Evolving SFG Direct

We launched SFG Direct in February 2019 and since then, we have seen it grow to over 400 direct account sign ups. We’re always looking for ways to improve the relationship between SFG and our supporting brick & mortar retailers because, quite simply, we’re in this together. 

Over the past several months we’ve seen, discussed and reviewed suggestions from store owners on how to improve SFG Direct, and this feedback has been taken on board. So today we’re pleased to announce that we will be making several changes to SFG Direct (beta) that we’ll be rolling out over the coming months. 

The first one is a simple change. Effective immediately, we’re changing the name to “SFG Direct (beta)” to more accurately represent the fact that this is by no means a finished product; changes will be happening. As your needs change and grow, so will our proposition behind how SFG Direct can continually provide a better and effective service.

Also, effectively immediately we will be removing restrictive discount levels on certain product line(s) e.g: Guild Ball Resin Miniatures. We heard you and your Pundits loud and clear on this, we want it to be worth your while to stock these products rather than having to place orders only for customers who ask.

Our communication to Retailers regarding pre-order windows of new products is also going to improve and become more rigid. The better informed you are, the better informed your customers will be and everybody benefits.

We will increase your access to certain SFG Webstore Exclusive items.  These are generally hard-to-find items and will help drive customer traffic to your store or webstore.

We will improve access to our Organised Play support kits to help promote our games and foster your community of gamers. This will also include introducing Demo Copies of our games at a significant discount (limited to one per store, per game).

Whether you are a store owner and would like to participate in SFG Direct (beta) or you’re already signed up, then you may login or sign up here.

If you think your local gaming store would benefit by participating in SFG Direct (beta) then please link them to this article.

We hope you’ll continue to join us on this journey of growth and development of the SFG Direct (beta) experience. Your input matters and will be instrumental to ensuring we all continue to see success through the delivery of this service.