Veteran Chisel - The Faithful: New Begginings


Hi there friends, following on from our look at Veteran Sakana last week, we’re back with a glimpse at another of the models in the Faithful box today. If you missed the Veteran Sakana reveal, check it out here.  This week we’re looking at a player who’s had quite the Guild Ball journey. Starting as a devoted sportswoman, she took inspiration from Hammer’s rage filled playstyle, and let her anger control her on the pitch. However, she was left scarred and wounded by Grange in the final against the Farmer’s Guild, and realised that Hammer’s leadership style has...a few flaws.

Taking inspiration from Honour’s more tactical, cohesive play, Chisel has become The Redeemed, and has found herself a new role within her Guild, one where she focuses much more on squad tactics and supporting her team.

Squad Goals


Let’s look at Chisel’s statline. First off, she’s kept her 2” melee, giving her a lot of flexibility, either by making attacks herself, or by acting as a gang up for a friendly model. This part is particularly important when factoring in her Character Play, which we’ll talk about in a minute.

She’s fast at 6”/8” MOV, and good at handling the ball with a 3/6” KICK. She’s no longer Crazy (spoilers) so she has a more average TAC of 5. Chisel also managed to find Honour’s original Mason’s Guild armour, so she’s gained a point of ARM compared to her original version. Finally, she still brings an INF stat of 2/4.

Chisel has a good, honest Mason playbook, with all the momentous results in the first half. A momentous Tackle on column 1 means it’s difficult to keep the ball safe from her, especially with that 2” melee zone. A momentous Dodge on column 2 allows her to reposition herself, and a rather nice momentous 2 damage result on column 2 lets her put out some hurt if she needs to. Her final momentous result is a sweet 1 damage Push/Dodge result on column 3. With TAC 5 she’ll sometimes need a bit of help to get there, but it’s a fantastic result, allowing her to generate momentum, move herself and an enemy, and deal a pinch of damage to the enemy player in the process!

Non-momentously, she has a double dodge on column 4, which opens up some more options for her charging and moving around, and finally a 3 damage Push/Dodge result on column 5, which is a SUUUUPER good result. Her playbook as a whole provides Chisel with a lot of options for tackling, damage, and manoeuvring both herself and the enemy team around.

Veteran Chisel only a single Character Play, but it’s a doozy. Called Squad Tactics, this ability exemplifies the change of heart Chisel has undergone. Previously she was selfish, bitter, angry at the world. She didn’t realise just how far she’d gone till she got injured and the Masons lost the final. Now she’s a real team player, instead of trying to murder people herself, she’s occupied with setting up her teammates. She’s a selfless soul now, is our Chisel. This ability gives Assist [Chisel] to a friendly model within 6”. This means that if Chisel targets, say, Mallet with this ability, then Mallet attacks a model that is engaged by Chisel, Mallet gains +1 TAC and +1 DMG to playbook damage results!

This ability really rewards coaches who can view their team as a series of interlocking parts which all have to work together in order to achieve victory. Coaches that have the ability to get the most out of every single player on their team. Coaches who prize flexibility over raw power. Mason coaches, in other words. This rule is incredibly versatile, allowing Chisel to turn just about any other friendly model into an absolute beast!

Tactical Chissile


Veteran Chisel has two Character Traits on the back of her card, both of which push her theme of team support and solidarity. The first, Share the Burden, might look a bit familiar. This rule is very similar to Take One For The Team on Millstone in the Farmer’s Guild. The truth is that we playtested Chisel with that rule, but we felt it was a bit much when combined with all the other Mason synergies. As a result, we ended up with this version, which has a larger aura size, but may only be used once per turn. Throughout the playtesting of this model, we actually came to like this version of the rule more, and it’s worth saying that this will very likely be the Season 4 version of Take One For The Team.

At this point we felt we had a couple of options; to errata Take One For The Team to match this rule so they could have the same name, or simply release this rule with a different name but a very similar effect. Bearing in mind the short timeframe between this model’s release and Season 4, we eventually made the decision to go with this version for now.

To move on and actually discuss the rule, Chisel being able to take one condition each turn is simply fantastic. There are a tonne of uses for this Character Trait, taking the knockdown condition to allow a friendly model to counter attack an enemy and dodge out of melee, for instance. It could also allow Chisel to take the bleed or poison conditions to prevent a friendly model dying in the Maintenance Phase, or take the snared or burning condition to allow a friendly model to keep moving and finish that important Charge or goal run. It’s really just a beauty of a rule, providing tonnes of flexibility providing you keep your team within the protective aura.  

Chisel’s second Character Trait also provides plenty of options. Adaptive Strategy allows Chisel’s Controlling Player, once per turn, to remove any number of Influence from a friendly model within the pulse, and allocate that number of Influence to another friendly model within the pulse. Chisel cannot use this ability to allocate the Influence to herself, since it turned out in playtest that Chisel spending 8 Influence in a single activation was, to quote one of our playtesters, ‘a bit good’.

This ability provides a tonne of options, both on quite a basic level and once you get really into the Mason strategy tank. Suddenly being able to switch tactics on the fly and, for instance, take 3 Influence off Mallet and give it to Flint for a goal run is right in Chisel’s wheelhouse. And oh boy, that’s BEFORE we even start talking about how this rule interacts with Superior Strategy because it does and its totally rad. Activate a model with Superior Strategy on them, spend four Influence beating down on someone, then have Chisel go, give them four more Influence, then have them finish the beatdown! Now of course your opponent has a couple of activations to try and pull their player out of there, but you’re forcing them to react to that potential threat. Which of course, might never even happen if you spy an even better opportunity to score some VPs somewhere else!

Veteran Chisel is a character who’s grown and developed over her time playing Guild Ball into a real team player. She’s focused on helping out her teammates and enabling them to play their best game. We feel she’s a really strong addition to the Mason’s Guild, and we’re excited to know what you think of her! Let us know on our social media and forums, and if you think Chisel is an absolute must have, you can pre-order the Faithful box here.

See you all next week for a look at a distinctly more holy figure….