Organised Play Timing Steps Update | Guild Ball

Hey there Guild Ballers, hope you’re having a good time of 2019 so far! We’re here today to announce an update to the Regional Cup Organised Play Document!

The first thing we did was to correct a small error in the timing rules, the clock is paused when resolving the End Phase, which includes the resolution of damage from conditions.

We’re always listening to the community when it comes to improving the game, and one thing we noticed before Christmas was that a number of people were commenting on the clocked out rules. Being restricted to one minute activations once you’d clocked out is certainly thematic, and mimics that feeling of excitement and stress when your team is in injury time and trying to pull out a win.

However, it’s very restrictive, and particularly punishing for newer players. It’s also a touch fiddly, since you need timers on hand, realistically requiring a judge or bystander to work the timer for your game.

As a result, based on community feedback, we’ve updated the Regional Cup Document with a simpler timing method for clocked out players.

Now, when you hit 0 after 45 minutes, you gain an additional 5 minutes. During those 5 minutes, each time you end an activation, your opponent gains 1 VP. At the end of those 5 minutes, you lose the game regardless of the current game state.

The main change here is that if you only need to spend 10 seconds on a mascot activation etc, you can, while saving all your time for a big activation that can pull you out of the fire! Do note that it also means that unlike previously, if you’re clocked out and declare a Counter Attack or other out of activation action, those are still resolved on clock.

Overall, we believe the new method is simpler, easier, and all in all makes for a better game! You can read the updated Regional Cup document here.

Let us know what you think on our social media platforms! Till next time, happy Guild Balling!