Updates, Updates, Updates! | Godtear

This update marks the first broad-sweeping changes in quite a while. In the past few updates, we’ve tried to limit how many cards you’d need to reprint, but this week, you’ll want to reprint just about everything! As some of our newer champions, Grimshalla and Morrigan do not have any immediate changes, and a few other champions only have wording updates, but all other champions have at least one significant change if not several.

When you start looking through these modified champions and submitting feedback, please remember that the goal is not to make the champions more similar in their game play. Sure, we want all champions to be viable choices, and we know that some will still need a tweak up or down in power, but we also need each champion firmly rooted in their own unique identity.

There are plenty of articles out there about game balance, how it applies to different gaming genres, the various ways to approach the question of balancing a game, and even analyses of the intersection between game balance and actual enjoyment of the game in question.

It’s very easy to say that we want games to be balanced, but game balance itself is more subjective than one might think. You could take game balance to its logical extreme and wind up with classic games like Chess and Go, or you could forego it altogether and wind up with a game where player choices no longer play a significant role in who wins and who loses.

The reason we bring this up here is that playtester feedback frequently has a focus on game balance. We’ve carefully taken that feedback into account, but we’ve also weighed it against the fact that Godtear is a heavily character-driven game. Different champions should evoke a substantially different feel on the tabletop, not just be slightly different collections of average stats and skills. We’ve also kept a close eye on our own gameplay with character identity firmly in mind. Some champions and followers were portraying their intended characters eloquently on the battlefield while others were missing the mark a bit from a practical standpoint.

At times, a key element of that character was lost in a rarely-used skill. Other times, it had gotten paved over in a change attempting to establish better balance. Our request for all of you out there playing Godtear and testing these changes is to remember that we’re not trying to balance out every aspect of every champion and their followers but rather consciously choosing to establish unique strengths and weaknesses for each champion and its followers.

So no, Shayle did not gain a direct damage attack or the ability to operate effectively when Landslide is far away. At his core, Shayle’s character showcases his might through the rock golem Landslide. We’ve made efforts to point players even more clearly toward their interwoven play style in this update, but they still stand far apart from the usual paradigm of a strong champion with weaker followers.

And no, Blackjaw did not gain greater damage potential against enemy champions. At his core, Blackjaw ‘the Sweeping Flame’ is the premier follower finisher in all of Godtear. His overall toolkit has been tweaked in a couple of different ways to facilitate that identity, but he retains his focus on blasting enemy followers into steps on the battle ladder.

So this week, in addition to any other feedback you have, please be sure to let us know the following:

  • Which champion’s changes do you like the best and why?
  • Which champion’s changes do you like the least and why?
  • Regardless of game balance or play style, which champions do you think have the strongest theme and identity?
  • Regardless of game balance or play style, which champions leave you confused about their theme or identity?
  • Which champions do you think are currently too powerful and why?
  • Which champions do you think are not powerful enough and why?

Thanks, and have fun!