Venue Apology | SteamCon UK

Last weekend we ran SteamCon UK 2018. We’ll be following this message later in the week with all the exciting stuff that went down over the weekend including a closer look at the contents of the keynote. Before we can get onto that though, we need to address something that we were not happy with, and we know that you were not happy with. The venue.

Simply put, the venue for SteamCon UK was not good enough. Steamforged Games sincerely apologises for its negative effect on people’s SteamCon experience. A large number of aspects of the venue did not meet the standards we were led to expect, but ultimately the blame still lands with us for choosing it in the first place.

SteamCon is meant to be the highlight of the year for fans of Steamforged Games Ltd and the games that we’ve produced. Our staff go to incredible lengths to bring you a fantastic weekend of gaming, announcements, and time to meet the SFG staff. This is all in the name of creating an event that you can hold in high regard. Unfortunately, this year’s venue undermined all that hard work.

SteamCon will not be returning to the 2018 venue.