Miniatures, Artwork and… MORE Dragons? | Godtear

As promised last week we have the assets that were shown off during the SteamCon UK keynote. The event itself was fantastic, and it was amazing to see so many people enjoying playing Godtear! Thanks to those that were able to attend, played the game and showed off the world of Godtear throughout the weekend.

 So, lets move onto some images!


First off, we have some photos of some pre-production miniatures, due to the pre-production nature of them they are all in a light grey plastic but fear not the final ones will indeed be in different coloured according to their class.

Graphic Assets

Next up, we have an outstanding piece of texture art that will of course feature as a battlefield! When we were looking at the art style we wanted for these boards we suspected stone and paving would look incredible… and I think its safe to say we weren’t wrong!

Moving on, we have another pair of images of the token boards. Just as last time this the front and back of a double-sided token sheet. We think these tokens look phenomenal and hope you do too!

To wrap up our section on graphic assets we have some cards. A lot of research, time and effort has gone into really nailing down the design of the cards for Godtear. We wanted all off the icons very distinct and the text as large as we could make it… and of course a bit of flair to make them really pop! We’re extremely happy to have achieved all of the above… here’s how they came out!

Artwork… and the first sign of a new Champion?

At both SteamCon events attendees were urged to spend some time adding some pieces to a puzzle to reveal a new piece of artwork. We won’t say too much about the final result of the puzzle from SteamCon UK, sometimes images speak louder than words!


In update 57 we showed the result of the puzzle from SteamCon US. It wouldn’t be a spoiler if we were to divulge exactly what this image was, or who it might belong to… but sometimes we simply can’t help ourselves.


Watch the Keynote Yourself!

If anything you’ve seen in this update has peaked your interest and you want to know a little bit more go ahead and watch the keynote from the event here.

We hope you’re enjoying all of this as much as we are, thanks for reading!