a weakness to high tempo goal scoring teams. This will give them some tools in order to play those match ups better. 

Jaecar just felt a little underpowered in a Season 4 world. We’ve given him some love on his playbook in order to get more bang for his buck when he gets involved. He still has the same weaknesses as before, but now he feels much more worthwhile and can make his mark on the pitch much more effectively. 

Masons are the second Guild in this errata to receive a large number of changes. We’ve tried to break up some of the difficulties in Mason roster construction, and give some buffs as necessary. We’ve also taken another look at Corbelli, since he’s been proving to be very strong since his release.  

Honour has had a very low win rate recently, so we’ve given her a general spruce up. She’s gained a momentous 1 damage on 1 hit, and her KD has dropped from column 5 to column 4. The main difference, however, is in her Character Plays. Quick Time, in accordance with the global changes, has been reduced to Cost 1. Superior Strategy has dropped to Cost 2, and no longer gives an influence to the model she uses it on. This gives Honour a great deal of flexibility and options, and really allows her to show off her incredible tactical mind! 

Corbelli has received two changes to bring his win rate down. The first is that his momentous 2 damage has gone up from column 2 to column 3, meaning it’s much harder for him to hit it without support. Secondly, his Legendary was proving to be too powerful, and so we’ve removed the part that allows him to grab the ball from an opposing model. Corbelli can still opportunistically use his Legendary to snag a free ball, but if it’s on an opposing model, he has to get there and actually take it off the model himself. It’s important to note that now this really isn’t a particularly strong Legendary, but Corbelli is a model who has one particularly strong rule on his card (Making Space) which is taking up a lot of his ‘power budget’. Given how unique and powerful this rule is, we wanted to maintain it intact, but it did mean he had to lose some strength elsewhere. 

This is our first attempt to break up some of the construction difficulties in Mason roster design. So many Mason models feel tied together that it can really limit your choices. Here, we’ve given Marbles Counter charge regardless of whether he’s close to Brick or not, meaning it’s more of an option to bring him without Brick. 

Harmony’s thematic link with Honour is extremely important to this model, but it felt like she was punished too hard for not getting the buff from Family. Now Family is still a nice buff to her, but she can activate without it if she has to. We’ve also upped her health a little to make her a little tougher to kill. 

Brick has seen a fairly extensive redesign. His old version was entirely based around Counter Charge, and with Marbles getting the rule base, we wanted to reduce that option for Masons. Now he’s a model who can reliably KD and push enemy models around, as well as pull them in with Gravity Well. He’s also gained a point of ARM in order to make him more able to soak some damage for the team, given the position he’s likely to be playing, that of a leading model that you need to be able to take some hits. Finally, Fulcrum allows his team to gain Poised when nearby, which provides a great deal of flexibility. He’s definitely a brawler who wants to be in the middle of things now. 

In addition to the change to Charmed, which gave Flint +1 DEF and removed that rule, we’ve also given Flint a momentous Tackle/Dodge on column 1 just to bring him up a little as a striker. He just needed a bit of love since he hadn’t been meaningfully updated since Season 1. 

Mourn needed a way to force engagement, and also some more options to make up for her difficulty to generate momentum herself. As a result, we’ve added a new Legendary Play which forces the enemy team to come into the Mourn bubble of doom. In addition Quick Time has changed universally to be cheaper, and we changed Rising Anger for Creeping Dread, which gives her team +2 MP when she activates each turn. Malice can also now be used more than once per turn, allowing her team to throw a truly horrifying amount of dice at the opponent. Finally, we swapped Fated for Control Strings, which previously only showed up on Memory. This lets her move her aura around at the start of each friendly activation, and makes her really, really cool. We did drop her MOV to 4”/6” since with Control Strings, since she effectively gets to move that extra 2” at the start of her activation anyway. 

We made one very small change to Navigators to attempt to help them out in some of their worst match ups; Ebb’s Sprung a Leak now inflicts -2 ARM on any models it hits rather than -1. This should help Navigators against high armour teams.

Benediction has seen a lower play rate than we’d have liked since the start of Season 4. We’ve gone in and made some revisions to this model to make him more likely to see play in both Union and Order. His KD has become momentous on column 4, and his Tackle has shifted down to column 2 in order to fit his position as a primarily Order player better. In addition we removed Impart Wisdom, since it was rarely used, and replaced it with Playmaker, a rule that allows a friendly model within 6” to make a free pass once per turn. We’ve also replaced Regenerate with Rapid Growth, which allows all friendly models within 6” to heal 2 HP at the beginning of the turn, instead of just Benediction himself. 

Much like Benediction, we’ve tweaked Grace to increase her playrate. She’s picked up a point of Kick, putting her to 3/8”, and a point of Influence generation. We’ve replaced her previous Blessed rule with Talisman, allowing her to use one of her exceptional support character plays for free every turn. The final change is the addition of Reclamation, a new Legendary Play. This is a ‘get out of jail free card’ that allows the Order player to recover the friendly Ball of Light if the enemy team has stolen it and kicked it into a corner or otherwise put it out of the Order’s immediate reach. 

Scourge as a fighting model is often a tough fit in Ratcatchers. We’ve increased his ability to use the ball by giving him a new ability, Good Feet For a Big Man, which lets friendly models target him with a Pass without spending Influence, and allows him to make Passes without spending Influence. This really helps him out fitting in as part of a Ratcatcher football lineup without removing his core of being a strong fighting model. 

Union are the third Guild which have seen a more overall pass in this errata. The Union haven’t been meaningfully updated since Season 1/2, and some of their numbers felt a little low. In addition they often struggled if they had to kick rather than receive. This pass has been a general one just to bump up a number of their models to Season 4 levels. 

Veteran Rage used to be one of the terrors of the game, but Season 4 has moved past him to an extent. This has been a general tidying up of his card, upping his personal damage output, and upping his Influence generation. In addition he’s really helped out by the global change to Quick Time, making his personal influence easier to allocate and use. 

Strongbox isn’t selected all that much compared to Coin, so we wanted to give him a couple tweaks to bring his selection rate up. We’ve added a couple of HP to make him a bit tougher, and we’ve, in the words of Jamie Perkins, ‘reversed the polarity’ of Shelling Out, meaning it affects friendly models within the aura instead of enemy models within the aura. 

Avarisse and Greede have seen some small changes just to bring them up. Avarisse has gained a point of ARM to make him just a little tougher, and Greede now no longer has to spend an influence for Pick Up, meaning their whole package is more efficient. 

Decimate has had a couple of quality of life tweaks to bring her up, she’s gained a 4 damage dodge on the top end of her playbook, and she’s gained a non momentous Thousand Cuts trigger on column 4. 

Minx has seen the widest scale changes of any Union model. We identified Minx as a model which we could tweak in order to improve the Union’s kicking game. We then tweaked her playbook considerably in order to make her damage and dodges better, and made her Marked Target trigger considerably easier. We’ve also removed Furious and given her a 2/4 INF stat in order to give her more options to use her Influence during her activation, rather than her always looking to charge. Finally, we’ve given her Axe Throw, previously on Boiler, which allows her to inflict 3 damage and snared on a model from a distance, and also triggers Back to the Shadows. She’s now a very flexible model which can be a very strong kicker, or a very strong support for a kicker. 

Rage has also gone from being a particularly good damage dealing model to a model which feels difficult to use. We’ve maintained his core identity of being a Furious, Berserk model, but we’ve given him a Heroic which allows him to use Tooled Up without spending influence. This gives him more freedom to use his influence to charge and hit things, while either Tooling Up either himself or another friendly model. It also helps offset his 1/1 Influence stat. 

Phew! Well, there we go. This has been a labour of love for the Dev Team, and we’re extremely excited to reveal this and see what people’s reactions are! Let us know what you think on our social media pages, and get into the post errata discussion!

Thanks for reading, we appreciate this has been an enormous one! We’ll catch you next time.


The Dev Team