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Devil Triggers!!

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Welcome back Hunters!

This is the final day of our countdown to the start of the Devil May Cry™: The Bloody Palace Kickstarter campaign, set to launch tomorrow on the 15th of May 2019 at 8PM BST (3PM EDT)! If you want to stay up to date with everything to do with our campaign, and find out the second it goes live, click here to be added to our newsletter!

Following on from our last article where we saw some of Dante’s gameplay in Devil May Cry™: The Bloody Palace, today it's time for the big one… this time we’ll be looking at what's in store inside the Kickstarter-Exclusive Devil Trigger Expansion!

Just before we get started, if you missed any of the previous articles and wanted to find out more, don't worry - you’ll be able to find links at the top of this page.

Ready to unlock your Devil Trigger? Then it’s time to unleash your inner demons…

What Form of Power is This?

So, last time we talked about Devil Triggers (or DT, as we’ll refer to them from here on out) we only talked very generally about how they worked - so let’s dig into that a little more now. With the Devil May Cry™: The Bloody Palace - The Devil Trigger Expansion, each hunter gains a Devil Trigger Gauge which fits neatly onto the side of their hunter board like this:


At the start of the game, a marker will sit on the bottom square of the DT Gauge. Each time the hunter claims a combo, their marker will move upwards. How far the marker moves depends on the length of the combo being claimed, with longer combo chains moving the marker further up the DT Gauge.


Each hunter gains an extra reference card which comes into play when they activate their Devil Trigger, as well as an information card which shows how many spaces the marker moves.


As we can see above, Dante can move his marker one space at a time by claiming shorter combos of 3-5 cards, or claim combos of 10 cards or more to move his marker 3 spaces up his DT Gauge at once.

Once the marker is within the highlighted area of the DT Gauge, the hunter can activate their Devil Trigger. This replaces the hunter’s standard reference card with their Devil Trigger version, just like Dante’s reference card above. You’ll notice a few changes here, most notable of which is his new three hex base size! However, when a hunter activates their Devil Trigger, they don’t just gain a new reference card…

When This is Over, I’ll Make You Submit...

When a hunter activates their Devil Trigger, all enemies in adjacent hexes are pushed away in an explosion of power. As well as looking pretty cool, this ensures there is enough space to fit the bigger Devil Trigger miniatures on the board. The Devil Trigger miniature then splashes down, replacing their original miniature.

The hunter also clears their combo chain, adds their discard pile deck to their deck, and places their deck and Basic Attack cards to one side.


Because it’s time to gain a brand new Devil Trigger deck, thats why! Complete with a new set of Basic Attack cards, Devil Trigger decks function in exactly the same way as starting hunter decks, although Devil Trigger decks are far more powerful and will often grant bonus style points.

Let's look at an example from Dante’s SDT deck, SDT Cut.


Hardcore. Not only does this card hit for a pretty monstrous 6 damage, but it also applies 3 stun tokens to whatever it hits, grants Dante a bonus movement, and an extra style point just for playing the card, that’s amazing!

How about Snatch, from Nero’s Devil Trigger deck?


This is an improved version of the Wire Snatch card. For starters, it moves any enemy up to 5 hexes rather than 4, and Snatch can even move large enemies too! Even if you don’t need to reposition an enemy, it can be discarded for Nero to step up to 5 hexes himself, lending tremendous versatility!


But, enough of just moving enemies around. Let’s see what happens when Nero decides he needs to deliver the pain with Bringer Claw.


9 damage will one-shot most enemies in the game, and it needs to, because this card is such an outburst of power it ends your turn when you play it! On the plus side, you’ll look like a boss and score 6 bonus style points.

What about Trish? She must have something electrifying to show us right? She absolutely does! Here’s Maximum Overdrive.


One of the most powerful ranged attacks in the game, Trish can split the 10 damage from this card between enemies that are grouped close together, AND get a bonus style point for every one that she hits!


These awesome new decks and miniatures aren’t the only new features you’ll get access to. There are also brand new cards that go into the upgrade deck for each hunter to consider while they’re still in their ‘human’ form. Most of these will effect their Devil Trigger in some way, such as Devil Heart.


Even though this is Trish’s card, each hunter has their own version of Devil Heart. When purchased, the Devil Heart card is placed at the top of the Devil Trigger Gauge to extend it by another few spaces. This is important because while in Devil Trigger form, every time a hunter ends their turn, their DT Gauge marker drops down. Once the marker reaches the start of the Gauge? The party is over until you can fill the DT Gauge again. The hunter returns to their human form, and their original deck. So increasing the length of your DT Gauge buys you valuable extra time!

Hey, You Lost, So You Better Do What He Says.

There’s one hunter from the core game we haven’t mentioned yet… yep, you guessed it. V.

V doesn’t have a Devil Trigger in the same sense as Trish, Nero, or Dante, but he does have something amazing all of his own, named Nightmare. For the most part, V earns Nightmare in much the same way as the other devil hunters. V has a Nightmare Gauge that he fills by claiming combos, and once his Nightmare Gauge is high enough, he gets to summon this beast.


Unlike the other devil hunters, Nightmare doesn’t replace V’s miniature, but fights in addition to V, Griffin and Shadow, meaning that the individual playing as V gets to use all 3 miniatures at once! Nightmare works a lot like a much bigger and badder version of Shadow, since Nightmare is controlled by cards that V plays, and Nightmare cannot kill enemies. That said, Nightmare does generate extra style points for V just for hitting enemies, and it does a heck of a lot of damage!


At the start of V’s turn, two cards are drawn from Nightmare’s deck. Anytime during the turn, V can choose to play one of Nightmare’s cards. These cards don’t get added to a combo chain and are returned to Nightmare’s deck after they’re resolved. Because they aren’t added to a combo chain, the extra style points V gets are all going to come from making Nightmare hit as many enemies as possible.

Fortunately for V, most of Nightmare’s cards involve it hitting a LOT of enemies at once, such as Desperado


Let’s break this down a little. Desperado not only moves Nightmare and attacks EVERYONE around it, pushing enemies away and giving them all 2 stun tokens, but then repeats the whole thing! V will be raking in the style points whenever he can play this card on a large group of enemies.

For occasions when there’s a group of enemies but they’re just a bit too far for Nightmare to reach, there’s Domination.


An absolutely savage ranged attack that also applies stun tokens, nasty!

Finally, when everyone thinks Nightmare is completely out of the game and too far away to matter, it can pull an Illegal Move.


Yup that's right, Nightmare can teleport to ANYWHERE on the board and still deliver a fistfull of pain.

But what about Lady, we hear you asking? Well, Lady fans, never fear. As a human, Lady doesn’t have a Devil Trigger form, but she does have some amazingly badass moves and abilities of her own that make her stand out from the other devil hunters which we’ll talk about soon… but that’s for another time.

We hope this deeper look into the Devil May Cry™: The Bloody Palace - The Devil Trigger Expansion has got your excitement for tomorrow’s Kickstarter launch to boiling point!

Join us again tomorrow for the final countdown to the launch of the Devil May Cry™: The Bloody Palace kickstarter campaign!

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