Cook's Guild Wellington Reveal | Guild Ball

Welcome back to Hell’s Kitchen everyone! We’ve been running the Cooks down for you for the last few posts, and we’re more than halfway through now! If you missed the last look, you can find it here. Today we’re looking at the baddest, meanest model in the whole kitchen crew. It’s the Master Chef himself, Wellington!

Idiot Sandwiches All Round


Brrr. Look at those eyes. Look at the mouth, just slightly open, ready to throw a choice insult your way, sizzling through the air like a hot streak of angry lightning. You really are an idiot sandwich.

Ahem, now we got that out our system, let’s look at Wellington’s stats. He’s actually quite fast at 6”/8” MOV, with good defensive stats at 4+/1 DEF/ARM. He’s also not awful at kicking the ball around, but he’s distinctly not a striker by any stretch of the word. His playbook is actually pretty varied, and scales well when you bear his Intimidation Guild Rule in mind. He absolutely does like sticking the knives in, but he also rather likes shouting at all the other incompetents to do it for him. Getting into his character plays, Singled Out momentously on column 2 reflects his ability to isolate one enemy model and make them feel utterly useless, leaving them very vulnerable for the rest of the team to come in and beat the everloving tar out of them. That push/dodge on column 3 is actually pretty achievable, and gives him a solid disengagement option if he wants it.

We’ve already covered Singled Out, which is pretty simple. It turns out giving extra dice to a guild that lowers the opponent’s defence is pretty good? Who knew! His next character play is also very simple (most of the Cook’s abilities are, if we’re honest. They’re not overly subtle). Chef’s Special targets a friendly model, and while friendly models are within 2” of that model, they gain +1 DMG to playbook damage results. Oh my! What a beast. Do note that this includes the model Chef’s Special targets, since of course that model is within 2” of itself. Wellington can use this ability on himself, of course, but if he can’t quite get into position to make the most use of it, he has the option to put this on another friendly model and have them use it as a mobile damage buff.

Right off the bat then, we can see that Wellington is a focal point for his team. He can hand out extra dice and extra damage for friendly models. He’s also pretty handy at chucking out damage himself if he gets close to the action, but he also ‘encourages’ (shouts at) his team effectively too!

Finally he has 15 HP, a touch below what we’d expect to see on a captain, since the Cooks are very much a glass cannon style guild.

I Wouldn’t Trust You To Run A Bath,
Never Mind An Effing Guild Ball Team


As a Cook’s Guild model, Wellington of course has Intimidation. Fun fact, originally Intimidation was going to be his Legendary play, as befits a man of his ferocious insulting ability, but during playtesting we decided to make it a Guild rule to really reflect how scary it is to be fighting the Cooks!

Wellington’s other trait is called Scathing Rebuke. This represents him screaming bloody murder at a member of his team who’s been stupid enough to get set on fire and is just dithering about as a result. He really does have a pretty heavily fear based leadership style. The model in question suffers damage, removes any conditions it’s suffering, and may make a 2” dodge. Now while damaging your own models is obviously a downside, this also functions as a threat extension and helps the Cooks deal with condition heavy teams, for the investment of no resources on the Cooks behalf whatsoever.

Finally, we have Wellington’s Legendary Play, simply called Master Chef. This play lets any friendly model within 6” of Wellington (including himself) use a character play once during their activation without spending Influence. This one play is enormously efficient, normally allowing the Cooks to spend a ‘free’ 6-8 influence on the Legendary Play turn. Chef’s Special, Get It While It’s Hot on Roast, and Get Set, BAKE! on Cinnamon are all fantastic abilities anyway; getting to use them for absolutely free is pretty spectacular. The Cooks rely on their supportive character plays pushing them up to 11, making their faster and their damage potential ludicrously high. On a well timed Legendary turn, they get to use all those abilities AND make a whole bunch of attacks beside. Ouch. Don’t get in their way, unless you particularly fancy ending up in the pot.

Well(ington), what do you think? D’you reckon Wellington looks as fearsome as his reputation? Let us know on our social media, and if you want to intimidate your foes with this grim faced leader, you can pre-order the Cook’s Guild: Hell’s Kitchen here!